Statin Nation I: The Great Cholesterol Cover-Up Video
Statin Nation I: The Great Cholesterol Cover-Up

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Statin Nation I: The Great Cholesterol Cover-Up (2012)

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We are told that cholesterol is a major cause of heart disease. Around 100 million people are now taking cholesterol-lowering medications, known as statins, and millions more people are avoiding foods that contain saturated fat and cholesterol. The basic idea is that dietary saturated fat raises cholesterol levels, and these two substances somehow clog-up our arteries, causing a heart attack.

This idea is often referred to as the diet-heart hypothesis. However, a number of doctors and researchers have been challenging this hypothesis for decades, and heart disease statistics reveal some alarming facts. Such as: people with high cholesterol tend to live longer, people with heart disease tend to have low levels of cholesterol, and cholesterol-lowering on a population level does not reduce the rate of heart disease.

In addition, despite their widespread use, and description as “wonder drugs,” statin medications do not extend life for the majority of people who take them. Cholesterol-lowering has become a huge global industry, generating around $29 billion each year. Have the facts about heart disease, cholesterol and cholesterol medications been distorted by pharmaceutical companies and food manufacturers keen to increase their profits? Statin Nation is the first film to investigate the scientific basis for the mass prescription of cholesterol-lowering medications.

Justin Smith

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jennifer.bensaidnane, posted on August 9, 2016

i has was thought to be a very mild stroke 2 weeks a , my left arm went numb (fingers are still not working properly) at the hospital i was told after blood tests, cardio, and CT scan that my symptoms were not conducive to a stroke Phew. However I am not to drive for a month , take some rest as had a neuro shut down due to stress (we are all stressed) . i went to my GP as directed to reinstate my driving as i have an automatic car and hand strength mainly had returned GP then says I have the symptom of a stroke and refers to a stroke clinic as an emergency and prescribed me ,another blood thinner dipyridamole and simvastatin , all my hospital tests were would look them up explanation taking them. he said if i look up the good even the blood pressure i said I would look up the drugs before taking them , he joked and said if i did `i would not take them. I chose to take the blood thinners but not the statins . went to the clinic and he now has given me prescribed and prescribed . I had starred at this on and off all day in a shall i consume i dilemma !!. I am worried but this has helped thanks

ba.lazsptm, posted on July 23, 2016

This movie is a refreshing, well balanced mixture of lies, half-truths, and extremely unashamed misuses of surprisingly naked truth. In my "never" ending investigations after real truth and forces hiding it, actually this movie is one of the most beautifully engineered example of this kind of phenomenon - the big lie machine exposes itself in one particular source of education in an astonishingly honest and truthful manner, to try selling another huge lie of itself. This movie was "MIND BLOWING" to me.

SHIRLEYY5, posted on July 21, 2016

I watched this movie after reading on a blog ( that statins dry out your brain and give you alzhiemers so I just had to watch this movie and I learned more than I thought I would even though the alzhiemers dry out theory(?) was not explored in this movie. I have also had fatigue and such but I was only taking statins for a two months and thought it was something else like my low blood pressure medicine. I think I'm on too many medicines and this movie has made me question all of them. There was also a very good show segment I watched today that is available on Gaia as: "Inspirations:Stay Inspired:Mind, Body and Biology with Joan Borysenko" which I highly recommend as well, lots of good stuff (mind body connection, diet)in that interview by Lisa Garr the show host. I am SO happy with my Gaia subscription and Spiritual Cinema Circle DVDs!!!!!

vvurdsmyth, posted on July 17, 2016

My experience, after three refills (three months) of 20 mg simvastatin was extreme fatigue, leg muscle weakness and weight gain. After going from a lean 32" waist to busting out of 36" pants, I Googled "statins" and found a weight gain correlation; my doctor said I was "the only one.. that you can find anything in the Internet".. I stopped the statins forthwith. The fatigue was so bad, mid day I'd lie in bed for hours almost unable to move, just resting lie that seemed soooo good. Further research indicated that statins are an endocrine disrupt-er and seaweed (high in iodine) was the first thing tried with some results. Further endocrine enhancing foods and many years, I'm almost back to my former energy level, however the waistline having come down a bit remains excessive and the hardest battle.

matasai, posted on July 21, 2016

in the movie statin nation there is discussion about the low carbohydrate high fat diet. have a look at David Asprey and decide for yourself. Seems prevailing thinking about good health is the anti-inflammatory diet. He lost 100 pounds in 3 months after battling his weight for years. Good luck.

aarcudaman, posted on July 16, 2016

I worked with a guy that had what is is considered perfect cholesterol levels and he eventually started to have issues while exercising . He ended up needing five heart artery bypasses .He had always bragged about his perfect cholesterol to everyone .
We are learning more and more each day everything in our lives we have been told and taught is basically a lie . Now we are finding out our health is being destroyed for profit . We are learning food has been weaponized and there is a depopulation agenda going on .
The ones profiting would like to have us all dead before we can collect any Social Security ,use our retirement funds we saved for and use Medicare ,that is becoming clear . I truly believe cholesterol medications killed off my father in law that was very healthy in excellent condition for his age until some sell out quack put him on this poison.

janicemilesdunn, posted on July 15, 2016

I thought this was very well done in so far as it shows the ineffectiveness of statins to prevent heart disease - but it does not raise questions about how the body uses cholesterol to benefit one's health. There seems to be an underlying belief in the medical community that the body produces the means to kill itself at every opportunity and it is only the pharmaceuticals which save us. is there honest concern for human good health? There is no evidence of any critical analysis of just why the body rushes to the ready with cholesterol for any number of health reasons. Before powerful and potentially harmful drugs are prescribed, and forced on patients (and there are attempts to force as any diabetic knows), shouldn't doctors question the validity of the research and the context within which the pharmaceutical companies operate?

More knowledge about how the body works as it does is needed. What part does nutrition play in long, healthy life? My personal choice not to take statins originated from my concern about the harmful effects of statins on the liver and other organs. Also, what is the logic for taking a drug that was not impacting the #1 cause of heart disease based on the data, but has known, pervasive risks? The #1 cause of death 75 years ago was heart disease and the widespread use of statins has not lowered that risk in 75 years. Can anyone prove we live longer because of statins? Not if you believe what the research in this film shows. There have been many break-through solutions such as stents and by-pass surgery (the mechanics of heart disease) in the past 40 years that save and extend lives but even with these solutions heart disease is still #1. Effectiveness of statins have got to be called into question.

More information on the benefits of cholesterol for the human body and why the body reacts to virus, vascular, and other cell anomalies is needed. The COQ10 information may help explain the explosion in cancer rates in otherwise healthy people as one factor but I would like to see research on all of the chemical processes affected by cholesterol - the positive as well as the negative.

I predict that in years to come, the medical community will tout cholesterol as a life saving miracle of the body and higher levels as an indication of good health - or at least an indication that it is high because of an underlying need for repair somewhere in the body. It's repair qualities are evident to anyone applying logical analysis and are at least worth some well designed research with the intent of improving health and no monetary agenda. At the very least, any benefit of statins has never been shown for good health and the demonization of cholesterol has been a money-maker for pharmaceutical companies, radiologists and the medical community - and the use of statins may be killing people.

Love to see research on the positive effects of cholesterol on the body.

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