Green Wheels: The Shell Eco-Marathon Video
The Shell Eco-Marathon
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Green Wheels: The Shell Eco-Marathon (2007)

Episode 6
Only available in United States

Travel to the U.S. Shell Eco-Marathon. The challenge? High school and university students compete to see whose vehicle can go the farthest on the least amount of fuel – winners take home $10,000. Top teams are gunning for up to 2000 miles per gallon. Check in with the key players and be there at the finish line to see the most fuel-efficient eco-ride take home the prize. Meet up with “hypermiler” Wayne Gerdes, who can get eye-popping mpg numbers on just about any vehicle he drives.

Jonathan Levit


Killacycle Video
Episode 1 Killacycle
Killacycle (2007)
Episode 1
, 27 minutes
Think battery-powered means slow? Watch the Killacycle motorbike set the world speed record for fastest electric vehicle.
Only available in United States
Human Power Video
Episode 2 Human Power
Human Power (2007)
Episode 2
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Extreme bicycle racer Fast Freddy Markham shares his secrets while building a high-performance ride.
Only available in United States
Team Ethanol Video
Episode 3 Team Ethanol
Team Ethanol (2007)
Episode 3
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Join driver Jeff Simmons of Team Ethanol for a high-pressure test drive at Daytona International Speedway.
Only available in United States
Battery Beach Burnout Video
Episode 4 Battery Beach Burnout
Battery Beach Burnout (2007)
Episode 4
, 27 minutes
Visit the Battery Beach Burnout to meet the famous “O.J.” team and high school kids who run a Porsche on batteries.
Only available in United States

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