Beyond Belief: Shadow of the Hat Man with Heidi Hollis Video
Shadow of the Hat Man with Heidi Hollis

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Beyond Belief: Shadow of the Hat Man with Heidi Hollis (May 2014)

Season 3, Episode 38
Available worldwide

Shadows of the night take on many forms and illusions from our imagination. Most shadows are in union with the peaceful stillness of night, others move with sinister intent. Many reports of these moving shadows include encounters with another ominous presence; one that is not of the shadows. Heidi Hollis reveals what she has learned about the Hat Man, an entity who often accompanies the shadow people in this interview with George Noory originally webcast May 12, 2014.

Heidi Hollis is a foremost expert, lecturer and author of the Shadow People and Hat Man phenomena. In her book The Secret War: A True Story About a Real Alien War and Shadow People, she details what the Shadow People are, what they are linked to and how to stop them. This book has just been re-released (Oct 2013) with more background and info on Shadow People with detailed illustrations.

George Noory
Heidi Hollis


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ih101v2, posted on July 24, 2016

I saw the Hat Man a few times in my early teens, at the time I believed it was my own fear manifesting as I was home alone for the first time and being afraid of the dark.

I was on the lounge at night watching T.V when a chill ran up my spine and tingled the back of my head with such intensity the muscles in the back of my head clinched. I looked up the hall to see a man in a long coat with a wide rimed hat on. I was instantly struck with fear and he then receded around the corner. It took a good 20 minutes to summon up the courage to investigate the house from top to bottom, needless to say I had no sleep that night.

The next night I was home alone again, this time I made preparations by letting the dogs sleep inside and hiding a large knife under a cushion on the lounge. I was not sure if this Hat Man would show up again, but I wanted to be ready. Again this feeling ran up my spine and tingled the back of my head, I turned and saw him peeking from around the same corner he disappeared from the night earlier. With slight hesitation I grabbed the knife and ran up the hallway screaming, he disappeared around the corner again.

He was completely gone in seconds, and the other strange part is the dogs didn't do a thing. I mean they didn't bark or sense this entity at all.

Years go by, and I don't say a word to anybody about those events thinking I went a little crazy with fear. Then I heard my neighbor 2 houses back talking about seeing the hat man in a tree, same description, same instilled sense of fear, and disappeared in a blink of an eye. That is when I started talking about my experience and found two others who lived close by who had seen this same entity.

Onetime still, I got this same feeling and I said to myself I am not afraid of you, a mental picture just popped up of him from behind grabbing me and pulling me into his world. At which I freeze in panic for a second, then the image is gone.

This entity does exist and even though he doesn't manifest himself to me anymore, I sometimes, even as I am writing, get the same intense chill up my spine causing the back of my head to tense up, letting me know he can sense me thinking of him.

runlittlepika, posted on February 10, 2016

You can hear whispering, right at 14 minutes 20 seconds. Start a few seconds prior. And there is a glitch - not sure what picture flashes, but it only appears for a microsecond. Turn up the volume in earbuds, and you will hear the whispering, even though you cannot make out the words. Hopefully, just someone on set who hadn't turned of their mic? Happens again at 16:28.

Spitinlyrics, posted on May 17, 2014

every time i watch an episode with hedi its so so scary i have to watch with the lights on lol.

loveislight555, posted on May 14, 2014

George please take down the freemason symbol it is so lame!! Why are you displaying the Masonic symbol on your desk! Its hideous....I thought you had good taste & not in your taste buds. Maybe he is working for the" Shadow" government! How could WE not spread the light, be of the light! We can't run from the choices WE make! Karma can not be escaped! What we choose will eventually be chosen for US!! Please lets share LOVE not fear!! It is never to late to CHANGE be the change!
much love & Blessing everyone
Life is so short....and such a glorious gift!

dragonwchimes, posted on May 14, 2014

Being an artist, I work often with symbols and what you are referring to is the Masonic compass and square, you are mixing these up. Check out the Masonic symbols for yourself. The Masonic compass is right side up , with the masonic square (inverted triangle below it) George's symbol has nothing to do with this. It's an upside down 2 sided triangle with a total of four legs. This symbol is actually the Golden Mean Caliper symbol, the caliper with four extensions. Also, listen to David Wilcock's latest video on Gaiam about free will and those who spend their time giving out unwanted advice and judgement. This isn't Youtube, do your research before flipping out comments like this.

dasheldotcom, posted on May 12, 2014

I am a reformed pathological liar and I cannot shake the feeling Hollis is making things up as she goes along. Notice the delays in answering. Notice the nonspecific stories. Notice that the self-proclaimed "like, Queen of the strange" has never seen a Hat Man. The difference between an expert and a teller of lies is an expert never claims to know certain things for sure. For example, she claims that Hat Men are surely not Shadow People. Nobody can know this, and a respectable expert might have answered, "I don't think Hat Men are Shadow People, and here is why." Hollis answers with a resounding "No, they are not." She thereby lays claim to the phenomenon and belies the location of the phenomenon of which she is really speaking as inside her own mind. I especially enjoyed her story about her sister seeing a Hat Man in the laundry room. She comes up with it after George asks if anyone sees them in the back seat. She perks up, as if she has just such a story. Then, she steers away, afraid--as all pathological liars are--to tell too conveniently similar a story. When her story ends up being about a Hat Man not in the back seat but behind a dryer, it bears so little resemblence to George's prompt that it would hardly have made an honest person think of it in response. Especially suspicious is the middle of that story when she is showing her sister her Hat Man website and her sister says, "it's him!!" and Hollis claims to reply, "What are you talking about?" SRSLY!? Put Linda Moulton Howe in Hollis' place and the proper response is, "You have seen this phenomenon? Please tell me about it!" Instead, Hollis dooms her poor sister to a hell that doesn't exist except in the negative mind of those who are lying out of fear when she later indicates that people who see Jesus are on "his side of the fence" and people who see the Hat Man are on the devil's. Props to Noory who seems to have spotted her but in his classic, gentlemanly style, allows her the same credence as the researchers who have done their homework. Sorry Heidi, we can smell our own. -dasheldotcom

loveislight555, posted on May 14, 2014

jasummers, posted on May 14, 2014

A professional therapist is gonna get on in the public and tell made up stories about the boogy man...risking professional credibility...
Sorry to say BUT I HAVE had such paranormal encounters!!! JEsus was the one who finished that story...And I am NOT even Christian...

dragonwchimes, posted on May 12, 2014

Was waiting with baited breath for the second part of the interview with Heidi! I know the hat man very well through my young daughter who saw him several times when she was alone at her dad's. She would see this tall man dressed in black (black topcoat, black tophat) but she said his face was not clear. He would stare at her through the patio window. Sacred the beejezus out of her. Then he would disappear and the front door knob would rattle and shake as if someone was trying to get in!!

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