Sense of Danger: How Animals Anticipate Natural Disasters Video
Sense of Danger: How Animals Anticipate Natural Disasters

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Sense of Danger: How Animals Anticipate Natural Disasters (2005)

Only available in Canada, United States

Sense of Danger explores the previously unexplained phenomenon of how animals around the world use their innate senses to predict approaching disasters. This film produces evidence from looking at major worldwide disasters, including the tsunami in Thailand and earthquakes in San Francisco and Turkey. It also looks at the 1975 earthquake in China, the only major earthquake in history predicted by animal instinct – which saved 200,000 lives.

Do our animal friends possess a special sense, well beyond human ability, that serves as an efficient early warning system in times of danger? The film pursues this question through firsthand accounts of wildlife specialists and interviews with experts, many of whom are beginning to understand what animal lovers always suspected. The film is not without controversy, pitting "animal listeners" against skeptics who believe this work belongs in the realm of fairy tales. The challenge is to discover where the truth lies and if the animals truly “knew” something that we didn’t.

Gerold Hoffmann

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centurion458, posted on November 17, 2015

I have wondered about this and have had an animal around since I was an adult. So I have to agree that we are not sensitive but that animals try to warn us when we look for them. I was amazed that the Chinese had this info printed on Fans to remind everyone. So sad that they ignored the warning when it came. But that happens, new info is adopted and the old rules actually worked better. You don't know that until you have a loss of life.

dp.5340, posted on January 15, 2014

Every animal with a pineal gland, is automatically tuned into the universe, which is meant to both create life and protect it. Ergo their behavior in protecting both themselves and others; especially us stoopid humans who think we know everything.

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