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The Spiritual World
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Reality TV: Metaphysics and Paranormal: The Spiritual World (2007)

Episode 7
Available worldwide

Before a live audience, in April 2005 in Santa Fe, New Mexico, Dr. Mitchell Earl Gibson defines what the spiritual world is, how it functions and how we function in it. Through the course of the presentation, he offers wisdom on the realities of the hidden universe. In addition he provides spiritual practices intended to bring about the evolution of the consciousness and the vital energy of being.

Dr. Mitchell Earl Gibson has explored the spiritual world for more than 20 years and brings a wealth of knowledge regarding the journey of the human soul from the before-life state, to incarnation, to the after-life, and beyond. This presentation provides the seeker with an enlightened orientation to the spiritual world and how it connects with the physical world.

Dr. Mitchell E. Gibson


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dharmasdad, posted on November 24, 2015

This Doc is very good!

charlenesara, posted on September 21, 2015

quack a doodle doo

An-eL, posted on July 5, 2015

I did find this Video interesting. Lots of information discussed. Those of you who have unlocked the ability of discernment may have found something useful. Others might be confused or turned off. Definitely some stuff to discard in this lecture but ultimately some good food for thought. Also all the interruptions with questions grew quite old very fast. They should have just held the questions for after the lecture.

branko.jelacin, posted on April 22, 2015

Here on Gaiam TV you can find a movie Eat tha Sun. Since I've watched the movie and haven't heared only positive information about sungazing, I don't see any reason to start with such a practice. Although the thechnique is not tha same, you still have to stare in the sun. It is not proven that you can't hurt your eyes, even if you do it only at the first hour of sunrise or at the last hour before sunset. I recommend to watch obove mentioned movie first before you start to practice that kind of stuff.

And second, this is for sure not the first nor the last way to become enlightened.

dretta-love-wisher, posted on April 12, 2015

As Gibson tells it, this ghost would have remained ignorant of the other realms without Gibson's help~~ not to mention the man who had been the slave's owner. He's saying that no Wayshower, no Lightworker & no Guardian Angel came to help after their deaths, that no force of light would help these poor souls?! He's saying that none had so far. Why? This doesn't fit into my beliefs, or my supernal love of the Creator.

Does anyone else see the as left behind, abandoned? That's just horrible. I don't know how proficient he is at past life regression, so I must choose to not believe this, even though he might. Any thoughts?

leah_kehoe, posted on April 7, 2015

First off, I am new to a lot of knowledge about the spiritual world and I'm just stating my opinion on this, it doesn't mean I'm right. Found this video really interesting and I definitely could agree with, or understand and follow along with what he was saying.. in the beginning. But it started to see like he was talking about the only way to really be enlightened and to ascend into a "higher dimension" was to do or not to do all these certain things. Just a structured religion that meshes a bunch of teachings together and added some things I had never heard of before. Not saying he is wrong by any means, I just felt like he almost was trying to sell me something. Also, I know this is a shortened presentation of his seminar on this, but he sure seemed annoyed by the questions.

susan.ravagni, posted on April 7, 2015

Interesting! I will be doing the post-sunrise mantra meditation "om ah hum vajra guru padma siddhi hum."

One comment: my radar always starts pinging when a tradition or philosophy is referenced (Essenes @ 1hour11min) and someone is excluded from the knowledge. In this case it was women. I know this happened a lot but I am leery of wholeheartedly accepting something that smacks of patriarchy. As always, using discernment for the information presented is the way to go.

alma.clark702, posted on September 16, 2014

It is easy for us to judge, before exercising the actual shared knowledge of "anything" by the concepts we hold. We all have something to share and our depth and growth is more dependent on the openness one carries "in all teachings" not just the ones we "presently" exercise. People "normally" teach from the level of their experiences, and if the world (life) is greater than "we all know" and can truly admit to to this respectfully, then practicing a teaching in it's true depth and concept, and not in momentary spurts, will teach us not only more depth in every form we have experienced and are yet to experience (be it something you continue to practice or not), but the well rounded knowledge that comes in different forms in this life would better serve our asking, seeking, and knocking's in our own life's. Just a perception from my experience and as well as the respect for things I haven't experienced yet. AC

obeid, posted on September 8, 2014

I agree that we can learn enough through meditation or from living out our own day to day lives... Humans are supposed to collaborate and share with one another though. Look at the very tool you're using right now (internet, free flow of data), people are learning things at lightning speeds to trigger their own spiritual journey. This is what happened for me, I had to look out before understanding that we've got everything we need within. I enjoyed the talk and learned new things, keep it coming!

turntowholefoods, posted on September 4, 2014

This was a study in dogma from my perspective. The concept that you need to turn a certain way and circle the sun with your eyes and chant this or that 5 million times, isn't going to increase spiritual awareness. The purpose of meditation is to understand your own mind which in turn helps you to live a more heartful life. It doesn't matter in which direction you sit or what you chant or what you wear. If you want to do these things its perfectly fine, but this is not important when we talk about the purpose of meditation. This video was interesting as far as gaining intellectual knowledge of some ancient cultural practice as well as how humans can misunderstand and take meaningless things and give them meaning to serve the ego. Any one of us has the ability and intelligence to grow spiritually without any of this information. To believe that there is some mysterious information that is hidden from any creature or human by the universe to enhance self knowledge is incorrect. To look at your own mind and understand that your thoughts are not meant to be taken so seriously, to be able to stay unattached to your thoughts and to know your own mind is what meditation does for us. If you look to your heart you know that these practices are not necessary for increasing your spiritual awareness. It's ego energy in these teachings and will not put you ahead of anyone spiritually by memorizing or practicing them. Be aware of the fear factor in his talk. This is ego. Do not be mislead by people who tell you to follow their dogma because they hold the key you need. This is the true spiritual lesson of this talk.

brandon_hemmer, posted on August 20, 2014

Dr. Mitchell talks about how you don"t want to take in to much X -factor right in the beginning, does that guideline apply for the B-factor generated 1 hour before sunset as well?

monika0, posted on August 13, 2014

I don't think the issue here is whether we are open to the discussion or not, I would say most people paying for this service is. My issue with this lecture wasn't the lack of answers in some of the questions. He makes it very clear that this is a shortened version of a much longer presentation. I struggled with his point blank factual description leaving absolutely no room for any other opinion to enter. I enjoyed the first 30 min and was then appalled by some of his almost dogma comparing answers. It left me feeling very uncomfortable and I finally stopped watching after 2 hours . This is not for me and I was actually disturbed by some of the comments he made.

GypseeSpirit, posted on April 21, 2014

I have read Dr Gibson books and have watched a few of his lectures. This one me...was very interesting. Yeah, he did not answer some questions but let's face it...maybe some of you should work on what is given...master that information before wanting all answers at once. Test out his information...THEN...make an assessment of his talk. Our society seems to need to be entertained ...this is obvious with some of the comments....he actually was too brief for those interested...that is why there were so many questions. He packed a great deal of info in 3 hrs.....those that "got it"....realized this., posted on April 4, 2014

Sorry. I am open to a lot of supernatural or spiritual information, NDEs etc, but Dr Gibson's talk was for me truly bad. All this talk about the suns various factors? What about some evidence for his statements, at least a little ! He talked about different people disappearing into thin air... maybe he should have started his presentation with some dramatic demonstration to gain credibility. After 1.5 hrs I just gave up. Jack Mroczkowski (PhD)
I give this talk 0 starts out of 5

shanna.persin, posted on March 19, 2014

I concur with a few other posters, well-intentioned presenter and certainly important and valuable information was to be had. However, three hours of slides....not so much. Be Brief, Be Witty, Be Gone!

Sorry....just could not hold my attention.

ceritasfgp, posted on March 12, 2014

Dr Gibson had some interesting information with which one can take pause and meditate for take pause...I wish Gaim would have a pause button on all of their viewing opporttunities... when someone would like to take notes it is very time consuming to stop and try to get back to where you left off even with observing the time!

I would like to read his book and will put it on my list.

gahbriella, posted on March 30, 2014

I agree...difficult to click back & forth to get study notes ,would be amazing if Gaiam could give us a slide pausing control...

karen.burr, posted on April 22, 2014

I have a limited amount of time to watch GAIAM so I would really appreciate an easy way to start, stop, and start again. Almost everything else has this ability. And I thought that it was just my poor technology skills. Glad to know it is not just my lack of skill. I am very sad that I can't get back in and listen to more of his lecture. And I don't have time to start from the beginning again, besides I just have about 20 min. I would love to go back where t was, I think at about a little over an hour, and watch another 20 min. Or so.

siouxtravel, posted on March 3, 2014

Incredible and wow! You ought to team up with David Wilcock and do a amazing stuff.

grandmafish, posted on January 22, 2014

Fascinating lecture! I was glued to the screen the whole time and will be watching it through for a second time to take notes, which I didn't do the first time. It was a classroom lecture/seminar and is presented as such. He makes lots of use of PowerPoint slides and dry-erase board. His material provided me with a lot of validation for many of my own personal thoughts and intuitions about the hierarchies of the spiritual realms and the different manifestations of physical embodiment. I feel confident enough now to do further exploration and actually did a search here to see if Gaiam TV was carrying a continuation of his lectures. I'll definitely be looking on Amazon for Dr. Gibson's books. I especially liked the information on the sun-yoga mantra and look forward to seeing more of Dr. Gibson on Gaiam TV.

nonzero, posted on December 22, 2013

If he appears guarded about certain details, consider an arithmetic student asking about calculus. A prudent professor wouldn't want to just give some symbols to the student and a brief explanation. It's easy to misunderstand and misuse difficult concepts without appropriate incremental training. I wouldn't want to walk on a bridge designed by an arithmetic student who throws around complicated symbols without knowing their workings. Withholding certain teachings prevents the corruption of their meaning in the fast and loose world of public discourse.

I appreciate that he is even this forthcoming with the esoteric teachings. I will attempt the practices with the hope that I can meet him in the field beyond right and wrong.

wewillmakeithappen2014, posted on December 8, 2013

I'm so happy to see you on GAIAM!!! This just rocks on all dimensions!!! Don't get stingy with the information....PLEASE!!! Ashe for sharing this spiritually educational endeavor!!!
Your Immensely Grateful and Humble Student

JULIOM, posted on November 30, 2013

Receiving this information makes me think that God really listen to our prayers. In my heart I've being asking God for help because in my way of thinking there's something missing, something that might be beyond my comprehension; and through this lecture I believe I've received a very important key: the awareness that I need to conquer my fears, my doubts and really evolve . Thank you, Dr Gibson, I really appreciate your work, thank you!

ariane, posted on November 30, 2013

Where do I go from here to learn more about all of this? Especially to fill-in the blank slides which we unfortunately ran out of time for?

Mydebbiehorn, posted on November 10, 2013

I did really enjoy!

Mydebbiehorn, posted on November 10, 2013

It confirmed some things I knew, but don't where I got it. Helped me to tie up other parts. But this is good mind food. Now I do, I feel if people ask the questions they are ready to hear the answers. Who should get to decide? If others who hear question and answer and don't get it, means they are not yet ready, but that is not for you to decide what we are ready for, or not. That seems to be the whole reason why are here in the fist place. It's to teach this information is within you. You who are are the one!, you are looking for! How do you spell guru?

dixraile, posted on November 9, 2013

Absolutely fascinating!

DeborahW61, posted on November 2, 2013

Some things I knew, most I didn't. Very interesting and will do some research to learn more. I am particularly interested in paradosis - Divine download.

mtbarton, posted on July 1, 2013

Some of this information was new to me and certainly interesting, but this isn't 3 hrs of information. Dr. Gibson's teaching/lecturing technique of constantly asking his class "Why do you think...?" and "What do you think...?" type questions (only to have them throw back wrong guesses) seemed to use up a lot of time. Towards the end of the presentation he only touched briefly on some information, while cutting some out all together, skipping over his powerpoint slides, because he was short of time. Also, I don't think some in his class (and myself, as well) were completelysatisfied with his vagueness in his sources for this information. That aside, it's definitely another interesting perspective to give consideration to or to entertain, in helping us make up our own minds.

TheMonkeyBear, posted on November 28, 2013

The presenter's "Feris Bueler's Day Off" style of constantly asking the audience questions then smugly telling everyone they were wrong in their answers were, if anything, a waste of time. This also created a bad rapport with the audience that you can see and feel just getting worse through the presentation. The snarky (confident) question dodging and vageness also did not serve the material. It made me feel like I was in college again enduring a lecture from a professor I didn't like.

On the bright side (ha! Solar yoga pun) - *some* nice info was imparted and definitely a good springing off point for further self-directed research.

aznasu, posted on June 5, 2013

Great information. I will be sharing with a friend!

SKANYUH, posted on April 8, 2013

I agree with Estelle, even though the subject matter is fascinating, the presentation is dry and boring. I could not keep my overactive mind in tune with this delivery for 3 hours...descent lead for the new truthseeker...

simone66, posted on March 30, 2013

I really enjoyed watching this. He shared a lot of information that seemed sacred and for very open minds. I think anyone who goes searching for what Dr. Gibson speaks about, already has a spiritual awakening and a yearning to learn more. I wish he could have gone through all his slides though.

ANNED, posted on January 12, 2013

Awesome presentation!

Treesa, posted on January 6, 2013

Very interesting topic! I watched this several times and even shared with a friend. Learned a lot from Dr. Gibson!

2BConscious, posted on December 14, 2012

Wow!! Thank you, I am well pleased with what I just watched!

Estelle, posted on December 9, 2012

Interesting topics, however presentation leaves much to be desired. I feel like I'm sitting in a dull college class, which is unfortunate because this is interesting information. I wish they would make this information into a entertaining video similiar to the Secret or something like it.

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