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Size Matters
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Everyday Feng Shui: Size Matters

Episode 22

Ariel Towne is talking about crystals. He offers advice for choosing the right size and quality of crystal to help promote the energetic effects of your intention.

Ariel Towne


Episode 1 Keeper of the Gate
Keeper of the Gate
Episode 1
Ariel Towne talks about using guardian statues to protect their homes. He talks about different items and colors that can be used at the entrance of the home to keep the energy safe.
Episode 2 Relativity
Episode 2
The position you are in a room, and how you place objects tell a subtle story about your success or lack thereof. Ariel Towne invites you to take a look around to reposition the items in your home to reposition your mind and life.
Episode 3 Holiday Blues
Holiday Blues
Episode 3
Balance is the key to managing the holiday blues. Ariel Towne offers advice how to balance the abundance of Yin energy in the season by adding Yang to your home.
Episode 4 Making the Space Yours
Making the Space Yours
Episode 4
Sometimes we are in places that has energy that we are not comfortable. Ariel Towne offers help on how to clear the energy you don’t want and help bring in free flowing energy.

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