The Damanhur Federation: The Spiritual Mission of Damanhur Video
The Spiritual Mission of Damanhur
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The Damanhur Federation: The Spiritual Mission of Damanhur (January 2014)

Episode 1
Available worldwide

In the Piedmont region of Italy, just north of Turin, you will find a group of spiritual communities known as the Damanhur Federation. It was founded in 1975 from the inspired vision of a man named Falco. Since then, it has grown into a thriving civilization and is considered to be a model of sustainable society. Their pinnacle achievement is the Temple of Humanity, built entirely underground in accordance to the ancestral language of sacred geometry. It is a place of spiritual research where people come to realize their soul’s mission in life.

We are living in a time that could easily become a new golden age of mankind and we need to be ready to take hold of this opportunity before it passes. Damanhur offers a practical approach to spirituality that anyone can use. Crotalo Sesamo, an ambassador from the Damanhur Federation talks with Jay Weidner about their perspectives on time, human potential, and the spiritual mission of Damanhur.

Jay Weidner
Crotalo Sesamo


The Spiritual Mission of Damanhur Video
Episode 1 The Spiritual Mission of Damanhur
The Spiritual Mission of Damanhur (January 2014)
Episode 1
, 52 minutes
We are living in a time that could easily become a new golden age of mankind and we need to be ready to take hold of this opportunity. Crotalo Sesamo, an ambassador from the Damanhur Federation talks with Jay Weidner about ...
Available worldwide
Returning to Atlantis Video
Episode 2 Returning to Atlantis
Returning to Atlantis (January 2014)
Episode 2
, 31 minutes
If we could find away to bridge the gap in time with Atlantis, we could bring forward lessons that would change the course of human evolution. Crotalo Sesamo explains Damanhur’s findings on Atlantis and how they can ...
Available worldwide
Unlocking Memories of Atlantis Video
Episode 3 Unlocking Memories of Atlantis
Unlocking Memories of Atlantis (June 2014)
Episode 3
, 80 minutes
Just before the fall, the people of Atlantis faced a crisis of values; similar to what we are experiencing today. To avoid a similar fate, each of us must look inside to discover the true meaning of who we really are and ...
Available worldwide
Lessons from Atlantis Video
Episode 4 Lessons from Atlantis
Lessons from Atlantis (July 2014)
Episode 4
, 60 minutes
As a civilization, Atlantis reached the pinnacle of human achievement in spirituality and technology. That all came crashing down when the leaders began to rule with their egos. Have we learned from these lessons from Atlantis ...
Available worldwide

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adrienriegel, posted on December 24, 2015

hi i'd like to know the exact name of the artist who go thru time with Falco in order to paint Atlantis (something like duvelio vreiro), in fact i'd like to see the painting , where can we see it.
Thank you very much for your answer.

abby6, posted on February 16, 2015

"The story of “Friendship” -or simply “the story”, as we always called it- is a true one. It involved a group of Italian and non-Italian people for many years, between 1956 and 1990. Some of these people, including myself, are still alive. We had direct, face-to-face meetings with the Friends (also called W56), who are extraterrestrials coming both from planets in our own Galaxy (at a distance of one hundred thousand light years) and from other Galaxies. Here on the Earth they reached the maximum number of two hundred, living inside underground and undersea bases, some of them along the Adriatic coast, at a depth of about 20 km/12 miles. The first, “historical” base was located under the area of Ascoli Piceno, a small town in central Italy." Source:

It appears to me Falcon was one of the W56, and present company would like to franchise the idea and capitalize it, why? Read on. The present location of Damanhur is 45°N, I am on same 45°N, is that how we connected? Where can we find up-to-date/minute overlay so that we can see moving ley lines by putting the overlay onto google earth? Is there reliable satellite mapping imagery available today (February 2015) or is it all edited? Absent reliable maps, how can we discover ley lines in our communities and use them for healing and balance? If I do not come into 1900 Euros plus room and board I may never find out.

My curiosity is piqued, I will watch the rest of this series now, but the suggestion here is that Atlantis did not disappear, it went underground first in Aegypt then in Italy and this underground, inner pyramid is the mirror tetrahedron of the one we see above ground, aligning our hidden selves to the stars...using sacred geometry, ley lines, reiki, sound echos, soffleggio, vocalizing, and I am guessing some form of sun worship and bathing had to fit in there as well as some sort of alchemy. What few interior scenes we are shown whet the appetite for more, please, and show us what might have been in ancient Aegypt and Atlantis. Was Minoa Atlantis? Are the Romans Red (Roma) because their ancestors came from Mars? Were those Annunaki descendents? Is that why Cairo means Masr/Mars? Is that why the great pyramid was painted red? Was the inner hidden chamber used for ascension? If so, why hide that in the dark?

I hope to see Q&A here at some point, interesting young man. However, Gaiam-TV has only five episodes, the "series" begins and ends in 2014, why's that? Did the school cave in during recent earthquakes? The course appears to be exclusive, because it is high-priced and requires travel to Colorado., describes tuition of 1900 Euros for 20 days intensive. No correspondence provision for those who are hearing impaired or who have no money or who cannot travel at all. It is presumed that future teachers are all mobile and have lots of Euros and the rest of us are what? Expendable?

The wiki article about Damanhur simply describes it as an autonomous commune, there is no confirmation of the meaning of the name as city or town of light. It says the name was the original temple of Horus (Hor/Hur and Hermes). So perhaps I misheard and in the absence of CC, it appears our young man did not read wiki before making a video in which he says the name means city of light. Horus was Thot, but he was the God of written word not of light. Ra* was light. Hermes is later seen as the God of medicine, alchemy and chemistry, including genetic engineering.

"Etymology[edit] Damanhur was known in the ancient Egyptian scripts by the name "Dmi en Hor", which means the city of the god Hor or Horus, on the grounds that it was a center for the worship of this god. It was also known by other names: in the Egyptian texts, "Behdet"; in the Greek texts "Hermou Polis Mikra" (the lesser city of Hermes), translated to Latin by the Romans as "Hermopolis Parva"; the name "Obollenoboles" (or Apollonopolis) associated it with the Greek god Apollo, and it was also called "Tel Ballamon". Later, the Egyptians reverted to the old name, represented as "Temenhor", which after the Islamic conquest was reinterpreted in Arabic as "Damanhur", the present name." (wiki)

*Is Ra El means The God Ra Is. It is an offshoot of rebellious Aegyptian alchemists, not a new religion. Jews and Ageyptians are essentially the same genetic stock, IMHO. It would help many viewers (20% of all people have some type of hearing difference) if there were CC for deaf and hearing impaired, please. Maybe I missed something because it was not in writing, if so, please point out what?

Shalom, Namaste, Salaam Alequm and Blessings from,

Aloha Oregon

jasummers, posted on August 5, 2014

Hey JAy thank you for bring this IMPORTANT information forward!!
Our daughter is 17 and looking for her life mission...
We want her to travel to find it and now for SURE she want to go to Damanhur...
.As we all do!!
It is a blessing to know that these places and people are doing it and making it happen!
Creators Love to you All
One Love
Bouler CO

SueGallenstein, posted on June 17, 2014

Perhaps seeing time as a wheel, could refer to the Biblical "wheel in the middle of a wheel"

abby6, posted on February 16, 2015

Time as oroboros of reincarnation or could mean time is an illusion, a projection of a more inclusive wheel. Fractals.

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