Open Minds: Special with Randall Carlson - Sacred Geometry and the Secrets of Sacred Architecture Video
Special with Randall Carlson - Sacred Geometry and the Secrets of Sacred Architecture

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Open Minds: Special with Randall Carlson - Sacred Geometry and the Secrets of Sacred Architecture (May 2015)

Season 5, Episode 24
Available worldwide

Sacred architecture has always served as a means of conveying symbolic information, but its secrets were decipherable only to the few who were initiated into the sacred mysteries. The greatest secret they kept was that the source of these mysteries are all around us and readily available to anyone who seeks them. Randall Carlson reveals that the secret ratios and patterns found in the cosmos and throughout nature are encoded within sacred architecture in this special interview with Regina Meredith originally webcast May 29, 2015.

Part Two of this Interview can be found here.

Randall Carlson is a master builder and architectural designer, teacher, geometrician, geomythologist, geological explorer and renegade scholar. With his four decades of study, research and exploration into the interface between ancient mysteries and modern science, he is uniquely qualified to interpret the hidden meaning of the great masterpieces of mystical architecture, as well as esoteric and occult ritual and symbolism. His aspiration is to affect a revival of lost knowledge towards the goal of creating the new world based upon universal principles of harmony, freedom, and spiritual evolution.

Regina Meredith
Randall Carlson


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nabster1134, posted on June 12, 2015

the 9 comes from (again) the two opposing triangles that form the vortex. tesla knew about it and referenced it ( 3 6 9 being keys to the universe ). 124875 are what make up our reality, the 369 exist outside of our dimension but is the building that houses us. the 3 6 9 form a triangle. the 9 is what I call the grand oscillator or creator; which then connects directly with the 3 and 6, but the 3 and 6 have an indirect connection. the 3 and 6 do oscillate back and forth, changing and exchanging positions and roles. the 369 represent many things, but one is: the 3 is personal reality the 6 is shared reality the 9 is ultimate reality. I am a 3 in my reality/experience and you are a 6. in your experience you are a 3 and I would be a 6. we create each other, but still exist under the 9 and go through roles ourselves being the 3 6 and 9. we are a 9 in our own way as well, as we create infinitely within, and we are infinitely created outward through scales. here in this world we want to become 9 when we die, but as we do become 9 on this level we are becoming a 3 on another. a new beginning on a different scale. that is where fractal self similarity comes in and why we exist in a fractal dimension. look up kymatic consciousness.

gcrex, posted on June 10, 2015

Regina did an impressive job of inquiring, steering, and wrapping this interview with Randall - who is never short on words! Great condensation of the "Cosmic Patterns" DVD material plus some of his Masonic/architectural interests. See more videos of Randall's presentations and geological expeditions at

Audacity62, posted on June 2, 2015

Fascinating conversation. My head is just spinning from all of the math and numerical correlations that were tied together here. I look forward to the second interview, but have to take a break to assimilate all this new information.
I was first introduced to Sacred Geometry when I was in art school and have pursued some knowledge of it on my own over the years, but this dialogue has opened up new vistas to me. I will probably listen to this one again and again to pick up as much as I can.
Thank you again, Regina, you never cease to blow my mind!

dwest9, posted on June 1, 2015

sorry, can't watch this anymore 13 minutes!

Awolikesguitars, posted on July 25, 2015

Why cant you watch it?

dwest9, posted on June 1, 2015

all secret societies as well as some religions, Jewish, Muslim etc it is perfectly ok to lie to protect and
defend it self....he is real sharp but see thru him

barbarahall69, posted on May 31, 2015

Epiphany? Does the slightly out of phase maintain the "illusion" with perfectly in phase dissolving into pure light?

darsiramirez, posted on September 1, 2015

no "plan for global domination"?

rmeredith, posted on May 31, 2015

In answer to your position on this particular interview, I have no fear of this subject. I do, of course, acknowledge what is said to have become of Freemasonry in some circles and do not have the will nor reason to deny any such claims, however......
We all find what we are looking for in the work of others, either to condone or condemn. Like most Orders, Freemasonry is a study of ancient knowledge that is mostly scientific, historical and philosophical in nature. Randall Carlson is a good representative of the academic tenants of Freemasonry, which descended from other more ancient streams of education. That other less mature souls choose to engage with it in a negative way and for purposes of greed or power has little to do with the actual educational content of most of these Orders be it Rosicrucian, Masonic, Jesuit, etc. These are no different than A Course in Miracles, Integral Life, Kabbalah, Keys of Enoch, Bible Studies, Urantia, etc. Each is a collection of ideas brought forth from some "inspired" source to be interpreted and used however one wishes. Both evil and good can be perceived by the reader in any of these works. In my opinion, we simply need to stay away from that with which we do not resonate.

slawek.lernacinski, posted on June 9, 2015

After watching the second part of the show, I must say I'm impressed. That is exactly what the hidden knowledge mean. What I was referring to the first part of the show, and what I was questioning is his strong (I'd even say, inappropriate) aptitude to defend Masons. You see Regina, if he didn't talk for the first 10 minutes or so about their society, he would have time to finish what you were asking for. I'm wonder though why he is avoiding to answer about technology that existed on ancient times? It is kind of obvious that the cutting edge technology existed at that time, and all evidence shows that it was the reason of anihilation of human kind. I believe we have to go that far to explain certain issues related to the position where we are now as humanity.
Now I'm wonder what is he going to talk in third part of the Secret Geometry series.
By the way, I resonate with any facets of the historical facts, that are documented. This time you Regina showed excelent skills. Much, much better than on the first part of the sow …. or perhaps that was only my impression. I know that this it doesn't mean much to you, however I had to say that.
Looking forward the next part of the Sacred Geometry series.

slawek.lernacinski, posted on May 31, 2015

First of all Regina seems to be intimidated by this guy. It looks like she feels extremely uncomfortable with taking on this subject.
Secondly: when the one is initiated to be the Mason the oath states clearly that they will keep secret no matter what, deceiving and killing people can be the way to achieve that. Why Regina didn’t ask a question about the initiation process? 
For all who do not believe that please refer to David Wilcock show ‚Wisdom Teachings’. He is very good at reviling all those information. The first part of Regina’s program clearly states that this was done to defend Masons and show them in better light. The knowledge that this guy „reveals” is very common to all who are studying i.e. astrology. This looks like this guy has given us a wisdom that already leaked to The People and he wants us to believe that Masons suddenly started to be open to the slaves (read us people).
Regina Meredith for me you are loosing your credibility.

bvb10, posted on May 31, 2015

Regina does it again....great stuff.

Tony Z, posted on May 31, 2015

This cat is one smart dude! I am still wondering, how long do we have left? Should I pack my lunch or just keep on watching America's Got Talent? Really, this was very interesting and informative and fascinating.

rachellorraineking, posted on May 30, 2015

Love this guy, fave guest on Joe Rogan's podcast.

threebirdsdream, posted on May 30, 2015

The last Masonic President was Ford??? Are you kidding me??? What about BUSH who was 33rd degree? Occasionally the Masons spread DISinformation and I think this is one of those times...."very few Masons in positions of power",,,,again--Are You Kidding Me??

Well I continued to watch the show and fell deeply into fascination with this dude....I should've watched the whole thing before I shot off my...keyboard.
So the second episode was just as fascinating as the first and this guy is a veritable font of ancient wisdom in all my favorite areas...numerology, architecture, gematria, and symbols. BRAVO!

QW47DSW, posted on May 30, 2015

Ford was the last US president who is officially known to be a mason.

threebirdsdream, posted on May 30, 2015

So... are you saying Bushy was an Unofficial Mason??

QW47DSW, posted on May 31, 2015

"George Bush has also on numerous occasions been referred to as a Freemason.The confusion as to President Bush being a member arises from the swearing in ceremonies at his inauguration. President Bush took his oath of office on the George Washington Bible which belongs to St. Johns Lodge in New York City. Because the Bible belonged to a Masonic Lodge many writers assumed he was a Freemason. The Bible was used at the request of the Joint Congressional Committee on Inaugural Ceremonies" but... he never openly admitted that he is a mason, you won't find him in any masonic presidents "hall of fame" online, it's not on his wikipedia page.

rohsonic7, posted on May 29, 2015

I have been deeply fascinated by sacred geometry, fractals, art and music music for a while. Being an artist/musician from India, I find it wonderful and inspiring to hear experienced scholars discuss these eternal truths. I feel that each being will eventually come to realise these truths within themselves. Some sooner than others.

Anyway, just wanted to convey my gratitude for this wonderful talk.

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