Sitting Exercises For Upper Cross Syndrome Video
Sitting Exercises For Upper Cross Syndrome

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Sitting Exercises For Upper Cross Syndrome

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Eliminate upper back and neck tension with this short seated yoga video with teacher Kreg Weiss. Explore simple methods of opening and re-strengthening upper body muscles that become imbalanced due to poor sitting habits and chronic work-related postures.


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kmauro, posted on June 11, 2015

Why is there just "nature pictures" but not showing Kreg and how to do this video?

Subulux, posted on August 13, 2014

Brilliant! I often land up with a catch on my upper back exactly between the shoulders below the neck. This seemed to help release it a bit Thanks!

Aziraphale, posted on December 15, 2013

Would you consider a longer practice with these and other releasing and strengthening movements please?

mrenkow, posted on February 4, 2013

Great for upper back tension. Thanks!

mamabeanie, posted on January 24, 2013

@kregweiss Thanks for the information - my headaches start at the base of my skull and travel around the right side of my head, which sounds like it fits your description. Are there any other exercises/practices which you would recommend to help? I think my problem stems from carrying my baby around a lot, and I also seem to have trigger points in my neck and shoulders which set my headaches off if pressure is put on them for too long. Thank you again for posting this video though - it really is the only thing which has helped me and kept me sane when the pain is really bad.

kregweiss, posted on January 24, 2013

great to hear @mamabeanie ... the neck 'retraction' exercises are particularly beneficial as they release loading tension from the suboccipital muscles (deep neck extensors and rotators just below the base of the back of the skull) ... running through these suboccipitals are cranial nerves - when those muscles are spasmed or tense, they compress the nerves leading to tension headaches ... so, get the neck back into balance over the body, release the suboccipitals, and likely the bulk of tension headaches may dissipate.

mamabeanie, posted on January 24, 2013

I love this video. When I remember to do this regularly my tension headaches vanish. Thank you!

chrisabani, posted on September 13, 2011

Love this - so good for neck and shoulder tension. I do it every time I sit down at the computer.

hirshson_2, posted on December 20, 2010

Helpful to bring life and awareness to the neck and shoulders ... nice refresher to the body while sitting.

suzan, posted on June 10, 2010

So simple, quick and effective at loosening up all those neck and back muscles. The perfect thing to do after sitting at a computer. It works for me.

rosquillita22, posted on April 26, 2010

This was very helpfull! Thankyou very much :)

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