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Servants Of Ganesh

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Servants Of Ganesh (2006)

Only available in United States

In the lush jungle lowlands of Nepal, an elephant handler uses ancient techniques to prepare the animal for life within the wildlife conservation area of Chitwan National Park. Training the young elephant is an arduous rite of passage and a spiritual journey. For thousands of years, all across Asia, people have harnessed the power of elephants. Elephants are prized for their strength and intelligence, and the bond between an elephant and its handler can last a lifetime. For the elephant handlers, elephants are sacred – gods living among us. A handler must honor his elephant even as he struggles to master it. This captivating film illuminates the deep understanding that the handler has for the species, and reveals how elephants’ natural behavior and intelligence can be harnessed to reward both man and beast.

Mark Dugas

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Mjhenderson981, posted on August 16, 2015

Can you make the films available in the uk?

MichalL@Gaia, posted on August 18, 2015

Dear @MJHENDERSON981, When we license rights to a film we try our hardest to negotiate worldwide availability; sometimes we’re successful, other times we’re not. We constantly strive to make our viewing experience a satisfying one to our customers worldwide, and make every effort to do so in each film we license. We apologize for the inconvenience this has caused you, and hope you will continue to enjoy all of our worldwide-available content – including all of our original programming.
Thank you, Michall@GTV

mstagnaro, posted on November 3, 2014

I just joined and my first pic of the elephant servants of ganesh is not working help????

Christinenad, posted on September 3, 2014

This video won't play...

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