Open Minds: Sex, Love and Dharma with Simon Chokoisky Video
Sex, Love and Dharma with Simon Chokoisky
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Open Minds: Sex, Love and Dharma with Simon Chokoisky (February 2016)

Season 6, Episode 8
Available worldwide

According to Simon Chokoisky, each of us comes into the world to fulfill our dharma, or soul contract. With that, we will build many relationships, some lasting a lifetime. To better learn how to navigate these relationships, we need to understand our own dharma and how the five dharma types work and communicate with each other. This interview with Regina Meredith was originally webcast February 11, 2016.

Simon Chokoisky, author of The Five Dharma Types and creator of Decoding Your Life Map with Vedic Astrology DVD series, teaches Sanskrit and Medical Astrology at the Ayurvedic Institute in Albuquerque, New Mexico. He also travels widely giving seminars and runs a private consulting business based on his trainings in Vedic life mapping and Vedic astrology.

Regina Meredith
Simon Chokoisky


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WaldorfmamaLJA, posted on June 24, 2016

I agree!!! Get SIMON on Gaia with his own show!! It would be a great ad to Gaia!

katwomantxstyle73, posted on June 3, 2016

this is one for the watching! loved it! one of my favorites easily! great information and I agree --> SIMON needs his own Gaia TV series... wow, the teaching in that!

trueimage.vs, posted on March 31, 2016

Brilliant - can we have more of this?

wm, posted on February 21, 2016

Intense, capitivating, mesmerizing. Wow. Wished I'd learned of this many years ago. Delighted to discover it now. I look forward to learning more from Simon Chokoisky. He & Regina Meredith can branch off on a whole miniseries here as David Wilcock did from Wisdom Teachings with "Disclosure" with many others including Graham Hancock and then "Cosmic Disclosure" with Corey Goode. Go for it!
Thank you.


rmeredith, posted on February 20, 2016

According to Simon, I am a Laborer/Warrior too. Though I am in an Outsider phase for a few years, which is why I identified with the type in the book's self test, he looked at my chart and identified me, via that, as a Laborer/Warrior. Ii think there are vast expressions of all of this, but I d relate to the nurturer part of the Laborer as that is what I do in my life - provide home, food and emotional safety for people. Still, I am a Warrior who Educates via media, pushing the envelope. Thus, we envelope many aspects of the archetypes!

Cherrybrulee, posted on February 19, 2016

Thanks for replying, I enjoy watching your shows and your style of interaction with guests.
Yes women can tend to be communal and collaborative, but I still think Simon left out a whole chunk of women due to traditional sterotyping. According to his archetypes Im a female warrior and labourer would be bottom of the list, and I know quite a few women and girls who would identify as the same. Best wishes and I still enjoyed the programme.

rmeredith, posted on February 17, 2016

Thank you for your comments....Your points are all well taken.

Yes, many men do not step up to protect someone in trouble and, yes, some women are warriors. I believe Simon's point was that, when unobstructed, there are generally laborer traits in most women underneath their other archetypes, while men generally possess a warrior traits under their other archetypes. Its certainly not black and white, rather general traits. For what its worth, most of the women I know personally - warrior, educators, or what not - do possess the trait of nurturing of others, be it friends or children as a baseline. We tend to be more communal and collaborative, which are laborer traits.

Cherrybrulee, posted on February 17, 2016

The gist of what Simon has to say is interesting and quite helpful, but I found the traditional sex roles of male as warrior/hunter gatherer and female as labourer/child-rearer old-fashioned and from too much of a male pop psychology perspective. As a woman my heart always sinks when I hear these ideas trotted out from men and I would invite everyone to open their minds a little.
For example, Ive noticed its not necessarily widespread that men want to protect those around them and kill insects instinctively. Im female and Im the one that has stepped in to protect a woman being beaten or harassed on the street, while the man I was with hung back. Its lovely if guys do have that protective strength, but Simon presumes women are all natural labourers - there is a female warrior and there are real historical archetypes who have lived it like Queen Boadicea.(Britain)
And not all women want children, and women also hunt and gather in tribes.

rmeredith, posted on February 15, 2016

Simon is fabulous at what he does indeed! I'm glad you enjoyed the interview....

jbrand1997, posted on February 15, 2016

I think Simon needs his own series on Gaia. We need all the help we can get!

Aloha8, posted on February 14, 2016

well thought out and enlightening

DharmaDood, posted on February 12, 2016

Great to have him back. He's really found his life purpose right now and you can feel it. Looking forward to more of his wisdom!

whitelotuss, posted on February 12, 2016


Clight, posted on February 11, 2016

I purchased his book after the first interview and the first teaching DVD. I got a little lost in the DVD but will get back into it when more time is available to focus. One of the things I found so interesting in his book was I started seeing how the world turns (so to speak). I could imagine if all of us were aware and playing in our highest vibrations everything would just flow naturally. Very inspiring. One day I just might contact Simon for a consultation and confirm which dharma I really am and/or what phase I am in. Very interesting. Today's interview was equally as intriguing and so glad you had him back on! Thanks Regina and Simon.

SuzannaB@Gaia, posted on February 15, 2016

@CLIGHT, thank you for writing! We're glad you enjoyed Regina's interview with Simon.
You can follow his work on his website here:

All the best,

josh5, posted on February 11, 2016

This was great & intriguing, thanks!
Im truly an outsider, but I regularly enjoy experiencing life in the other dharma roles. If you saw my birth chart you might see im an odd one though lol

The male/female roles part of the discussion seems true for some people, to me its not a fixed constant, or even a desired paradigm. I prefer the ancient philosophy (likely Egyptian) which holds masculine/feminine as left/right brain, meaning nobody gets a free pass or is denied any of it. IMO a culture which evolves past the false roles of male/female will break through into a richer more connected & wholesome experience.

wayne, posted on February 11, 2016

Great interview. I really enjoy Simon and his wisdom. This has motivated me to go back and listen to the first interview again. Probably it is time to get the book!

press, posted on February 11, 2016

Brilliant, captivating, compelling. Come back again.

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