Inspirations: Soul Shifts with Barbara De Angelis Video
Soul Shifts with Barbara De Angelis
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Inspirations: Soul Shifts with Barbara De Angelis (June 2015)

Season 7, Episode 32
Available worldwide

Now is the time to wake up to the true meaning of life. In her latest book, Soul Shifts, Barbara De Angelis advocates a practical spirituality, with the aim of connecting with your highest self on a day-to-day basis, rather than only on special occasions, such as being on retreat. In this inspiring interview, originally webcast on June 18, 2015, Barbara De Angelis describes methods of shifting your focus to your soul level – your highest expression of yourself – and the impact those shifts can have on your state of being.

Barbara De Angelis is one of the most influential teachers of our time in the field of personal development, and for 25 years she has reached tens of millions of people throughout the world. She has 14 best-selling books to her credit, having sold more than ten million copies.

Lisa Garr
Barbara De Angelis


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RBallen, posted on January 17, 2016

It's been over six months since I've seen anything from Ms. Garr. Is she no longer with Gaia?

SuzannaB@Gaia, posted on January 20, 2016

Thank you for writing! The Gaia Inspirations series with Lisa Garr has ended for now. You may be interested in our Open Minds interview series with Regina Meredith, which you can find here:


Shyann1, posted on August 1, 2015

I have to say, Barbara is a very bright Soul. She has done her (soul work) !! We r all unique, we all have something
to offer. But one must be present at all times in order for us to make a real difference. There r so many people
saying they're sorry....and they don't really mean it. It is all about Intention. We need to have a basic foundation
that is built up in our character, it cannot be bought. She is soooo right in everything she said. She has a tremendous
amount of personal experience, personal knowledge, and personal power...that she wants to share. Be thankful for it :)
She is saying, BE the Light...Be Love...Be compassion...etc. It takes a lot of soul searching and soul work, to get to that
space and stay there, more often than not. Thankx to Lisa for having such a generous soul as ur guest. Peace & Namaste

catherinejsidoti, posted on June 23, 2015

Barbara kept interrupting Lisa Garr as DeAngelis was in a mode that was so "Let me tell you where it's at" though I have to say that Barbara is a great teacher and does have the gift of gab. She is a good writer and a powerful speaker, very interesting, this is a spin on the Abraham Hicks work where one has to be a vibrational match to what one is working towards and she takes it one step further. She was taught by the Maharishi Mahesh Yogi who died years ago. I too am a TM practitioner of more than 11 years. She has been meditating for over 45 years an is a real pro, a very interesting visualization she does walk her walk.

Freespirit77, posted on June 20, 2015

Great message Barbara. Getting out of the state of victimhood and into empowerment is the very core of my work that I do with people through my Quantum Mind Coaching & Training practice. It's good to see that there are other evolved souls (Lightworkers) spreading the same message and helping people change their lives. Great intervirew :-)

mcbarber, posted on June 20, 2015

Sanaya Roman wrote about the same ideas nearly 30 years ago; check out 'Personal Power Through Awareness' and 'Soul Love.'

Being that I work in radio, one of the messages that really hit home with me is: "You are like a radio that can receive many stations. What you receive depends on what you pay attention to. Many energies exist that can affect you throughout the day. Besides receiving energies that are all around you, you are a broadcasting station with a home base, a frequency, and a mind set. The way you perceive, judge, and react to your thoughts throughout the day grounds you in your reality and is the basis upon which that reality is created."

morealivenow, posted on June 18, 2015

Brilliant collection of language to distinctly describe the content. A "signature change" (my tribe's words for the vibrational symphony we emanate) displayed about half way through to exemplify the model, hmmmmm, guess we are all human and I will still give a five star for the goldmine collection of information. Beautiful.

karinamel789, posted on June 18, 2015

Barbara, there is so much suffering, anger and drama in the world. I sometimes experience that and I do not share that with others. Do we send it down to Earth to release it or do we send it to the creator of all that is to shift it? If we send it to Earth, isn't Earth being overloaded with very low vibrational energy? I would like to know what to do with that energy to uplift myself. Thanks.

Shyann1, posted on August 1, 2015

Hello, I happen to read ur Q and I happen to know various ways to clean up ur own (neg) energy and bring light to Mother Earth.
Try not to get to caught up in negative energies. U must try to raise ur vibrations, and try to stay that way as much as possible.
Love is far more powerful...than fear. Mother Earth carries cosmic universal energies of Love always. And it is endless flow.
What I do is Ground my negative energy deep into Mother Earths Healing Crystals...of all colors shapes and sizes :) I bring
down my root chakra deep and feel the moist earth and smell the fresh air, spreading my roots and anchoring sort of. I visualize
one of my roots going into the Crystal cave....and I ask her to take all my negative energy and transform it to positive energy.
I just ask her to use the energy to make more trees,,,but u can make up something else if u like. It is about your Intentions, and
as long as they r will u be. Don't worry, its easy really. Then I thank Mother Earth for her Healing Crystals and I send
her love and peace and joy. I then bring up all my roots back up into my root chakra, at the base of the spine. I would also suggest
learning to work w/ ur Chakras....You Tube has many videos on the subject. Cleansing your chakras , clears negative energy also.
There's many excellent meditations . Hope I helped u. Blessings ~

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