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Spiritually Fly

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Spiritually Fly

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Inspired by her Sunday morning class in DC, Faith Hunter will merge a creative blend of yoga postures, breath and soulful music that will awaken, ignite and stimulate the divine goddess or god in you. The session will incorporate moments of uncovering deep emotions, joyous laughter, pulsating ecstasy, and at each step you will find your way into the flow of your natural self. The morning practice will include a flowing vinyasa class inspired by fire the qualities of the female deities, infused with a mandala practice and kriyas, and inspirational standing, balancing and inversions postures. In closing, you will drop into the depths of hips, delicious restorative, and meditation. By finding your own flow in the practice, you will be nourished by the divine and connect to your “spiritually fly” self.


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nancy.leon46, posted on November 2, 2014

i cryed. i let the sexual assult go ... for real... it was sooo real and beautiful for me. and............... i got up off the ground for the first time , in a hand stand. tears of joy.

alunamoth, posted on August 10, 2014

I loved the around the mat sequences. With the final oms I felt harmony and resonance with Faith and the others in the workshop. I feel delicious now. Thank you and AMEN!

stecclair, posted on December 17, 2013

I absolutely felt a part of this incredible workshop!

livingtolearn, posted on May 3, 2013

Absolutely incredible faith! and just what I needed in my life right now...can I get an AMEN! AMEN!!!

sfirkus, posted on April 1, 2013

This practice made me feel great! Thank you SO much for sharing!

shyoga, posted on April 1, 2013

I liked the moments of stillness between the sequences, the options within the sequences to move to where you are challenged or your heart moves you, and loved the long meditation and yoga nidra at the end.

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