Splendors of the Spirit: Swedenborg's Quest for Insight Video
Splendors of the Spirit: Swedenborg's Quest for Insight

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Splendors of the Spirit: Swedenborg's Quest for Insight (2000)

Only available in Canada, United States

Emmy Award-winning producer Penny Price portrays the fascinating life and thought of the Swedish Enlightenment scientist and spiritual visionary Emanuel Swedenborg, whom Zen scholar D.T. Suzuki revered as the "great king of the mystical realm." Interweaving breathtaking nature photography, expert interviews, computer animation, and rare, archival stills with dramatic re-enactment featuring acclaimed actor Lillian Gish and contemporary documentary footage, this program conveys the essential and ever-relevant insights brought back by Swedenborg from his unprecedented explorations of the spiritual worlds.

Lillian Gish
Penny Price

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joxyjules, posted on August 30, 2015

I am totally enthralled with the content of this video. There are so many things that resonated within me. This opened an entirely new path for me to examine.

lumaralee, posted on February 22, 2015

This video was fascinating! Interested in metaphysics from a young age, I'd come across the name Swedenborg many times, but didn't know anything about him. Before watching this video, I didn't realize he was such a genius and so tuned in to the other world that he communicated with it daily for years. He was truly an inspiration.

Puptart, posted on February 19, 2014

Excellent video! So excellent that I finally could ignore places where the "background" music was so loud that it interfered with the voice-over artist telling the story.
I have read some of Swedenborg and appreciate learning more via this excellent video.
Thank you for making it available!

Bev12, posted on May 17, 2013


Tommi, posted on March 17, 2012

This was awesome.

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