Connect: Space, Renewables, Winter Video
Space, Renewables, Winter
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Connect: Space, Renewables, Winter (2008)

Episode 25
Available worldwide

Car manufacturers are working to build better cars with lower carbon emissions, focusing on hybrid technologies. Astronauts on the space shuttle missions have been taking photographs of Earth, compiling a valuable record for geologists, climate scientists, and others. Italy looks to expand the amount of energy it produces by wind power, building large wind farms to help it meet its goal of having renewable sources as 10% of its energy production within a decade. Above the arctic circle, scientists look for ways to mitigate the effects of Seasonal Affective Disorder, a condition brought on by the long winter nights that make people irritable and depressed. A town in Japan has created Robo Square, with robotics events and classes, in hopes of inspiring youngsters to become the engineers of the future.

Evan Clark


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