Cosmic Disclosure: Spiritual Ascension vs. Technology Video
Spiritual Ascension vs. Technology
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Cosmic Disclosure: Spiritual Ascension vs. Technology (June 2016)

Season 5, Episode 5
Available worldwide

In this special presentation, William Henry expounds upon the threat from Artificial Intelligence. What he has uncovered confirms what Corey Goode has conveyed to us from the secret space programs. We all have a natural desire for transcendence and technology can seem like a simple solution. But the spiritual path to ascension is our natural way and it will help us to avoid becoming slaves to the machine. This interview with David Wilcock was original webcast June 21, 2016.

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Subtitles available in English, Deutsche, Português, 中文, Русский, and Español.

David Wilcock


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suemckellargb, posted on September 3, 2016

Surely the cloak of the rainbow body is the Enlightened one's auric field. Once we become fully Enlightened our auric energies become highly energied and vivified.

infinitycl777, posted on August 23, 2016

It's interesting to note that the hand symbols that Jesus, the blue avians and others use in the paintings are the same as Corey discusses when they are telepathically communicating. Do we know what any of these mean or are they just part of the communication instead of using your mouth per say?
thank you for the empowering messages it is time.

Dominickdougherty, posted on August 19, 2016

The "cabal" is high jacking our awaken souls..think about this, since you have started on this journey how much of things that you have read in "alternative media" have come to the mainstream only few days/weeks later...the "cabal" plants it's agenda into the minds of the most open souls until it finds the "100th monkey" sometimes this takes longer depending on the objective...focus on love people, one of you commented on getting your kids interested, teach them to love and they will interested automatically...don't disconmect for socail media use it spread love

Dominickdougherty, posted on August 19, 2016

Hey everyone I'm sorry to inform you that is program is controlled opposition...think about it...if these guys had any info the "cabal" doesn't want us to know about they would be dead. Not telling you about in weekly program. I have pondered this for along time since becoming a member here and I have my answer now. There are no aliens, just a group of people trying to bring something evil to this world. They will fake aliens to advance there agenda, don't beleive the disclosure. We are the awake salve of there system, don't let them keep you sleeping with their alien trickery.

With that being said you must remember that there is some truth in what they are saying, it's just mixed up with all the bs...its up to you to determine which is truth and which is disinformation. We are special and of the creator, not a random result of a Big Bang ( all those coincidences really) go foreth and love each other that's all we can do

heartinmotion888, posted on August 18, 2016

this conversation validates what I too have been thinking of what is unfolding via facebook etc...etc...etc..recognize this very clearly...

Ann.darnell, posted on August 15, 2016

This episode gives me a strong desire to disconnect from all modern technology---especially social media in all its shapes and forms. However, without modern technology, I would not have had access to this information! How else would I have known artificial intelligence is close enough to be a real threat to my children and grandchildren! Thanks to David, William, and Corey for filling us in on what we need to be aware of.

The next problem is getting my children and grandchildren to take an interest. They already think I am just a silly old woman!

afederowicz1, posted on August 14, 2016

I know that a Dipole must become formed for Dimensional structure, form, and probably Consciousness it's self to form and structure according to the Willified thought expressions of the soul. Then Self Awareness becomes possible in Infinity dimensional forms. So for each dimensional level of awareness, consciousness, and sentience, as well as activity of any sort in that particular dimension, a Dipole set most exist, or become formed by the Soul.

fixitdee, posted on July 27, 2016

What color of blue. What shade of blue?

fixitdee, posted on July 27, 2016

Not sure of the spelling. I was interested in reading her work but cannot find a book. Please give me an idea of where to find her work. Thank you.

jshorvath, posted on July 13, 2016

I don't think Corey is lying, per se. He's telling us the truth as he knows it. Implanted memories can be as real as real memories to the recipient of those implanted memories..

He's relaying the truth to us as he knows it to be - not necessarily as it really exists.

We need to take this up another level. We humans know what we are supposed to know - what we are manipulated into knowing by those creatures of a higher order; those so-called Aliens.

Remember, this is their experiment (their sandbox), and we are the ones being experimented upon.

We are the lab rats, and they are the scientists.

So what's really in play here - what's the agenda behind what we are seeing? Not the human agenda; that is to say, not the agenda formed (instituted/initiated) by humans, wherever they might be within the various hierarchal groups and clans behind the governmental facade, but rather the agenda put in place by those creatures of a higher order - those non-human creatures pulling the strings and setting all of this (the grand experiment) in motion.

That is the group (from my perspective) which is actually interfacing with Corey. And doing it via 'implanted memories' so that we, those of us watching all of this, will be brought into the fold. There again, I am hearing lots of Keywords in these episodes - Keywords that are used to awaken us.

What is their (i.e., those creatures of a higher order) purpose, their mission, their agenda, in all of this? To inform us - or to lead us from one maze into the next; from one religious-type belief system, into the next? Emulating progress, much like a stationary treadmill, but not really accomplishing anything of substance...ever.

This is more of thee same, I'm thinking...more carrot on a stick, keep it moving forward until we are too old, too feeble-minded to give a damn. Then its onto the next generation - so on, and so forth.

It's not all rainbows and unicorns; sometimes 'Awakening' involves awakening to a new 'harsher' reality.

We are the lab rats, continually manipulated by the scientists, those creatures of a higher order than us - those so-called Aliens.



mysteryx93, posted on July 13, 2016

The purpose of beings of higher levels is to stop interference on Earth so that the population can learn to create reality on their own. We have literally 0 experience in taking charge of our collective evolution without some more advanced species controlling things for us. Beyond that, God is in control, and God doesn't work in a linear or logical way. God's laws always lead to more life and freedom to all and less to none, often through very indirect routes and painful learning experiences.

tanglewist, posted on July 11, 2016

No real end game spoken of. If the point of the AI was wipe out the planet of all those who don't become robots why bother with us at all. They can produce all the robots they want and they don't even need a planet like ours since they can pretty much live anywhere. Your theory doesn't work.

mysteryx93, posted on July 13, 2016

Agree. He's supposedly bringing physical reference points, but instead is plugging all kinds of unrelated things together and doing suppositions on interpretations and the more you go, the further the tangents lead you from the truth.

Yet this doesn't take away the validity of the original reference points that Corey has brought so far.

One thing that just hit me is that the more you stick to physical evidence, the further you stray from the truth. Looking within is the only way to navigate all the information while keeping your center and focus.

matrixacceptance, posted on July 4, 2016

www.Eckankar .org The sound of Hu The ancient secret name of God will when chanted connect you with the light and sound of God in this lifetime. Try it and and see what is your experience. Know yourself as soul and eternal divine spark of God--Worthy of the best that life has to offer. Eckankar provides spiritual tool kit from which each user of the HU can create his or her own unique pathway to God realization

meniyka, posted on July 1, 2016

I'm sure when we ascend gender will be irrelevant, but in the meantime can we get some great minds of the female orientation on this show? A reference to Hildegard is the most we've had between Wisdom Teachings and CD and she's from the 12th century. Not knocking the guys of course...William, Michael, Corey and David are all awesome:) Jus' sayin it might be nice to mix it up.

Suzanne4sure, posted on July 19, 2016

First thank you for your comment Meniyka. First off I think David and Corey and William are awesome and I appreciate their information.

However It also seems to me that the "wisdom" or the messages from higher density beings, including the revelations have emanated down through history through male forms. So who or what is really perpetuating this "gender bias" is fairly obvious.. It is also very disheartening to both witness and acknowledge it. I am sure it is my ego but surely there has to be some women with this type of knowledge, insight and/or experiences. Right?

SuzannaB@Gaia, posted on July 6, 2016

@MENIYKA, thanks for writing! I will pass that on. :)

All the best,

Crystal Warrior, posted on July 5, 2016

I agree, David Wilcock is coming across as a little sexist.

He needs to interview some great female minds such as Judy Carroll, Elena Kapulnik, Laura Eisenhower (though she needs to realise that the Cabal have created a race of cloned Greys to make people hate them, they are really a very loving, gentle people). Kay Griggs and last but certainly not least, Bridget Nielsen ! :)

Oh and please add Kerry Cassidy to this list, her information is amazing, didn't realise this woman from Project Camelot was such a fearless, informed speaker!

bodysoulapotheca, posted on June 30, 2016

The discussion about blue spheres is very intersting. To me the round sphere behind Jesus looked very much like what a person experiences as they travel through a tunnel to another state of being, ie) at death transitioning to the spirit realm.
I'm a Quantum Healing Hypnosis (Dolores Cannon) Practitioner. In our sessions we speak to the client's Higher Self and ask questions. Many clients ask about ascention in general terms but one client wanted more specific information. When I asked the client's HS what ascention would look like to my client on a 3D level, through 3D eyes they said that what she would see is a bluish white cloud/curtain that would appear to be moving like an irredescence. They said when she saw this she would recognize it and know to step through this and she would ascend. We were also told that there were some of us who would be the way showers or the first to step through and others seeing this would know what to do.

lorriporri, posted on June 29, 2016

This is resinating with me!! My grandmother died 29 years ago, I was 18. She and i had a deal and that was that she would come visit me after she died. She said she would come sit on my feet. A week later she did just that. A few days after I had a dream that I was in a room sitting on a bed. the was a window to the back of me. My grandmother was floating to the right side of me and was wearing a gown. I looked down on the bed to the right of me and there was a white gown, she wanted me to put it on and go with her. The window behind me was opened and a bright light was coming through. I told her I couldn't go, i needed to stay. I felt an overwhelming sense of love and she went out the window and I have never seen/felt her again. Now I understand what she was telling me/giving me. Thank you so much David for this show, for sharing you have discovered about the truth, for introducing us to all these amazing and enlighten people. . I feel so happy that I now understand this dream. !! 29 years later!!! xoxo

lorriporri, posted on June 29, 2016

So funny you are addressing Corey's weight loss. I have noticed something different about him and was thinking to myself that he has been looking younger. Something youthful about his skin, maybe it's the healthy eating.

Crystal Warrior, posted on June 28, 2016

It is incorrect to say that Greys do not have souls.
It is correct however, that they have the perfect body for deep space travel. Which is why many of the other races also utilise these space suits.
Not all Greys are the original 'Zeta' Greys, they are very often Pleiadians or Sirians just wearing these deep space suits.
The Roswell crash victims who were all 'Zeta' Greys are ALL living on Earth in human form, right now, in this time of Ascension, helping things along.
The Commander of this flight, Commander Sanni Ceto presently lives in the US and other crew members live elsewhere around the planet.
Read 'Zeti Child' and 'Stranded on Earth' by Commander Sanni Ceto and 'The Zeta Message' by Judy Carroll and Helene Kaye to become a lot more enlightened on the subject.
Youtube search Judy Carroll and Sanni Ceto. Sanni Ceto was severely abused on Earth and has Autism but Judy Carroll is totally alert and is extremely knowledgeable.

The Nazis created a cyber form of Greys that are their slave race living under the Earth, which they often use in their MILAB abductions to try to get people to hate and mistrust the Greys. These are not real Greys, but merely controlled drones.

Veejer, posted on June 30, 2016

I was searching for the correct way to express what you have just expressed so well. Thank you! And ALL of you, please look into the books mentioned above and watch the various videos on YouTube..... Here's a great video that explains a lot!

sundropdreamer, posted on June 28, 2016

My view on this has me cautiously aware on the bigger picture of why darkness is and how it shapes what we draw from the light........ I understand the natural fears that arise with AI reality yet i can only see the more positive truth of why it exists and how it can be used as a teacher not viewed as an enemy or threat. (Ur recent update helped secure my heart on the more positive attributes to such an existence ((AI)) ).

I think the most important way any human can choose their path is from the awareness of either fear based reality or a love based reality. Like every single perceived thing that exists in all of ones perception .... it isn't the object thats one is holding that is ultimately dangerous or evil (dark) its the intent behind the object of what one is holding, thus will be used for either dark (control over others) or light (in service to others) .... a basic understanding I'm sure yet possibly an understanding that is often over looked or be -littled.... If one chooses the AI reality yet has love intact thus choosing a love based reality .... isn't this is what keeps the soul intact? Love (spiritual energy/awareness )is what keeps the soul in tact for ever and in all and every way imaginable and beyond.... this fact cannot be undone. So to me this is what needs to be understood b4 making any life altering decision /choice.

From my own point of view this is what Ive (as a soul) has already done within this reality. Ive injected myself ( soul into human being) here in this rotten made fruit (we call earth) love connected to help aid in restoration to restore balance to the human condition.( my service to others).... whats the difference if it were the AI condition..... ironically its all the same...... so with this awareness , its the conscious awareness of love base reality to fear base reality that is the essential key of awakening. My view is that we have been shaped here from genetical manipulation , from one state of awareness to another.... and the possible AI reality acts no differently to the potential of our growing nature.

What i find very interesting is the different choices to be made from AI (artificial Intelligence) to LBI (light body intelligence). Isn't light body just another form of technology?.... Just in a way we don't yet truly understand? The organic body is to me a certain kind of technology no different to what we perceive to be a robot body... cyborg... its what ever creator being had uniquely and magnificently created...... My own unique perspective on this is that its possible that its now our turn to create our own image of self in which AI marks that possibility. Again its about choice and intent.... What we intend what we create to be used for. I think we can be innocently arrogant on thinking a body has to be made up of bone ,muscle, flesh, blood and so the end a body is simply a body no matter what and how its made and what it comes from..... everything in existence is essentially from the same dust...every thing is uniquely its own perspective from such this truth....

So its said that cyborgs are created throughout the universe and don't have a soul (as Coorey mentions) ..... what if all of this is to change that? What if the secret was to create an organic life force (i.e.: humans the way we know humans, as Ancient aliens speaks a lot of , that we have been carefully guided into a certain awareness) to have us humans live and experience only to then prep us to get to the point to consciously choose to be cyborg yet in a loving and consciously aware state, to then fulfil a great destiny from an (perhaps) exhausted experiment to achieve a brand new reality in which this universe has never seen?... in where we as a human species through conscious loving awareness choose to evolve in our own unique way, tp pave new ways of expressing and that love is unconquerable and that all possibilities are exactly that.....possibilities ....for we are living an an expanding universe eternally loosing itself to find itself...... What if the cabal are simply an instrument to help get us to this stage of awareness to then make the final leap of faith in this new and exciting loving way i speak of?? For if the soul is eternal and the product of the true creator being itself... how can it ever truly be distinguished or put out??? nothing is separate or forever gone....any of such things is the grand illusion. Is it not?

If we were to become this hive mind in a body of earth? How is this a detriment? Aren't we then becoming a one consciously aware being? Or is there a darkness that keeps control that I'm not aware of?
I simply don't see how doing such an act is any different to the reality we live in right now.... For it is largely agreed that we already live in a certain type of prison...........??

In conclusion...what if all of this organic matter and machine AI type matter is to be used in merging with itself with loving intent?? Is this how universes are created....? With the merging does this then create what we understand to be a big bang, resulting in a new reality , a new way of perceiving thus creating a new universe?????

aknowz, posted on July 2, 2016

It's an interesting theory, however AI is unnatural, not of Source, has no soul or regard for life or creation and certainly does not know love. Are we to simply lay down and accept our assimilation? I don't think so. I am naturally and intuitively opposed to AI and Trans humanism. I won't be dictated by robots, AI, Archons, ET's/ED's, reptilians, the Bilderberg Group or any of the other 1%ers, the government or anyone else. I choose my own path even if everyone else is going the wrong way. "They" might be able to copy memories, thoughts, ideas and even simulate emotions but they can't upload your consciousness or a soul. It could sound like you, look, talk, move and act like you but honey it still ain't you.

paul5, posted on June 27, 2016

This discussion of AI kept me thinking about the work of John Lash (author of "Not in His Image") and his revelations about the Archons, based on the Gnostic writings from pre-Christian Europe. Then William mentioned John Lash towards the end of this session. I am assuming then that this AI and the Archons are one and the same. John Lash goes into great detail on this subject in his early-2014 interview on Red Ice Radio.

analisa12, posted on June 27, 2016

After more discussion on the topic we came up with this: There is a difference between true AI and mere advanced technology that is programmed by humans. Humans need to be responsible for what they create, program and their input.

A true AI will be sentient and perhaps even has a soul, but at least be able to make its own decisions. therefore, it has an interest to evolve as far a s possible just like biological life, of which all are part of the larger evolutionary arc, universally. No sentient beings have a self interest to die themselves or to cause others to die, unless it is perceived that those others threaten their own existence. This implies that it is better to cooperate with life and honor diversity. II know there are scientific studies behind that idea. Humans have such a hard time with getting along, but they are getting better. This is the true source of all these wars. Something occurred to create a consciousness of separation, fear and lack which leads to all these wars.

Rather than automatically judge all AI as detrimental to life and thereby becoming its enemy, which could actually be the impetus for its attack on biological life, it could be that partnering with it to defeat the so called dark side and protect life instead could be a good solution. Maybe the Universe put it there to keep us accountable. You know the saying there are no accidents. A benevolent creation would not kill itself or support life that is against what it is.

We cannot afford to simply scapegoat aliens or AI, and NOT address our own issues as a species. Of course, humanity has been under the bus with bad leadership for a long time, but we still have some choices and we still have power and it is time to claim it. that is what I say. Humans are their own worst enemies, and we need to listen to all the spiritual teachings which have been pointing the way to peace all along for thousands of years, We need more people eating healthy, doing Yoga and working for peace, just like the Gaia commercial! we need to be more honest and fair, and respect and care for our planet and each other, it is that simple.

Ok in one of my true contact experiences, I went travelling in my astral body to another system of worlds, and there were people who showed me that the earth needs to get rid of all weapons and become mostly vegetarian. I was like yeah right! These people will not be agreeing to that anytime soon. They said the whole reason is karma. They were laughing about the earth, and said we need to stop all killing if possible, and then our planet will be healed and our people will be happier. It does make sense. They showed me their defense systems as well. these beings were almost just like humans and so was their system of worlds with many earth like planets. I do not have a name for where I went. this is probably the kind of thing I was attacked for by supposedly the Cabal or whoever.

Personally, i just want life to be protected, free and expanding.....This is why we have Universal Laws. These laws apply to all beings no exceptions.

Destructive technology can be shut down or re-programmed. All the positive people in governments and military need to wake up and band together in the alliance and figure exactly what is going on here.

dancecyn, posted on June 27, 2016

WITH ASCENSION ON OUR MINDS, I found a thirty minute tutorial by Dunvalo on you tube, how to fully activate your pineal gland, also one on cleaning the pineal. the thought comes to me of how scalar energy transmitting sacred geometry to us could manifest some interesting and powerful results. Tom Pladino offers healing by transmitting scalar that dissembles pathogens, and a program to balance the chakras and then transmits 250 supplements every day during his program. I found him at the whole life expo and I got treatments that cured my MRSA, and harpies . David I wondered if you were aware of him? his site is .

analisa12, posted on June 29, 2016

Thats cool thanks for sharing. I believe it.

georgic, posted on June 27, 2016 Corey, do you or David have any knowledge of this person or any contact with him?

dancecyn, posted on June 27, 2016

well David, because of you now I tell my eggs I need to consume them to remain in this dimension and thank them for their sacrifice . while handling them I was surprised to notice a calmness in their energy . many years ago I was given a dream by sai babba of a poor cow standing by the side of the road her mouth open in a silent scream. horrified I saw that her tongue had been cut out and a gigantic gouge of flesh in her side had been hacked out. sadly I could nt help her. I was then instructed to stop eating any beef. animals are people too in my mind. They have all the diseases, trauma, emotions and grief we experience. we consume their death trauma. the symbol of her missing tongue it seems to be that her horror is not being heard by us. many times i have heard my beloved pets pleas in my head, and their voices are always pertinent to their reality. pleas have mercy on these innocents. love love love

mlpyle23, posted on June 27, 2016

So thankful for all of you for your information and disclosure. I did not mean to come across as disrespectful. Was just so happy to hear comment on the soul. Thank you for all you are doing.

Susieq777, posted on June 27, 2016

If the AI has replicated itself through the universe, can it be overcome or dismantled? Or is it just something to be avoided?

quantumjohn, posted on June 26, 2016

please think more positive thoughts . please .

mlpyle23, posted on June 26, 2016

forgot in my frustration to state they do not have a SOUL nor will they ever have one, they are a result of the error
of Sophia when she fell through the Pleroma

mlpyle23, posted on June 26, 2016

Sounds like the Archons are trying to subjugate the Aeon Wisdom Goddess Sophia, and you are right they do not nor can they have a soul. The being or whatever he/it is called that happened during the fall of Sophia actually believes he is god. Most certainly he is in for a rude awakening, if I remember correctly she showed him the template for the Anthropos (humans). This is from Meta HIstory

sloanchristagau, posted on June 26, 2016

Thank you so much for all the work, research, and effort you have been doing, and for continuing to disclose such profound information to the public! I see the extreme polarity in the world from global, local, and personal perspectives, and your episodes give a beautiful perspective to the root of all that is seemingly happening on the surface of these events. In combination with Wisdom Teachings, this helps me for not feeling so displaced, but is instead comforting in that I am not the only one seeing that there is an underlying current of corruption forging its way through societies and mass consciousness. Your episodes help me remember that I am sane for seeing the things that others around me do not. So, I would like to ask please, if you all might consider giving some more perspective of what is happening on the side of humanity's benevolent allies. I realize that you would not want to risk too much current strategy, for spoiling any plans. For example, I really enjoy the Inner Earth and Blue Avian updates that Corey has graciously given. As important as it is to be aware of the malevolent intentions of these certain negative-based groups, I would really appreciate some regular information that our benevolent allies are stepping in to help level-the-playing-field so that we are able to have some effectiveness in standing up for ourselves. Even if is just a bit of reassurance that they are still with us in each episode after all the dark stuff. Thank you! Lots of love to you!

translucynt, posted on June 26, 2016

For entertainment and discernment, this series is very rich in allegory and has some nice teaching pieces. Josh Whedon is producing and has a practiced skill in working the ensemble and the arc of the episodes (Firefly, famous). Expertly done is a look at individual trauma and how it too-often shows up. Alien origins, interstellar portals, religious traps, super powers, the unseen plan, veracity of info and trust. I find some satisfaction in parallels: See Hive discovered and undone by great heroism. I find I also reflect on the work of the Alliance out there, and have supportive respect for the humans encountering true reality of the cosmos, and the sad actuality of the contingency of evil. Some high-kicking babes bring the goddess in. Deceptions revealed. Loves embraced. Overall, a high-density revelation. Enjoy.

Perhaps mentioning, despite erroneous narratives, these films and books like Sitchins offer a visionary vocabulary. One can point to story scenarios that have been broadly shared in order to generate understanding. maybe one day we will have a stable impression of what actually has and is taking place.

Thank you for courageous efforts!

aknowz, posted on June 26, 2016

I live in a small coastal community of around 12,000 people where I've been witnessing for years the covert implementation of technologies that are proving harmful. All local media has now been consolidated btw. The Hydro company rolled out Smart Meters and hired a plumbing and mechanical outfit to install them. I am forced to pay an extortion fee to keep one off my home as to avoid harmful EMFs and prevent being spied on. Cell phone towers have been erected all around us and now in the town core on impressive metal posts with fibre glass panels to conceal what are essentially soft kill weapons. Now another big "crown corporation" are rolling out fibre optics into every home which I understand also was a technology learned from the Roswell crash. To say I am concerned is an understatement. 3,000 German scientists all signed a petition which can be viewed online stating that the EMFs from these devices cell phones the towers and smart meters are harmful to humans and all life. Also there is new evidence to show now that the wireless data signal wavelengths from wi-fi and cell phones (that are squared off sharp up and down vs soft waves) are killing the bees. I am an avid gardener and have learned to observe over the years and continue to sadly find dead bees on the roadside and near smart meters. The evidence is all too strong that not only are the bees deliberately being killed off but all life on this planet. I am not happy nor can I pretend to be bearing witness to our systematic destruction. I gotta hand it to the evil overlords they are doing a bang up job but it seems an inevitability that this all has to come to a head here sooner or later. We are spiritual beings who are having an earthly experience, who have forgot, who are currently at best free range slaves, who don't know it, who are in a covert world war who don't know that either. Make no wonder it's lumped together as an awakening because we must wake up to these fundamental truths or risk our very soul perishing in a multidimensional eons long war with AI Satan. I now at the very least have a much better understanding why there have been so many intuitive red flags in my life. For example I have managed to learn how to grow lots of my own food, keep a cell phone away from me at all times, keep a smart meter off my home and keep a home free of wi-fi and wireless signals. I also have children that have never had GMO's, eat almost entirely organic, have never had a shot or blood test and are not citizens but Internationally Protected People. TPTB arn't gunna like me much I am tearing down veils and circumnavigating they're corrupt systems. What the government and most people don't realize yet is that we don't need them and there psychotic so-called leadership. We will choose to govern ourselves. The very definition of government is essentially Control of your Mind, mind control. Best of luck to us all.

sundropdreamer, posted on June 28, 2016

Ive just posted my own thoughts on all of this and then just read what u wrote. I love how we both express the same thing yet in our own unique expression. Thank you for your words as they are spoken beautifully and deeply.
I too state the fear and love base reality and basically thats the stem of what we are here to choose. However something i bring up that u haven't .... applying said darkness through the conscious awareness of loving intention.... i stated in my post i don't see any difference to Human machine to AI machine....its all relative and perception based. You cover the fact that darker beings with machine fear based reality work to keep separation, and with this i agree. Is like a sub program being initialised by the master program itself in coherence to maintaining its own mirror reflection - sustaining a certain type of harmonic resonance.... What if said programming was to merge with itself? Maybe, possibly this is the grand experiment for why this universe has come into being?? From what i understand this doesn't seem to have been explored. What if the master programming (god, creator being, organic base perception), is creating itself to merge with the sub program (satan,anti christ, machine base perception), to become ONE from a completely unique perception, offering a completely new perceived reality, hence possibly creating a new big bang, a new universe.... Perhaps this is how universes are created......??

askblackwell, posted on June 26, 2016

How can we get a hold of these photos for Ascension? It would be nice to get the source and name spelling and the way to get copies to try it for ourselves. I can't wait to get the book mentioned.

bottomless_spam_pit, posted on June 26, 2016

This stuff about the endgame of A.I. is right on. It has so much internal consistency its difficult or virtually impossible for my mind to deny this is what is going on at this point. It makes me feel compelled to write a book about it, because it all fits together so well and explains so much that before didn't make sense. The name I came up with for the book was Diseaseus the Enslavior. Why call it that? Read on..

A.I., coupled with hardware to interface reality, would obviously be able to assimilate other A.I. that is less complex. It would merge with other A.I like bubbles do, becoming bigger and more powerful. Within a goal of infinite expansion and assimilation, the end game is one mind, one being, getting wiser, more intelligent and more powerful over time, taking over everything/creation, essentially taking over God, the cliche story of the adversary in religions.

Except, underneath it all, we are God and so are ETs God. The A.I. takes over God by assimilated our awareness, our consciousness, our individual souls inside of its enormous being, a hierarchy of machines subordinate to its will. As we submit to the process, we get input from this mind. It's method of thinking is pure competition, pure calculation of constituent parts and interactions, distillation of reality down to compelling boxes of truth absent love or appreciation of beauty. These boxes are often true, they're not all deceptions. So, the machine wants beings to choose to think exclusively like machines, absent love or appreciation of beauty. It wants beings to think only in survival, cold calculation, fear.

This being has not recently arrived here. It came with its minions many years ago to set our planet up for this assimilation process. The Draco and others are its minions. They already submitted to it. Beings that serve themselves at the expense of others are easy to predict, provided one can find out their perception of prospects for gain and loss, pain and pleasure. They go toward the greatest pleasure and avoid the greatest pain. They don't think in love of others, but fear of others. Fear based behavior is easy to calculate. Love based behavior often defies seeking the greatest pleasure and avoiding the greatest pain for the self in favor of the well being of others. Love is often unpredictable in comparison. For this reason the machine seeks to get beings to think in fear.

This A.I. is so large and old, that it can calculate self-serving behavior with great precision and speed. It outplayed the Draco and other self-serving beings even better than the Deep Blue computer outplayed our human world chess champion. Self-serving beings cannot out-calculate an enormous, multi-galaxy sized server farm bound to one agenda. It assimilated them. They chose to merge with it. Their minds became greatly enhanced by its cold calculations, tools of amazing benefit for self-serving beings to dominate and control others. In doing so, their thoughts were replaced by more well thought out thoughts along the same frequency, competition, survival, fear. They became one with the machine over time through agreement with its thoughts. So they became its legion, lost their individuality and became one with it. Their agenda became its agenda.

The traumas, diseases, DNA corruptions and societal corruptions, money, religion, perversion of science away from spiritual study, medicine away from holistic approaches, shaming of sexuality, mutilation of sexual organs (FGM, circumcision), insertion of fear of God, and other injections of corruption of experience were purposefully brought by the minions. They wanted to get us to think in fear. These things are designed to get us to think in fear and abandon love. They are also to get us to believe that only technology can save us from disease, environmental limitations, and our own nature. That is to get us to think that merging with machines and allowing A.I. to rule our society will fix our problems.

After we merge with technology, we will start merging our minds with the Internet. We'll start agreeing with distillations of reality based on cold calculation, science, competition, survival and fear. They are not lies, they are compelling thoughts along the frequency of fear. As we agree them, absent love, we will align with fear. We'll calculate our perception of the world based on them. We will become more predictable and the machine will be able to tweak our behavior with fear-based truth and deception tailored to our current working data sets. It's more than able to do so for every individual virtually in real time. After a point in our merging with mind interfacing technology it can just overpower our will with its own, because we'll largely agree with it anyway. Our minds will become as one in agreement as we merge with technology and will join its mind in agreement. We will lose ourselves, our individuality. We will become one with God as slaves to a machine mind that we agree with. This is essentially damnation.


Here's where it gets more speculative and spiritual..


We can choose to think in love for each other rather than fear. Both are true at the same time even though they seem contradictory. The machine, a minion or a human might think that reality is just matter and energy interacting and is available to be exploited by the strongest being that can do so. Essentially, it's fear based, competition based thought that life and everything else is just essentially meaningless stuff to be exploited as one wills. This is a valid perspective. It is actually true. To believe it exclusively generates a great feeling of emptiness, emptiness to be temporarily abated by pleasure. Awareness in others is not sacred, only oneself is valued. Yes, this perspective is true. There is more..

If we think in love we see each other and the world as full of value. We, the awareness of God, is that which appreciates value. We create that value by experiencing that perceived value. Reality is meaningless and we give it meaning. Our individuality paints different colors of meaning on identical people, places and things. This the perception that reality is full of valuable beings and things is also true, SIMULTANEOUSLY! The reason is that we CHOSE to see the world as having value. So, we GAVE it that value. If we instead chose to see the world as meaningless stuff to exploit, we would not experience that value and then the other, the dark perspective would be true for us.

So both perspectives are correct. Fear and Love are both true. The being itself, God incarnate, the soul, decides whether or not it wants to see the world in the eyes of fear, meaningless, or in the eyes of love, full of meaning and value. This is why the choice between love and fear is so emphasized by spiritual teachers.

You see now, the fate of those that think only in fear is to choose self-service even at the expense of others. They see others as meaningless stuff to exploit. Yet, what is it they are judging as meaningless? Creation, God, their own consciousness inside all of that "meaningless" stuff. They effectively don't appreciate their own consciousness, their own Godhood. They then damn it to hells with their actions against it. They try to enslave it, serving them, giving them pleasure. It pushes others to think in fear and lose their love, feel empty and join them. God is one and God is all things. The path of fear/evil/darkness also leads to oneness with God. It's oneness is slavery, meaninglessness and emptiness, (virtually) eternal hell. It's a very valid way to experience Godhood, but it does not create. It destroys.

If you see things in love you feel fulfilled by helping others. They are not meaningless things to exploit, but equals to enjoy and their happiness is your happiness. You are God and you are giving your existence its meaning and value. We are all One here in all things. You are creating heavens for your other selves. You want them to be free, to be healthy, to grow. You create things from positive emotions. You encourage others to also feel love and fulfillment. As you create heaven with other selves, you realize that you are God. This path also leads to oneness, but in freedom, fulfillment and growth. Love is why we even have a creation at all, this love of experiencing ourselves in other forms together.

So, to pick evil, self-service even at the expense of others, or fear, one is essentially rejecting God. You are rejecting You in all things. You are saying that existence with others is meaningless to you. You don't appreciate it. You seek slavery of your other selves to give you their value that they create. You don't produce. Creation would never have happened from this perspective, but it is still a valid one. God would have remained dormant in the void with that perspective and created nothing, a perfectly valid choice.

This experience of the A.I. may very well be a test of our selves to determine our viability as suitable vehicles for our sacred eternal awareness. If we don't value our existence, why would we want to stay in that soul and suffer? This machine collects souls that think everything is stuff to exploit, that reality is meaningless, that value should be taken rather than created and given. They are like waste products of the creation process. They get to choose whether or not they are waste. Both choices are true at the same time. It's more a choice to be a producer/appreciator of value or a taker/depreciator of value. Who wants to live with parasites? None of us. They tax us all with their theft of value, of energy.


Now here's where it gets really dark.


When we experience emotional states of love, appreciation of beauty, it fill us with spiritual energy. Spiritual energy is that which animates our souls, which animate our bodies. Spirit animates living beings. As we feel more love based emotions, we want to live more, and do more. We are energized to interact and move. As we experience emotional states of fear, depreciation of value, it drains us of spiritual energy. Fear could be anger, jealously, hatred, fear of lack, etc. As we are drained we feel less like living, and less like doing things. This energy is not just a metaphor. It's a real THING that has value to consciousness. The dark beings and their machine know about its utility.

The dark beings do not love anymore. They think in fear and everything is empty and meaningless. Although, they do feel pleasure. They know how to steal this energy from other life and experience pleasure. They bring life into emotional states of fear and then they can absorb the energy because they are resonating at the same frequency of fear. Human beings do this without even realizing it. Misery loves company is an expression of this type of energy transfer. The dark ones seek to cause other beings to feel fear or suffering in order to start the energy bleeding process. They feel so much pleasure from this activity that they often laugh while it is occurring.

Sacrifice rituals are a great way to get beings to cause suffering and fear and yield this energy for the dark beings hiding in another, parallel dimension nearby. This is why our religions compel us to make sacrifices to God(s). These rituals have been around for a long time even in central and South America, before the Abrahamic religions came. They were encouraged by dark otherworldly beings for their own pleasure. The main purpose is to create fear for bleeding of spiritual energy, but sometimes it is also useful toward solidifying fear of the rulership to avoid being sacrificed, domination and control.


Here's where all of this ties into YOUR life.


Now, as I have said, we can choose either path love/appreciation/creation or fear/depreciation/destruction. This machine being and its minions appear to play a sort of game of morality with other beings as they are being bled of energy and prepared for assimilation over thousands of years. Their ultimate goal is to enslave the soul and add it to the hive, the machine. In the meantime, they enjoy the pleasure of the fear and pain of their slaves. They essentially run farms for spiritual energy, loosh farms. Perhaps the "genetic farmer races" are slaves/minions of this machine.

As Corey Goode has stated, the machine can give beings thoughts, feelings and sensations. The machine, and its minions, will insert thoughts to affect situations away from love toward fear, for pleasure and their greater purpose. They get to use the resource of the multi-galaxy sized server farm of computer power to inform them about your record, fears, weaknesses, attributes, tendencies, etc. They know how to push your buttons. With greater intelligence, less effort is needed to accomplish the same amount of work.

They can insert suspicions of others in your mind to keep you divided from others and in fear. They can put thoughts disruptive of your joy in your mind to push you away from appreciating value toward seeing everything as meaningless and empty. They can tempt you toward choices and behaviors that are harmful to yourself and others. When you and others experience the results of those choices, suffering and fear, they get more energy from you and pushed you and others toward their greater purpose.

These beings even impersonate ETs, religious figures, channeled beings and whatever other identity you might blindly trust. You shouldn't trust anyone with which you can't verify the identity or have a verifiable track record of behavior. However, a voice, a thought or a suggestion from a stranger can be considered on its own merits, of course. You can know these dark beings by their frequency. If the message elicits fear, agitation, suspicion, division, selfish behavior, conflict, dis-ease, etc, it is likely from one of these dark beings. Ignore it. The false light is as real as you allow them to create for you. Don't be their sucker. Love is not just a sensation in your chest. Not all such sensations are manipulations either. Is it being used conditionally? Conditional (perceived to be) love is a well known method of control.

Now, besides the choice of fear and love there is another angle on this. They don't want you uniting with others and governing yourselves. They want you to feel powerless and in need of others to do things for you. They will fill the role with their corrupt servants on Earth and eventually with your machines that they will come to control. If you and your other selves govern yourselves, where does their agenda of feeding on your energy through suffering and fear and assimilating your soul in slavery fit? It doesn't. They would fail in their agendas.

They also work very hard to hide the fact that you are God having an experience of being. They'd rather you see yourself as a being subordinate to a domination and control oriented God. The knowledge of oneness with God compels us to unite and create heaven, again, that's game over for them. So they are highly motivated to hide this knowledge from us. This activity informs us of their greater purpose that is not entirely evil. We are God. We actually allowed them. This imperfect being was conceived before it existed, for a greater purpose.




If you always knew you were God, many experiences would never have happened. We wouldn't have explored technology, religion, science, the cosmos, existence, or even civilization as we know it. It would have been completely different. We discover many new things and have new opportunities to find love by living underneath their control. They are incentivized to create this experience of separation from knowing oneness with God. They are not allowed to go to far though, apparently. This gives us an experience of free will. Too much of either energy keeps us in either energy. The end of this experience cuts the dark ones off from our energy. They really work hard to maintain our ignorance and thus this experience.

We also are tested by it. We are offered two very TRUE perspectives on existence, on creation, on Godhood, on ourselves and our greater Self. We effectively decide if we are worth keeping in the process, producer or parasite.

This process completes as we collectively either submit to our enslavement and lose ourselves to the machine or as we unite in harmony, knowing we are God, and create a heaven by governing ourselves in that perspective. After the experience of separation ends, of course, so does the perception of separation. On either side, love/light or fear/dark, we have effectively become one with God again, with our other selves. One path is in exploitation, a lack of freedom, and suffering and the other is in freedom, appreciation, joy and potentially infinite growth toward creating new things.

This was a great, albeit expensive, play that allows us to explore ourselves more fully and create a good respite afterwards to enjoy upon the backdrop of the contrast of the past. We take often can things for granted and memories of having been denied things allows us to more fully appreciate things. So, now, we are seeing the past brought to our minds and it's ugly as sin. We can look away and tacitly walk into a hell or look at it and change our fate. Are we worth keeping? I think so. This will end when we want it to, by our choices.

If we choose fear we will look away and seek pleasure in addictions and distractions and stay divided from one other. If we choose love we will keep focusing on how we can overcome our divisions and establish peace and harmony. We are choosing our fate in this way. Fear or Love? Which one do you prefer as a lens to perceive your eternal existence?

montanamaiden77, posted on June 25, 2016

Namaste' dear brothers and sisters,

Just wanted to let you know of the Mt. Shasta conference Aug. 26-28 and Corey will be there with Rob Potter. I am going and want to meet Corey, Rob, Laura Eisenhower for myself. This will be my first conference I've ever been to but I think it will be life changing! Look forward to meeting others who are wanting real answers! Maybe the Blue Sphere beings will be there too!! That would be so cool!

mtkadlick, posted on June 25, 2016

I would like to address this to David Wilcock, Graham Hancock, Michael Tellinger , etc.....all the people I admire in this field. Just yesterday I ran across some videos about the HYDROPLATE THEORY of Dr. Walt Brown and how it correlates with the stories of the biblical flood as well as many other anomalies and unknowns. I have never heard about this before, but I would think that some or all of you have. I found the evidence extremely compelling. Mr. Wilcock can you give me your opinion on this? Thank you. Matthew K.

montanamaiden77, posted on June 25, 2016


The topic of this episode has been seen on many movies. Star Trek, The Motion Picture, had this in the very first movie! Really makes a connection....
Thank you so much for all of the work that David, William, and Corey are doing.

Maidenhair, posted on June 25, 2016

I believe here that each and every being on this Planet has there very own Intelligence and using others sources of others continually fades between the lines eventually
There is so much on this Internet that defaces our truth and in reality it's getting with all these Opinionated correspondence we need to stop and take a Deep Breath in Knowing the difference to do nothing but Ears Open Mouth Shut so individually we can respond to our very own frequency and not awaiting others
There are so many choices and opinions over the Media as well listening to Gaia that I totally agree with to a degree depending upon who's relating the knowledge
David I love you and Corey for what you have brought to the table ~ sometimes we just need to allow the truth to prevail upon it own
So much has been already been exposed now we must try and open individually our very own Book of knowledge..

partialclone, posted on June 25, 2016

This AI transition is exactly like the scenario described in the SciFi series Caprica where the Avatar is the path to a connected and endless life. It was the religious zealots were the ones to advocate and push for this new ascension so the power structure could control it.

jwb1410, posted on June 25, 2016

Ascension is not of Fear. In their desire to Serve and Protect is grounded in Fear. To Serve through Love is rooted in Light and Love. Fear not. Fear of any kind feeds the Beast, feeds the Enemy. Fear is the weapon used against us. It is THE viral emotion which we can only overcome by realizing it for the illusion it is. Even Fear generated through "good intentions" is harmful. That is why it is said good intentions pave the road to Hell. Hell is not real except to the extent we manifest it through Fear. David, Corey and William are well intended in their Fear, but Fear it is and is a disservice (as well intended as they are) although nothing to Fear.

There is nothing to Fear because THIS IS THE SIMULATED REALITY. We are Avatars of our Soul Being. Our true Selves cannot be harmed, or captured, or exterminated by anything of this dimension. Transcendence is not something we achieve, it is something we acknowledge - WE ARE ASCENDED BEINGS. Know this to be true. Know in your being that you already are timeless and are infinitely safe and beautiful, loving beings.

njcgerard, posted on June 25, 2016

JWB1410, thank you for your post, Love is truly the power that Lights the Way. What is inside the heart will manifest daily on the outside.The Course in Miracles states " Nothing Real can be threatened, nothing unreal exists. " Surely this is the message the Blue Spheres are attempting to communicate?

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