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Six Days in August

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Six Days in August (2007)

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Six Days in August juxtaposes the 2006 AIDS Conference in Toronto with the realities of life in Durban, South Africa, site of an earlier conference, showing how much can happen in a week.

In Durban, we meet Zola (12), who says her father died because he liked girls. There’s Zama (12), who thinks her mother died because witch doctors were jealous. Velele (35) fights to stay alive and goes to meet her seven children whom she hasn't seen for four years. And Anne Leon is the victim of the first man convicted in South Africa for intentionally infecting women.

A dramatic experiment in real time, this documentary juxtaposes the AIDS Conference day by day with the realities of "life on the ground," showing just how much can happen in a week. We follow Zola as she tries to get into school, Zama trying to find out the truth about her mother's death, and Velele trying to stay HIV "positive" but heading towards a nervous breakdown.

Miles Roston

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