CMN: Sidney Kirkpatrick on Edgar Cayce: An American Prophet Video
Sidney Kirkpatrick on Edgar Cayce: An American Prophet
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CMN: Sidney Kirkpatrick on Edgar Cayce: An American Prophet (May 2012)

Season 8, Episode 20
Available worldwide

Author and documentary filmmaker Sydney Kirkpatrick discusses his research of the American prophet Edgar Cayce, conducted with exclusive access to Cayce’s personal papers and trance readings. Kirkpatrick captured Cayce’s life in detail in his book, Edgar Cayce: An American Prophet.

Edgar Cayce is known as the Sleeping Prophet, and his work has been documented in over 14,000 readings, which have been studied for several decades. His amazingly accurate medical advice and diagnosis, given during the first part of the last century, are better known than is the scope of his influence in the world. Sidney Kirkpatrick lectures on the life, readings and information from Edgar Cayce’s readings as well as writing a regular column for Venture Inward, the A.R.E. newsletter.

Regina Meredith
Sidney Kirkpatrick


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abby6, posted on April 9, 2015

I am reading "The Synchronicity Key" by David Wilcock (possible reincarnation of Edgar Cayce and also a biographer of his writings).
I am seeing this video at same time as reading the part of the WIlcock book that discusses Cayce's many readings.
3 days tombstone cutter (Lamar Jones) sent message to Cayce---"carved in stone" today means "text" written language, something visual.
Jones had asked for words/signs and symbols to be given to be inscribed, written in stone for future reference. ARE is one such symbol perhaps.
ARE has one meaning--I am, you are, we are. It is being here/now. ARI (Alef/Resh/Yod 211)(homonym) in Hebrew is short for Ariyeh (lion). Lion leads, rules.
Stone cutting: the stone was moved after three days and the body of Jesus gone. The body of Edgar Cayce is removed but his knowledge is found in Virginia Beach and online.
Jones and Cayce were fishing buddies. Jesus and Peter were fishing buddies.
Jones is godfather of Cayce Children. The readings (inscribed/cut) are available today on the internet for the small fee of joining ARE (you identify yourself, they give you login).
Easter/Passover (time of this watching of video and reading of book) 3 days from time of Good Friday crucifixion and observation of Jesus as risen spirit. Journey of soul?
Cycle of 3 days. Three days of darkness or three days of light preceding poleshift. Passing over is a passing of a planet (Kepler 444/planet X/Nibiru?Venus&Jupiter?) occurring in Spring.
United States mail in 1930s and 1940s might take 3 days from Selma, AL to Kentucky where Cayce was? Damenhur seems to think time travel is done for 3 nights maximum, that is what they describe. Other associations are Freedom March/Selma, Martin Luther King, civil rights. Passover is a Freedom Festival, freedom from mental slavery. I have a dream speech 8.28.63.
Interesting are the past lives (putting names with numbers as our interviewee says). Edgar Cayce’s full list of his own past-life names is: King Asapha, a spiritual ruler in Egypt approximately fifty thousand years ago; the revered Egyptian priest-king Ra-Ptah, who allegedly designed the Great Pyramid with Thoth-Hermes; an unnamed angelic messenger* who appeared to warn the people of Sodom; the Persian warrior-king Uhjltd, lost to the pages of history; the Greek soldier Xenon, who committed suicide in a moment of extreme terror; the famous scholar and father of geometry, Pythagoras; the Greek chemist Armitidides, who knew Alexander the Great; Lucius of Cyrene , who wrote the book of Luke in the Bible; an unnamed Arawak Indian on Hispaniola; two incarnations of the self-serving Englishman John Bainbridge (as grandfather and grandson within the same family), who was an alcoholic and used his psychic abilities to cheat at cards; Ralph Dahl, the illegitimate son of Louis XIV’s daughter Gracia, who was murdered at age five to prevent a male heir from reaching the throne; a Civil War soldier from the United States; an unnamed lifetime in 1998; and an unnamed lifetime in 2158. 270 Wilcock, David (2013-08-20). The Synchronicity Key: The Hidden Intelligence Guiding the Universe and You (p. 160). Penguin Group US. Kindle Edition.

*which might also make him Elijah or a contemporary who warned Lot to leave town before the destruction. One theory is entity = soul group. This would include different levels of souls as families include young, old and mature people.

Wilcock says elsewhere that the total number of actual readings might have been as high as 25,000. Whilst Wilcock I have noticed tends at times to mix up his numbers he does not do so by 11,000, something is off. Was there a fire in Cayce's first office? That's what Wilcock claims in his book. Before Gladys Davis came to work for him? He gave readings not recorded or recorded by his wife? All those records burned because they were for people who did not want a paper trail, is that possible? The Cayces adopted the number system and before that initials to focus on something like locus of the auric field if that makes sense...he would refer to the soul as a spirit entity existing in space/time which included past and future lives, as well as inter-lives off earth. This was to protect the privacy of those who were perhaps misusing their knowledge gained from Cayce. I am suggesting that at times he either had private info or that it was withheld from him on account of who these people were as Mr. Kirkpatrick points out. Cayce was a devout Christian after a few lives (see above) of messing up creating negative or dark karma that needed balancing. He did not take moral responsibility for how "source" advised his clients, by separating his Edgar Cayce personality from his oracle for "SourceField" or "Messenger" personality as a kind of angel of Ra, a high level spirit being of light who had fallen. A bit like the Lucifer story, and implying we are all a bit like Lucifer, in that we can misuse knowledge (enlightenment) by using it for purely selfish gain not considering ripple effect.

I have found like Mr. Kirkpatrick that the remedies work for me, the ARE horoscopes are usually very accurate and insightful, on same level with Vedic astrology. I personally enjoyed this interview because I am also a fan of Edgar Cayce's work.

to be continued...

Clover, posted on November 20, 2013

I'd love to find out what the remedy is for thicker hair.

sonia, posted on August 5, 2013

Not too exciting although I was looking forward to hearing some interesting readings n cases. Thank you Regina for your great work.

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