Sophia Returning: The Path to Planetary Tantra Video
Sophia Returning: The Path to Planetary Tantra

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Sophia Returning: The Path to Planetary Tantra (2009)

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Two thousand years ago the pagan religion of Gnosticism was one of the world's largest religious belief systems. Their deep reverence for the earth in all its wonder and beauty can offer us new insight into the power of the earth as a vital living being. This notion has been brought forth today as a fundamental part of the Gaia theory.

John Lamb Lash, comparative mythologist and author of the classic book, Not in His Image, offers an examination of the truths hidden deep within the ancient Gnostic sects of Europe. In this presentation, he acquaints us with their unique perspective on the nature of human experience and the destructive power of the mysterious beings they called the archons.

This knowledge of nature, the Earth, and the intimate relationship between the goddess Sophia reconnects us with our ancient heritage and offers a sacred path toward the future.

John Lamb Lash
Jay Weidner

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dancecyn, posted on July 23, 2016

john, are you telling us that when we perceive our beloved departed dead we are being fooled by archons? near death experiences are just false?

davicox281, posted on July 17, 2016


davicox281, posted on July 17, 2016


MyGreenAge, posted on July 4, 2016

A wonderful and fascinating talk from John Lash - really appreciate his description - an alternate view definitely, of Earth's creation.

RMSwill, posted on May 11, 2016

John L Lash enlightening as always the message is a powerful one

jbrand1997, posted on March 11, 2015

I think I am a Gnostic - suffering never made sense while living in such a beautiful place. As an Earth science major, my studies confirmed my belief that the Earth is a dynamic system - in my words, living - and can and will take care of itself. I also think that a lot of the problems we humans face is due to our lack of connection with nature. However, if you are on this website and watching the films and interviews here, you already know this ; - )

niapilates, posted on March 5, 2015

I thought I had an open mind, I really struggled with this. some of it scary. I am wary of fear, and yet something speaks... pleasure and being alive. and sexual symbiosis.

welovedogs99, posted on November 21, 2014

If Sophia is truly a god, wouldn't she KNOW the ramifications of her actions and the creation of the archons? Do they serve an evolutionary purpose? Mr. Nash explains Sophia's merging into Gaia as an act of fascination, but could there be a higher cosmological purpose in her essentially creating duality ? We could not learn/evolve without duality so perhaps the archons serve some kind of catalytic evolutionary purpose in Sophia's own evolution. Any thoughts?

gloriahenry, posted on June 29, 2015

As I was watching/listening I had the same thought on the archons being a catalyst.

MabintyS, posted on September 25, 2014

As an African woman who practices Ifa-Ife, I am so grateful for John Lash in his bringing the Gnostic world view of how we came to be here and the sacredness of the Earth, which is mirrored in some ways to the myth of Ifa. Brilliant viewing and i am also, reading the book, 'Not in his image'; a good read too.

rebecca.pethes, posted on September 7, 2014

Not what I expected...Lol it was too much for me

dogen9, posted on February 18, 2014

An amazing plunge into the philosophy and world view of the Gnostics . I will be looking much closer now to these teachings, whose Gaia theory rings true to me at different levels; much study and meditation need to follow. Truly a life altering experience.

Shivadiva77, posted on July 2, 2013

I throughout enjoyed this presentation. Keep an open mind as you view. Presents well known knowledge, instinctual truth and fills in the gaps. Very interesting!

drmljg, posted on June 8, 2013

Lash would have us believe that Christianity suddenly arrived with a terrible new belief in a dying and resurrected god. He is wrong. In comparative mythology, the related motifs of a dying god and of a dying-and-rising god (also known as a death-rebirth-deity) have appeared in diverse cultures. Attis, Osiris, Dionysus, Tammuz, and Mithra, all are example of Pagan gods who died and were resurrected. Lash's lack of knowledge of Pagan belief makes it difficult to accept his other findings. Like Sir James George Frazer, John Lamb Lash has created his own poetry.

peacekeeper, posted on July 6, 2013

I respect the self-truth in your interpretation of what (to me) seems a minor point in the vastness of Lash's presentation- even though after viewing it twice, I was not able to pinpoint your assertion and its relevance. I'm a bit dumbfounded to see that in all that was offered, you somehow managed to break things down to this one assertion and discard the rest- which is your prerogative, of course. But what about the Archons and the (potentially) profound message/warning by the Pagan-Gnostics that interestingly coincide with don Juan's teachings (Carlos Castaneda) where he calls them "psychic parasites" and "foreign installations"? Can anyone at this stage of world-meltdown (truly) deny the innate corrupt/criminal reality in the rein of this longstanding, warlike Judeo-Christian apparatus? Should we continue to deny/ignore these bastions of pedophilia, rape, deceit, avarice, murder, abuses of power, Ad nauseam, that scream at us from the inside to wake the f--- up! Or do we at the very least recognize our programmed identities through our defensiveness with 'our' religions... and open to contemplate... what scholar John Nash has discovered? Folks, in case you haven't dared to notice, 'our' institutions of Goodness ain't working!

Personally, John Lash's efforts involve the deepest work of consciousness I have yet to see in the spiritual genre to date. And true to Gnostic practices, there is no attachment for others to "accept" anything being offered by Lash. It is offered for the experience it will bring in each of us: whether that be a stirring to explore further, or the experience to dismiss and search elsewhere; it's called personal resonance as opposed to the inherent religious practices of proselytization, judgment and condemnation. Blessings on your journey, 'drmljg.'

jhershierra, posted on July 22, 2016

Hello Peacekeeper! How is my wandering Gnostic friend?

While listening to Lash I thought about the teachings of Buddha that the world is indeed ' suffering' and an illusion -unreal and without substance.

Most of these ideas you can follow his reasoning. We must be very careful with the idea of indulging in ' pleasure'.... like the pagans. Pleasure is a trap also of its own making... seeking desire for desire sake, too much drinking, and sexual lusting etc.... leads to debachery and a less than admirable life. Desire as Buddha reminds us ... is the ROOT OF SUFFERING.

BUT there is a lot to think about... for example... just how many of our beliefs are ' simulated and are not truth?' If the archons did not exist... what would sex really be like? Can anyone even know what ' sex' would be like...? Its nature is LUST not love. What would our lives be like? Can we even know?

So our beliefs/ mind -NOUS.... create our what we belief... we manifest... so imagine in our minds a world of PURE GAIA or ' nature' ... no archons - we live, we die, we recycle back into the earth and do it all over again... .... isnt that also a trap? Are we never allowed to GROW? To expand beyond the planet earth? To become more expanded Beings more creative? If Sophia gave us the ability to create and model... can we not be freed from this earth and this dimension of light ... in order to grow and create in other realms???

Hence ...the idea of ' ascension and transcending' this reality. Some people desire escape suffering and death, some people desire this to expand and grow.

Many questions....


peacekeeper, posted on July 27, 2016

Yes, "many questions" but such lovely questions- especially when you leave them open and softly rhetorical. There is wondrous inclusion and innocence in your musings which allows those interested to ponder alongside... with what has come for you without feeling laboured to accept or reject anything. This is a delicate freedom one seems to emit as 'knowing' and even self-identity steadily surrender their gun-running motifs. :)

It's kind of funny to reread one's views in time space (2013) which amusingly i find have little to do with current present-moment experience and outlook. As i suspect you understand, 'i' am not the same consciousness who uttered those views favoring senor Lash's discoveries deeply steeped in sensuous currents. Yes, our brother loves his Neotantra worlds- and i have the utmost respect for his endeavoring- just as i do for all dancers in this dreamscape. :)

A wonderful question for contemplation this idea of sex without archonic feeding. How deep could we go... as these sensuous worlds stroke our fields seductively inviting them into guilt-free, clean, ecstatic levels of surrender... Oooh.... Can you feel in this moment how strong they coarse in the consciousness connecting us? Almost makes me want to smoke in their aftermath. :)

Having personally navigated these highly-addictive sensuous corridors, i discovered how deeply bound they held 'me' as a soul's awareness to prevent my emergence. Tantric spirituality appealed to my field's guilt-ridden addiction as a sort of unspoken 'no-further-inquiry-necessary' acceptance to keep things pumping. And thus John's 'sacred,' gnostic teachings from a periphery allowed this fear addiction to hump right along.

Eventually my inner-work was able to reveal this level of self-deception still giving access to the archonic fear-gatherers delivering this precious bounty to heavy-duty demonic types who fed on its power and manipulation. But instead of vilifying this once-unseen feeding and enslaving process, i was taught to 'skillfully' (euphemism for not being sensed) explore these demonic (consciousness) corridors by following them upstream back to their projectors. A sort of whatever bites into us being equally subject to being tasted! :) And how wild and disturbing (for them) to have 'a mere human' consciousness not only enter their worlds but to 'see' them and taste their natures. Actually this Terrified most of their highest ranks. Oh well...

And to share more intimacies (hopefully this is cool), i now used sexuality consciously ( with my aware companion) as bait... as an energetic conscious doorway... opened by Breath's unseen portal to enter not only their worlds- but to engage their energetic designs in consciousness. In other words to tickle their painful tummies and ask them if this is where it hurts? And all i can say is... it's amazing to feel and witness a demonic being cry... And only then can their healing begin.

So the higher ranks of power are said to have issued a punishing decree against further engaging 'my' field- though mutiny from their enslaving ranks continues to increase exponentially. And without fanfare, these days my self-less consciousness enters their ranks easily (without sex) and with less detection (to continue Love's touch) unless my loving mentors wish to leave trace of their handiwork. :)

Thank you, Jhershierra for opening this sensuous door in our sharing. Many blessings to your precious inner-song.


jhershierra, posted on July 28, 2016


Yes when I read your comments I could ' see the difference' between the 2 different lives ( one of your past lives) - That is a good thing! Lord we dont want to be the same person we were even a year ago or 6 months ago. I routinely check in on my ' SELVES" to make sure I have left a trail of them behind me but not hanging on to me.

I did some exploring of Lash after seeing this video and the most recent You Tube of him... .. has him on a white supremacist radio talk show declaring that the Jews are out to destroy the White Race. He also said the Jews and Muslims have some kind of ' Archon infection' that the white race does not have because 'we eat pork' which destroys the infection. Okay.. that was bizarre in a world of beliefs that are already bizarre in this reality anyway. He totally believes the Yahweh God and Jesus are part of the archon lie... Well Lordy.. I am a follower of Jesus and his teachings, as well as Buddha and Krishna and Pantanjuli etc... People will use any means possible to justify ' lust and pleasure indulgence'. Of course condemning our senses as evil doesnt help either. They are a key part of the physical world.

I have many collections of Gnostic books...and love them.

I think every sincere spiritual explorer questions ' all the senses' and what exactly are their functions? I had to get out of layers of Baptist teachings to move in a more freer way with my own exploration and none of that exploration brought happiness. I did the whole 'tantra' thing also... not rewarding because I already had powerful kundalini flowing through me. I was ' astral traveling and seeing and talking' to Beings since I was 7 but in the 1980s I had a powerful kundalini awakening while taking a bath! Suddenly my whole body began to violently spin as this huge vortex of energy engulfed me and I sloshed out buckets of the bathwater onto the floor! After that I continued to this day to have amazing kundlini energy ' at will.'

I have many stories I could tell about my personal dark force encounters... at first a very difficult ' self judgment' about myself for having them... later to mature enough to realize my I AM Self was educating me about this whole realm of sensory controlled Beings. Your stories are amazing about your travels into their world...I would love to discuss that further. I have had so many physical and astral encounters that I could write volumes about it. Your sexual approach is quite unique and a path that is rather daring. I dont willingly seek them out. However when engaged I now dont fear the situation but instead either ' leave' or assess what is happening and why so I can educate myself. I have actually done a few healings and rescue operations with dark forces. I dont deny anything anymore as I know the power of our soul is very great and a truly awake and aware Being can do many wonderful healings and tread places most weaker souls cannot go. We are all pioneers...are we not?

The body is an amazing tool to FEEL your way through life... it is where your intuition is the strongest. So I have been all over the place with ' the senses' rejecting them, suppressing them, allowing them, and now refining them. One thing is for certain ' WE MUST TAME" the animal within us... but NOT destroy it.

Lately I have been going through another ' death and rebirth/resurrection'... so I am leaving another Self behind and embracing a brand new Self. This time... This transformation has been the greatest and most difficult of all of them, leaving me with a complete blank slate and amazing creative energy to work with.

And here is where I will state that while sex is perfectly wonderful with an AWAKE and advanced human... we must decide how we are going to use our creative energy... and not waste it on desires of the body to the point of distracting us... from using our creative lifeforce for ONE THING ONLY... which is:

BEAUTY. Sex can be a beautiful thing... but only if it is totally selfless...and two people can connect soul to soul and not lust after ' body parts'. I cant tell you how revolting it is to be an awake woman and even when a young girl... and every man I encountered I would 'feel intuitively' their lust- it was nauseating to be desired only for body parts...

Back to the ONE THING that is my purpose now ; BEAUTY and the focus of my creative energy... to bring more beauty into the world of form - because beauty connects every person with goodness, love and the purity of innocence. So that is ' my new me' to embrace and express beauty... innocent graceful gentle beauty that touches the soul... and perhaps that is the core of GAIA , nature, and all that is TRUE about this reality.


peacekeeper, posted on August 6, 2016

Seems longer than a week since we last chatted. And since we seem to have landed on a forum now relatively hidden by three years time (except for those designed to arrive), our conversation seems precise in this tucked-in corner of Gaia's fabric.

i enjoyed reading and feeling your words; there is a lot of depth in your journeying. You briefly shared that you might enjoy sharing conversation relating to moving through Hades' corridors. Today i saw and felt your consciousness passing through- and if you don't mind my offering this possibilitiy... i also sensed a 'team' of beings tightly monitoring and influencing certain aspects of conscousness in your highly-prized experience. They made it clear (flexing muscles kind of thing) that you were their "property" and immediately after blew up my well-running Mac- landing it in a frozen land which required calling Apple to get the entire system unlocked and rebooted- which as i write is still in process. It was a strong hit because the thought of you and i connecting directly terrified them.

In their currents i saw that they have paraded many of your previous incarnations as their 'whore' to attract others to usurp their powers. I pray this possibility is not offensive, it was just what was passing through their consciousness. This team has been assigned by higher-ups to guard and misdirect your awareness- for you are considered far to precious to risk losing to the Light.

Thus there is a soft offer flowing towards our getting together to 'chat' on FaceTime or Skype (or landline) if this brand of wildness hasn't offended your sensitivities. And if so, i sincerely apologize and withdraw the offer.

Without fanfare, dear fellow-soul, i've traversed their consciousness corridors for some time and offer the honesty in the perceptions allowed my experience. Let me know what your sense is and we'll move accordingly. And should we be designed to share more direcly, i'll leave a temporary email address next go-around to open this magical door. :)

Many Blessings.

jhershierra, posted on August 7, 2016


I am not interested in traversing any dark corridors or moving in Hades. I merely commented last time because I wondered why you go to these places and tickle them or annoy them or even converse with them and so my 'interest' was more why you willingly do this and what is your fascination with going there?

I am not ANY " Beings Property" I can assure you of that. I am a ' Whole Light Being' - and am only interested in ' working and dealing in the Light and with Benevolent Light Beings".

If you are talking to the dark side of course they will tell you anything and everything because they are the masters of lies and deception. There is no truth in them. You cannot ' find truth' down that avenue, but you can learn lessons. I have a conservative nature and I can assure you I am NOT sexually promiscuous - what exploration I have done Tantra wise has been with my ' single partner'. In fact in my book I teach that sex is a total waste of time and energy and is used as Loosh for the dark and to avoid it or be conservative about it for it leads to death.

Also in my teachings I talk about how humanity is going through 7 levels of human evolution : Tribal, Mass, Individual, Aspirant, Disciple, Initiate and Master Levels. Most of humanity is in the lower 4 and here on GAIA and the New Age movement you have a lot of Disciples. Once a person reaches ' Initiate Level' this is called the Battle Scared Warrior passage and you no longer seek ' outside knowledge' but instead have gone ' WITHIN" and once you go within you must confront your own unconscious dark fearful painful parts of yourself. The parts of our consciousness that are still stuck in limitations, delusion, lies, fear and unworthiness. This is the ' dark night of the soul' passage and during this phase each Initiate confronts ' dark forces' its part of the process to gaining personal power and learning what ' TRUTH REALLY IS' and where we need to bring more light into our own reality. Of course all the lower levels are struggling with darkness and struggling to gain more light but they are unconscious about it or unable to understand the process and their Guardian Angels work constantly on their behalf because it is all illusion but still a very real sensory experience. Not until Initiate Level do you have ' any ability' to deal with it properly and that can take decades and lifetimes to master. I have seen the dark parts of myself, we all have them. Nevertheless, they are illusions and not truth. It takes a very mature soul to ' view their dark lifetimes and fearfulness and unworthiness and survive it, heal and grow more into the light. Lesser souls could not deal with it. We all have the Prostitute Archetype as well as the Victim Archetype those are universal or part of mass consciousness .

This I have been through and passed through with deaths and Resurrections into higher aspects of Light and Consciousness. So I have an understanding of the path to freedom...that there is a ' part of the path' where we face our inner darkness and the collective darkness' but its just a passage and not the real Truth .

Nothing holds me here or binds me here on this earth, I am a free Being of Light. I am part of the Christ Seed on this planet and for sure ' the dark would love to harass and confuse a Christed Child... but it is NOT POSSIBLE that any ' temptation or misdirection' can permanently harm or detour a Christed child. It is just the ' valley of the shadow of death' . There is NOTHING in any dimension in any universe that can interfere with my Lifeforce or bind it in anyway. I have always been a Being of Light-

May I make a suggest Peacekeeper... that you let go of your fascination with the dark. It will not help you in the long run , for their power is an illusion. You have acquired some wisdom... more than most here , you have good intuition and of course we all have ' past lives' that have not been the best but never ever let any Being tell you that a precious soul is ' someones property'.... that is a huge lie and you need to challenge that as a lie and let go of that belief. We we believe we create. Dont believe those lies. You are going through a ' passage' and in a few years will come out of it I am sure.


peacekeeper, posted on August 7, 2016

Thank you for the eloquent sharing of your views and for your suggestions, dear sister. Many blessings on your beautiful journey.

peace36love, posted on January 8, 2016

I agree with you peacekeeper..

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