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Star Boats of the Gods
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Arcanum: Star Boats of the Gods (April 2014)

Season 1, Episode 7
Available worldwide

For ages, water has symbolized the boundaries lying between spiritual and physical realms. In ancient Egypt, the Nile was literally the river of life and represented the way to the afterlife. Thus we find the first depictions of boats as vehicles for souls making the transition. Since then, this imagery has found representation throughout the various eras of art history.

Enchanted boats, guided by mythic ferrymen, travel along these currents to transport passengers into alternate realities. Could it be that the ferryman is a depiction of the higher self guiding the self into other realms of existence? Clare and William Henry explore the symbolism of enchanted boats to depict vehicles used for ascension, resurrection and gateways to the stars in this presentation originally webcast April 22, 2014.

Clare and William Henry


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robert.j.kilpatrick, posted on August 23, 2016

so good

robert.j.kilpatrick, posted on August 23, 2016

so good

nefera, posted on June 11, 2016

we can enter the wormhole in infinite manners. the wormhole is the technology of the soul. civilazation agree on gates to portal. the physics is similar. portals are the energetic entrance to the One to ..... anywhere :)

nefera, posted on June 11, 2016

It produces produces the primordial essence and the primordial matter known on earth. :) <3

TLE56, posted on June 10, 2016

At 9:59, the boat scene with the serpent heads reminds me of a worm hole. Could the serpents be representing the worm hole? Okay, after watching more of this episode, I see William believes the same thing as I do about the worm hole. Another thing I noticed is that the star beings who are holding their 'staffs' upright, remind me of a captain or leader. Could they represent captains of a star ship? Just curious.

heru33, posted on February 11, 2016

really?? I love your programs.. but if you know Egyptian you should know the language better.. It is a whole language for a reason with all directions,, colors and inversion and opposite.. and meaning to the Medtu Nutru.. language of nature..come on.. dont call it cartoons

docmms, posted on April 28, 2014

Awesome job. Just love the artworks, symbolism and explanations. This was wonderfully done. Keep up the awesome work you are doing in the Universe! Blessings Salo

almazfreeborn, posted on April 28, 2014

thank you , beautiful knowledge but why all this distruction happening for the man I guess we created them

denisbouffard2011, posted on April 26, 2014

The subdued dragon goes back to a time when the church needed to subdue the central pagan image of the spirit of the world. When it was given out by the church that St George subdued the dragon (St George was a mass murderer by the way) it robbed the pagan cultures of the day of thier world unifying image. The church robbed the people of thier inner connection by such propaganda. We now have a world where conquest of the earth has become the planet poisoning dominant of the day.
My trouble with your talks rests with the idea of leaving the body in order to become a rainbow body. Doesn't any one want to stay embodied, incarnated and love the earth any more?

jwalkerjj, posted on February 23, 2016

Yes, I too feel there is much emphasis on leaving the body and ascending off planet but there are many who are focused upon achieving the resurrection for the purpose of remaining on the Earth in service to Life and this planet! Check out The Radiant Rose Academy in Vancouver, Canada. This is one such community.
HuMankind has a huge debt to repay to all kingdoms of Life in this system of worlds and can repay it by achieving the resurrection body and restoring the perfection of Edon.
"Give the Immortality I made you, to the Body Temple I created for you" is a directive of Life given to the I Am Race out the Great Central Sun by Father-Mother God upon embodying on the Earth eons ago. We are long over due in accomplishing this Divine directive! Life on our sister planets has ascended to dimensions that we can not yet see with our eyes or perceive with our third-dimensional instruments and space probes. Thank you William and Clare Henry for bringing all this evidence of this transformation encoded in art into our consciousness. Most people I know have been so beaten down by the experiences in the outer world that they have the attitude "I will believe it when I see It" That is not how our Universe works. We have to believe it in order to see it! Seeding our awareness with these images is very powerful indeed and I am hopeful they will help dislodge the dis-believer that lurks in my subconscious and the doubter that yet rules my rational mind.
Endless Blessings and Boundless Joy, E

patricehocking, posted on April 23, 2014

Gets better every week. Thank you for the insights and symbolism. Beautiful

goofycorona, posted on April 23, 2014

Arcanum! Please don't ever stop this show! Every week, something new and incredible! I just FEEL the GNOSIS emanating from the screen! BRAVO!

jfreeman, posted on April 22, 2014

I have seen these paintings before but I never appreciated the masterful use of light and symbolism in them.

Lamb-of-Light36, posted on April 22, 2014

Very well done!

karenseeks22, posted on April 22, 2014

Thank U both so much for the profound knowledge given. The many puzzle pieces are coming together and I am able to see with much clarity. Being a PlaceSetter and the many tools given I see now my path. Oceans of much love and LIGHT.......VOICE of The ELDER

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