Open Minds: The Stone of Consciousness with Joel Bakst Video
The Stone of Consciousness with Joel Bakst

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Open Minds: The Stone of Consciousness with Joel Bakst (September 2015)

Season 5, Episode 41
Available worldwide

Joel Bakst explains how the tenets of the Torah, Talmud and Kabballah work together, with human consciousness, to help reunify the collective human soul. Rabbi Bakst reveals at the heart of the brain lay the seat of the soul, the pineal. And at the heart of the holy land lay the seat of the humanity’s soul, the foundation stone. Through our consciousness, we can willfully unify these two hearts and reunite our lower dimensional existence with the higher dimensions of divinity. This interview with Regina Meredith was originally webcast September 3, 2015.

Joel David Bakst is a teaching rabbi and scholar of Talmud and Kabbalah who, while living in Jerusalem for 20 years, studied and taught in Orthodox yeshivot. Raised in a Southern California Conservative Jewish home, Joel became a ba’al teshuva (newly religious) at the age of 20 bringing full circle his lineage from a long line of rabbis. He is the 8th generation of Rabbi Avraham Ragoler of Skhlov, the brother of Rabbi Eliyahu, the famed Gaon of Vilna, whose unique teachings and School of Kabbalah, have been a focus of Joel’s esoteric studies.

He is the author of several books dealing with, together with other subjects, the synergy between Kabbalah and the new sciences.

Regina Meredith
Joel Bakst


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alkimia2012, posted on September 10, 2015

Rabbi Joel is an extraordinary communicator/Teacher!

dumitru, posted on September 9, 2015

When Abraham tuned into the resonance of this "sacred rock", the being that came through is the one that commanded Abraham to murder his only son, Isaac, on that "sacred rock" to prove his loyalty to this "God". This is what the Mafia does. Obviously, the true loving Creator God of the Universe, who sees us as his children and loves us more than we love our own children would not treat his children this way. Even the Mafia wouldn't do this if, like God, they already knew a person's inner most thoughts and heart. They only do it to reassure themselves of a person's loyalty. Yet they want us to believe that our Creator God had to resort to this to find out how far Abraham would go in his loyalty. And this is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the atrocities committed by this "God". Just read the Old Testament to see all of the mass murders he ordered his followers to commit. So yes, we do have our own pineal gland that we can use as our own direct connection to the real Creator God. Yes, we can use our own pineal gland as a focal point for our collective meditations for world peace. But when anybody tells you that the Creator God of the Universe needs you to channel your intentions through their own special rock or the their own special symbol, or book or person, don't fall for it. We all have our own direct connection to the Divine, so if anybody tells you they or their things will be an intermediary between you and God, you can bet that they are trying to divert your own divine power into their own power structure.

abby6, posted on September 8, 2015

singularity. vortex connecting this dimension with a higher dimension. portal. Phi. Merkabah. He's confusing things. Meredith is very patient in steering him back to the pineal on his repeated meanderings. He is from the same tradition/generation as I am. Thus, he is a mirror for me.

I think he's saying the cosmic ley lines cross at Mount Moriah and the Ark of the Covenant is a kind of cosmic mobile phone.

Linguistic notes: google translates אגוז לוז | hazel nut. Luz is also light. The pineal is shaped like a hazel nut and it absorbs light, it is a capacitor of sorts. The skin is the solar panel. Milarepa taught his followers to imagine a light in their heads. He practiced by putting his lantern on top of his head and sitting straight so it would stay lit. The Milarepa story is available on Gaiam-TV.

Meredith makes very interesting comment about פנים. Google had a limited definition of "interior." I added this to google just now: Interior, face, as "face of God" also means "forward" as in "forward, face!" in military commands.

Meanwhile, take a look at google image search results for "hazel nut." It is notable that the Rabbi there and I agree, Jewish Torah scribes were taught to copy precisely without editing and they chose words very carefully. Hazel nut is a kind of life form that undergoes metamorphosis. Like caterpillar to worm but with more interesting looking shapes around it, a pod looking thing with spikes on it, that turns into a cabbage type deal then the hard shell emerges but inside that is something soft and the whole thing is another manifestation of as above so below. One of the translations google gives is "3G" referring to wireless telecommunications...but again, it's not random and it is the same metaphor repeating. Our pineal is like a cell tower exchanging messages with one just like it somewhere else. This is interesting since it is a mistranslation. Gemetria for Lamed|30+ Vov|6 + Zayin|7 = 43 "bad feedback" IMHO, God's sense of humor, also reverse gemetria for hazelnut links it with "verichip" as in programmed response or RFID.

This ties in nicely with David Wilcock's lecture last week (before digression this week to history of disclosure dating back to October 21, 2014) about Phi pyramids and why Phi is important. Trinity is a pyramid. Phi shapes the vortex, this is a "leggo size" which is like saying, its the hardware store...we have screws in all sizes, which would you like? The Phi fits the lock; the key is Phi; the portal is the cosmic mobile phone in each of our brains and the activator, hidden every day in plain sight is the sun. Egypt had a long tradition of worshiping sun. The confused Israelites waiting for Moses at the base of Mt. Sinai were worshiping a golden Taurus instead of the golden ratio Torus. Just as modern "monkeys" as the Rabbi puts it misinterpret the oblesik in Cube-rik's movie (Quantum Computer, anyone?)

עץ חיים היא לאלה שמחזיקים בה

I added to google: She is the tree of life for those who grasp/understand her; she is the cosmic portal, the bridge between dimensions, as above so below, she is the original network, the connection. Don't take everything so literally "tree" "hold" etc.

Google Earth coordinates are: 31.46N, 35.14E, elevation 2452 and the shape of the Muslim built structure is an octagon, I do not believe that is random. Other octagons can be seen in the google earth screen zooming out to look at the city around the mount.


Shalom from Aloha

Jimirod, posted on September 7, 2015

Very logical and religion was kept to a minimum. I think he is right about the Meridians and every body having an interest in Cabala but I didn't know about the location. I remember some years ago a test with meditation to stop terrerism

abby6, posted on September 8, 2015

David talks about the critical mass/quantum entanglement of 7,000 monks meditating for global peace simultaneously reducing global terrorism by 70%

It was not any old monks, it was "flyers" see or or what Regina described as "the winged Pharoh."

Tat sannidhau vaira tyagah
(Yog-Sutra, 2.35)

'In the vicinity of coherence (Yoga), hostile tendencies are eliminated.'

lmn1955, posted on September 7, 2015

Regina - this was a thought and spirit provoking show. I have the comments posted - positive and negative; "my inner ding" tells me that the interview shared information that will inspire and challenge traditional religion and traditional new age thought. As with most things, I have found truth is somewhere in the middle. I think the guests explanation about the Foundation Stone is a key take-away. I don't care about singular glands or what tradition says...the important point to ponder is what is behind the historical and present desire for humanity to own Jerusalem and commit horrible acts in the name of God. Thank you for having him on the show - I would request he be broke back for a follow-up conversation.

Alfreda Weiss, posted on September 7, 2015

There are many similarities between my yogic practice and his descriptions of Jewish traditions. Helpful also because of my 52 year marriage to a man of Jewish origins. I believe my meditations. when done correctly. link me to a cosmic consciousness that is universally available to all. Our input into that system is helpful for the greater good.

dretta-love-wisher, posted on September 7, 2015

The Second Council of Constantinople~~ when Constantine adopted Christianity for political reasons ~~ the entirety of the Bible was completely transliterated, again. Earlier, the original Church Fathers, overseeing monks who were the only ones who could read, could and did put to death people who dared own a Bible against the Church's decree: the higher ups in the Church claimed that the common man could not possibly understand it, thus they would kill them, in the name of God. The Church had a complete monopoly on the written word. They changed whole books of the Bible, took other entire books out of it that weren’t fear~based.

I’ve read these discarded books, they speak only of Love, of Love being all one needs to enter the Kingdom~~ a Kingdom which is within, not in golden temples. This, the Church knew, was not scary enough to keep their pews and their coffers filled. The god of the Old Testament was a genocidal maniac, a jealous maniac. I can’t imagine a jealous god. God by His or Her nature could not be jealous. Jealous of what? Jealousy is born of fear. The God I love fears nothing.

My words above were validated when the Dead Sea Scrolls were found. You know what I write is true, you wish the first five books of the Bible had remained untouched. They were touched, they were changed. This is common knowledge to religious scholars and theosophy students, but not to the common man: Nothing much has changed, has it?

Freespirit77, posted on September 6, 2015

Brilliant interview that goes beyond the “organised religion” – thank you!

One correction – the pineal gland is not the only singular organ in the brain. Hypothalamus, thalamus and pituitary gland are also singular organs.

abby6, posted on September 8, 2015

thank you for that and the chinese teach us that the toes and fingers are meridian points for the five brains of humans, five not two: hypthalamus, thalamus, pineal, pituitary...?

Satsy, posted on September 5, 2015

Regina truly has an open mind. I just can't listen to someone involved in an organized religion, my mind closes right away. Oh well.

bvb10, posted on September 5, 2015

I just remarked on FB today the original quote from Matthew 6:22 Authorized (King James) Version (AKJV)
22 The light of the body is the eye: if therefore thine eye be single, thy whole body shall be full of light.

I feel the term 'single' is key. The scripture denotes the pineal gland or 3rd eye. In the comments below I copied a few more versions of Matthew 6:22. No 3rd eye anywhere. Single is missing....sigh...always use the King James......
Beata aka TFHL

mirandaelizabethc, posted on September 5, 2015

Wow! This is my kind of interview. I could listen to Joel Baskt talk all day. Thank you so much for this interesting and useful information. I'm so excited to order his books and learn more.

feral-woman, posted on September 4, 2015

Amazing!! Just doing the brief meditation technique given at the end was an Aha moment, beautiful. Thank you so much.

dretta-love-wisher, posted on September 4, 2015

...meaning the first five books of the Old Testament. It deals with a genocidal, infanticidel jealous god who kills indiscriminately, as if for pleasure. “Abraham, slay your son!” ~~ “I will destroy those cities….” “I will let you torture my greatest devotee, Job, hurt him as bad as you want,” “I will kill everyone on earth but Noah…..”

~~~ This heartless psychotic god is not the Creator, & not the Creator of anything I could love.” ~~~ You call this aforementioned god divine?! Then you are deluded.

tanglewist, posted on September 4, 2015

I remember my parents teaching me this idea that you had to do whatever got told you without question including kill your children and I no longer trusted my parents. I was expendable if it meant they got into heaven.

abby6, posted on September 8, 2015

Abraham interpreted or misinterpreted God's will to mean "sacrifice your children" he took it literally to cook his child and offer it to God.

I believe God sent a messenger to stop Abraham and teach him that he had mis interpreted God's will.

There are legends that Annunaki and other ET races ate human pineal glands as a kind of delicacy, as humans eat caviar and calf liver now. But there are other legends that the Annunaki and ETs that eat us also are ruled by higher beings themselves. They themselves have pineal glands. Opening the pineal is a two way street.

As a fellowJew, I think the intention of the transmission from El/above to Abraham was something like "release personal ego" or "release attachments" which includes attachment to family, children, that which is most dear. Because ultimately God/spirit IS, it exists aside and apart, before and after family exists.

El is "above." El Al, literally means "to up." Elim, or Elohim, the Gods, the ascended masters, same thing. Humans who have turned the dial of being up a few notches so they are not "stuck" in this dimension. Thus, far from being an atheist, I conclude as a theist that there has to be more than one Creator being and that all of us can potentially become such, again to quote Robert A. Heinlein, "Thou Art God." It is only when we shy away and protest this fact that we re-make others into Gods and ourselves into slaves. The angel of Mount Moriah was an angel of truth to wake Abraham up and tell him to stop enslaving himself. But it's not particularly Jewish. Abraham was Iraqi. He traveled on foot from Ur with his companions and wife, so the story goes. He is the ancestor and father of many modern religions not just the Jewish one. The Rabbi is talking about Jewish thought, in Jewish thought life originates in Genesis, as "atom" spelled now as Adam. This implies the Sumerian and Jewish stories were about genetic engineering and physics not about thesis. And rabbi says this, it is science.

Rev, Rav, means teacher. Rabbi is a teacher.

alicekim, posted on September 4, 2015

To me, this is old energy material... very mental (left brain). I also find it problematic when Mr. Bakst says things like "This is Torah 'fact'"... hmmmm.... he also seems rather evangelical and patronizing of other wisdom traditions. No one has an exclusive patent on truth, none of it is new, and to make claims like how his lineage traces all the way back to Adam and is therefore superior is cringe-inducing.

Also, he mentions the need for us to "fix" ourselves and "go back" to where we came from, which is a very outdated understanding of our divinity and why we are here. What is there that needs to be fixed? All we need to do is open our minds and hearts and consciously choose to release all the obstacles to our illusory confusion. We don't need to go back, nor is it possible, as we left "home" to continue to evolve, expand, express, and add to All That Is – not ever to contract.

The pineal gland may certainly have a major role in our spiritual/human connection, but to me, it's a distraction to believe that meditating on it will get one to enlightenment – again, it all sounds very technical and old to me. I personally prefer a more simple, intuitive and allowing route: To trust my I Am, to love myself, and to choose to live life joyfully in full awareness of my divine nature, all while appreciating my embodied state as a realized being who is also in the process of realizing at the same time. I am here to Be, Now, as I Am.

I don't normally write comments, but Opens Minds is my favorite show on Gaiam and as much as I have enjoyed all of the interviews I've seen to date to one degree or another, this one made me feel a bit... icky. That said, Regina, I'm always very impressed by your grace and skillfulness as an interviewer, and I thank you for what you do and for providing a platform for conscious folks like us to have a place to tune into!

feliciecdh, posted on September 14, 2015

He said that everyone's lineage, not his lineage, goes back to Adam (who is both male and female).

abby6, posted on September 8, 2015

You and Meredith are graceful, IMHO rabbi can learn from both of you. But his comments are not without their place. We need both. As we incorporate his maleness we become whole. Rejecting him/his belief is only maintaining the illusion of separation.

nicole.lafleurdunil, posted on September 4, 2015

I agree with your comments, and I also felt 'icky'. Wanted to sign off earlier but held on in the hope there would be better truths coming from the Rabbi. When women start to get involved in the studies of Talmud, Torah, etc., at the same rate of men, hopefully they will bring in better truths. That is what is missing in the Jewish teachings - women involvement.

Nicolenelsong, posted on September 4, 2015

The epitome of grace & wisdom!! Thank you Regina for all that you do to encourage such high resonance! You lead by beautiful example.
<3 Nicole

spoonhole, posted on September 4, 2015

Luz ==> Luzifer

mikkatzuki, posted on September 4, 2015

I have been contemplating the Jacob story for a few years. This is because I started sleeping with rocks on instinct when I was ill and it helped a Electromagnetic Sensitivity issue I was having and other problems of the nervous system. I learned that rocks are alive and powerful. They hold the Earth energy. They are healers. Perhaps they activate the pineal gland.
Jacob did call the rock 'The house of God, the gate of Heaven". The story I know says that he used a rock for a pillow. The Jerusalem stone is a big rock for a pillow t seems to me. Also, in the story Jacob is out tending sheep. he is not in any place of historical significance. It becomes significant after the "dream" encounter. I will have to go back an scour this story to see if it may have been the Foundation Stone. I think its that many stones have this portal quality. It is a curious fact that a sheep herder would use a stone for a pillow instead of something softer, like fleece, and religion as I knew it never notices this detail. It is the most important detail in the story. The stone was definitely the mystical catalyst.
In Freddy Silva's fantastic documentary of the stones of Great Britain, he mentions that the monolithic stones are called "Houses of God", but did not know why. It must be that reference in the book of Genesis where Jacob calls the star-gate or portal stone the "house of God". There was a time that I used different stones for pillows and definitely had some amazing dreams. Yes, well, a bit uncomfortable. I did also go through a profound spiritual/mystical transformation at that period and radical life change. I did become a nature mystic. I did also totally recover from the sever Chemical Sensitivity that kept me home bound for a long while. I am sure those stones helped. I needed those stones. Local stones from where I live and a few other special stones and primitive tools I found. It awakened me to a great communion, love and deep understanding of physical land where I live, Washington, DC. I used to not feel good here, but now this land and me are friends and companions. Its a magical place full of sacred stones and water ways, as so many places are when we are activated or inspired to know them. I do think it was propelled by sleeping with those rocks. I dont do that anymore, but it sure felt great at the time.
I have been carrying a passion for this Jacobs Dream story and stones for some time. It was so exciting to see someone else talking about it. Thanks for that interview, now I will have to go back and study this story more deeply. ~Eve, White Snake Woman

abby6, posted on September 8, 2015

Thank you for this. Crystal skulls, stones having numbers, each number corresponds to the vibration of the stone. Crystals can hold binary code, they can store digital data similar to a flash drive.

rosaluna, posted on September 4, 2015

This was absolutely riveting from anyplace along the pineal spectrum of conscious awareness. Brilliant expository from Joel, brilliant presence and intuitive questioning from Regina. Wow -- you made it looks so easy to be consciously synching instead of arguing the fine points. Masterful!

gnomecrusher, posted on September 3, 2015

Amazing information! I loved this! Would love too know Joel's thoughts on the current plans to build a 3rd temple on Temple Mount and how the biblical prophecy for that ties in with the true purpose of the pineal gland.

abby6, posted on September 8, 2015

Tikun | תיקון| patch
Selah | סלה | stone

Images: sword in the stone, and Indian version of it, stone as yoni, vulva, sword as male force, a penis. Yin/Yang. Unity when opposites are united, male and female create a unity in the child.

There are no "plans" that can be enacted as long as Muslims and Jews fight, the only way to construct this temple is around the existing Muslim temple. Honor all paths back to the source. The third temple will arise when the wars stop.

wilhelm, posted on September 3, 2015

Perhaps my comments are slightly off the topic but I hold in question why true mysticism is regarded as non-scientific. For if one just paused for a second and studied the true mystics, it is evident that modern science is only now catching up with what mystics have known and said for eons! For instance, everything is connected in the web of life, in the cosmos, and in the universe. And, despite what we think we know and have figured out about life, the universe is too vast for us ever to know everything. I thank God beyond
humanity's concept of God for the ultimate mystery of life. That said, thanks so much Regina for all the wonderful interviews you do so beautifully and gracefully.

lindaedwards888, posted on September 3, 2015

This is astounding...really! It ties everything together I have been studying and many, many others! Listened to DW with Corey Good on The Pineal and as a student of The Bible, I have known that Luz and The Stone of Jacob was The Pineal Gland! Now this is tying it all together. I did not know that the stone Abraham took Isaac to to sacrifice him was this stone too. Also of great revelation is the Tree of LIFE! WOW! In Revelation 22:2 the scripture reads
: In the midst of the street of it, and on either side of the river, was there the tree of life, which bare twelve manner of fruits, and yielded her fruit every month: and the leaves of the tree were for the healing of the nations. So Rev. 22 is telling us that The Tree of Life has finally become in Heave as In think of our Pineal as Heaven and our body as Earth being finally connected into One again. That is my view and how have seen it for years, but this practical teaching is what is going to help us get there! Meditate people...let's get The Peace going on! Thank you Joel and Regina!

darsiramirez, posted on September 3, 2015

9:00 pst

ecan-mcan, posted on September 3, 2015

What a powerful episode. Joel Bakst has given me a slight understanding of what Kabbalah means. It gave me an idea that by understanding this teaching, in some small way, brings us closer to the Mind of God.
Thank you, Regina, for another mind blowing interview of this fascinating teaching.

tanglewist, posted on September 3, 2015

His god an evil that created a society and secrets denied this knowledge to woman. Half of the human race was considered unworthy, too stupid and to be relegated to the roll of sex slave, house servant, and baby butt wiper. His god and ideas are beneath consideration. They do not promote unity and the higher conscience we as the human race are aspiring to.

abby6, posted on September 8, 2015

Specifically why? He's not described his God at all, only a meditation technique.

joe4good, posted on September 3, 2015

Regina, I am always amazed at your ability to understand in depth the information being given to you on these interviews as it is spoken. I usually have to watch these videos 2 or 3 times to absorb most of the knowledge. I have questioned you in the past for not challenging what some people say or claim to be but I realize now, after watching your shows over the last year, that your purpose is not to debate or challenge but rather to help bring out and clarify whatever knowledge your guest is sharing and weather it be true or false knowledge is left up to the viewer to decide. That takes a special skill. Love and appreciate what you do.

Bolowe, posted on September 3, 2015

Interesting enough I have just watched David Wilcox with his guest Corey Goode on this week's episode. Corey Goode was intuitive impasse for the Secret Space Program, he also talked about his training with MyLab also included activating the pineal Gland.

abby6, posted on September 8, 2015

Corey Goode was an intuitive EMPATH. An impasse is no-win situation.

stacey34, posted on September 3, 2015

Regina, once again a great interview! This really resonated with me. The far reaching history Rabbi Bakst has studied and brings forth confirms everything that is being talked about now. Loved this! Thank you.

marystavrou, posted on September 3, 2015

I absolutely agree this will be the way out of our collective mess...loved hearing this from you, Meredith!
Lets begin...Lets focus on peace on earth....done...every night at 9:00...a 10 minute meditation.

jasonjduke, posted on September 3, 2015

What a very good conversation connecting the threads of history, tradition and both individual and collective spirituality. Clear and coherent and well spoken. Joel is an obvious expert by understanding and his ability to teach, so that I, and we, may learn. Thank you for the clarity and motivation to apply such wisdom and science into my own practice.

Does one need to do things at the same perceived time collectively? If the pineal is a singularity, without duality, would its essence therefore not exist in space nor time thereby bypassing illusory perception. Specifically, could one, and all, access a specific time via the pineal and project their own consciousness to the foundation stone and a particular point in time. When would this be? Or should I ask where? Or when-where should I go. For one can easily change the resonance of the past and thereby effect the harmonics of that very past's future.

To further clarify, when may not be a place in the future, nor a place in the past. But now is when, for I suspect that simply projecting my consciousness upon the vortex of the foundation stone will have me join all those who have done so in the past and the future. So maybe I answered my own question. Without imposing limits, the time must be now and the place - Luz.

cathy_cockey, posted on September 3, 2015

Wow - this was an incredible conversation - thank you Regina and Joel! I have been looking for a new focus for my meditations, and I will absolutely use this technique. The secret entrance being from the back of the head was something I've never heard before, but will start using this visualization today!

threebirdsdream, posted on September 9, 2016

my whole body is vibrating from this incredible teaching! Thank you Rabbi and Regina. Blessings to you both.

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