Sleep Tight Restorative Yin Flow Video
Sleep Tight Restorative Yin Flow

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Sleep Tight Restorative Yin Flow

Available worldwide

This class from Cameron Gilley is a combination of yin and restorative postures meant to deeply relax the body and mind. Surrender to gravity and calm down before letting go into sleep.

Contraindications: Modify according to your body. Be aware of any knee or low-back issues.

Props: bolster and blocks.

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Robyn123, posted on June 13, 2016

You have such a great way of explaining things, thank you for this amazing class

judypal, posted on January 23, 2016

I appreciate this calm session and economic delivery. I am searching for restorative classes as I am incorporating restorative in my weekly series of classes that include pilates, yoga, gym class cardio and weight training and stretching.

The great challenge of this restorative class for me is to not fidget and to approach the moves in a meditative state. That is my goal. I will repeat, I appreciate that there is no excess chatter that you find in many of the other videos. The music is subtle and the directives are highly effective. Cameron delivers what the class promises...deep and comfortable sleep.

SuzannaB@Gaia, posted on January 23, 2016

You can always add this video to your Playlist on Gaia to watch again at any time. We're so glad you enjoyed the practice.


marcgot, posted on August 24, 2015

Just what I needed..calm, quiet practice with beautiful and thoughtful language and lots of space to just be. Hari Om Tat Sat

nancymangs, posted on August 14, 2015

great way to relax at night and clear the mind and body. thank you!

Mic1243, posted on July 13, 2015

Your classes are excellent. Tonight I finally got my low back and hips to release long held tension. Ready for sleep! Thank you.

charlottemandrup, posted on July 2, 2015

celiaa07, posted on May 14, 2015

This class is very intense with some hard poses held for long periods. But it gets into parts of your body that other styles don't which I really enjoyed. The instruction was very nice and easy to follow.

meganva, posted on November 3, 2014

I really enjoyed the way you brought us into the twist at the beginning; it felt very fluid and natural. Absolutely loved the peaceful soundtrack. A good yin class for the evening.

andrijcichsarah, posted on August 12, 2014

just what i needed. thank you!

sarahdiemer, posted on August 12, 2014

This practice was a gift. Thank you so much, Cameron, for such a relaxing, beautiful hour.

anigozan, posted on July 30, 2014

I love this practice. I'm trying to do it most nights. I still need to do many modifications and I love how Cameron explains these. I am truly enjoying it.

santoshadoc, posted on April 27, 2014

Wonderful practice. I feel so relaxed. Thank you.

gungho, posted on April 16, 2014

wonderful, amazing, perfect class... i loved it and will be doing it again often!

lhhambright, posted on February 23, 2014

Thank you...I love this practice! You are one of my favorite MYO instructors. Namaste...

dwp31, posted on January 28, 2014

Amazing practice. Nice a relaxing. Great way to stretch and release tension from the muscles, mind, and spirit. Thank you

Jwoodworthalcock, posted on January 26, 2014

Wonderful class,its challenging to stay still that long

laurenwyatt, posted on January 20, 2014

Thank you so very much! Felt the tension pour off my body.

cathykenworthy, posted on December 2, 2013

Great practice, thank you, much needed!

debhong, posted on November 30, 2013

I didn't realize how much tension I was holding and I also shed a few tear of release in the process. I feel so much better physically, mentally and emotionally. Thank you!

templarlover, posted on November 17, 2013

The long inversions were challenging, but i truly feel ready for sleep.

eleonela, posted on November 17, 2013

Thank you Cameron. It was not that easy for me to calm my mind and long inversion even though supported was still not easy. Enjoyed tremendously

RubyDiamond, posted on November 17, 2013

Thank you Cameron. I enjoyed each movement with every breath! Namaste!

Vasaart, posted on November 17, 2013

This was a beautiful way to start a Sunday - even though it seemed designed for sleep I found it a complement to the faster paced yoga videos I'd been following this past week. Staying with the poses for a much longer time gave me plenty of opportunity to reflect on where I hold myself tight and although challenging, it was ultimately extremely restorative. I'll return to this again.

boundangle, posted on November 17, 2013

Thanks Cameron. Exploring sensations over time, in stillness is just as challenging as working through a vigorous vinyasa. Yin yoga has taught me that surrender is an option.

goldensun.leann, posted on June 13, 2014

I love restorative yoga ~ great job Cameron!!!

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