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The Southerner

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The Southerner (1945)

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Sam Tucker is a cotton picker in Texas who decides to start his own farm. He and wife Nona and children Jot and Daisy set out with nothing but two mules and a bit of seed. They face many obstacles – a dry well, hunger, sickness, an avaricious neighbor, and, of course, bad weather – but they persist. Can they outlast the tribulations?

The Southerner is a 1945 American film directed by the celebrated French director Jean Renoir (The Rules of the Game, The Grand Illusion, The River), based on the novel Hold Autumn in Your Hand by George Sessions Perry. The film received Oscar nominations for Best Director, Original Music Score and Sound.

Zachary Scott, Betty Field, J. Carrol Naish, Beulah Bondi, Percy Kilbride
Jean Renoir

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LINDAB8, posted on November 1, 2014

I'd say, "We've come a long way, baby", in movies in the last ~ 70 years! ;-)
Wonder what that audience would think of movies now? They'd be speechless!

AbigailB5, posted on May 6, 2014

this movie is reminder of what is really important for human kind. family, nature and a resilience of the human spirit. Thank you

goldensun.leann, posted on April 25, 2014

Being from the south and living in Texas I can resonate with the story. In a time and place where all a person had was their integrity and word, in small rural communities especily, the need to coexist and learn from each other is obvious ~ finding ways to share the land and its bounty. The true nature of human kindness shines through in the end. An old movie with a nostalgic charm.

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