Open Minds: Stories of Otherworldly Contacts with Paola Harris Video
Stories of Otherworldly Contacts with Paola Harris
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Open Minds: Stories of Otherworldly Contacts with Paola Harris (January 2014)

Season 4, Episode 2
Available worldwide

Since the surge of UFOs in the 1950s, the remnants of information we have about otherworldly contacts is the culmination of ever vigilant researchers. They strive to pierce the veil of secrecy and definitively prove that we are not alone. Researcher Paola Harris has collected an immense body of research on UFO phenomena and exposes the growing agenda for managing off-world contacts in this interview with Regina Meredith originally webcast January 14, 2014.

An Italo-American photojournalist and investigative reporter in the field of extraterrestrial related phenomena research, Paola Leopizzi Harris is also a widely published free-lance writer and author of Exopolitics: Stargate to a New Reality. She has studied extraterrestrial related phenomena since 1979 and is on personal terms with many of the leading researchers in the field.

Regina Meredith
Paola Leopizzi Harris


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jcdyjak, posted on June 24, 2016

Hello to All!
Thank you Regina and the wonderful interviews you do! I so truly admire your poise during these interviews. With this particular interview with Poala Harris, you do a wonderful job in listening and guiding the conversation. I am compelled to comment on the way I make sense of this interview. The speaker seems, in her own right, to lack real "substance" or content in what she speaks; what point is she making about other dimensional beings? I sense from the video ( and I may be wrong) she seems to lack focus ( as perhaps we all do at times). Her speech seems to be over powering and lost at times ( and it happens). Regina, you as an experienced interviewer do your best to offer direction. It may also be a cultural or personal way of expression? I try to consider many avenues, beyond my own.

Yes, since this is comment, I shall continue. I feel her voice, although all voice is sacred, is markedly sharp, loud and off putting, compared to Regina's, which seems to carry a melody of infinite life times. I find it constantly challenging to follow the speakers line of subject: what is she speaking about ( as if it were common knowledge?) If your going to claim to be an educator, why does it not show?

I feel deeply tied to give a legitimate Voice to other aspects of the Great Mystery, whether it be alien, angel, creator, inner voice. or "conventional" law. I don't feel good about this interview, maybe it is the way the woman speaks, and the way Regina responds. It sounds abrasive. Maybe it is supposed to be...
So grateful to share my thoughts, gratitude and blessings to All!

alex09, posted on April 9, 2016

I have some questions for all of the doubters. Did the Creator flunk Universe Building 101? Did the Creator make the infinite cosmos just for our viewing pleasure? What other practical purpose would it serve to create infinite space and all of the heavenly bodies in it if we can't see most of it or reach any of it with our unevolved human senses? Was the Creator just being pretentious? Look at me, look at what I did? But don't worry humans, you won't ever be able to enjoy any of it because it's out there out there? Come on let's be real about this. There are and always was life elsewhere. Even if I can't prove it through old school Newtonian science, I still like to believe that our Creator knew what She was doing when She gave birth to the heavens and the earth. That She didn't just create infinite space with galaxies that are light years away because She felt like having an exercise on how to waste space.

Shyann1, posted on March 18, 2016

Actually, this was a really good interview, thank u Regina and Paola for helping to bring more awareness into peoples minds.
I have always believed in more intelligent beings than ourselves. Humans have to much ....ego, fear, ignorance, intolerance...
etc etc... that they refuse to really take a good look at themselves, and the Universe, to come to the conclusion and the truth
that we have never been the only intelligent life form. I resonated with u both on this one :) Cheers !

Erich Hunter, posted on December 5, 2014

Stop dominating the interview. Let your fascinating guest talk and stop micromanaging them. Thank you.

sallyire, posted on January 23, 2014

Another excellent interview. I really appreciate that Regina will ask the speaker to provide background information on certain events in case the viewer might not be familiar with every aspect of it for the last 50 years. Other interviewers ignore this and engage in what seems like a private conversation with their guest as though everyone should be privy to the background of what is being said. I think Regina is a top notch interviewer and among the most knowledgeable of all the Gaiam TV hosts.

krista4, posted on January 21, 2014

you are awesome but your enthusiasm for this subject interrupted Paola way too much, so the interview was more about your opinion, which is a fabulous one, but I really wanted to hear from Paola, more then you let happen.

eesa, posted on January 18, 2014

So much perspective here! Had to take a lot of notes to keep up - so much to read to get back into the 'groove' of it all - but you did such a superb job of lining it all out!

It's been years since I have even thought of this subject. I went to a Disclosure Project event in SF in the early 2000's - but it was clear to me on some level that it was not going to be able to be moved forward... I can't explain why I knew this - I supported it anyway, but it didn't seem to have any power of momentum, and that was AFTER the amazing press conference in D.C. He was so sincere and so real but the world just was not ready.

What you have done here has given me a whole new series of things to consider and to explore to bring this all closer in - as I do so does the world around me, Because,, after all, it is all just a mirror :)

Excellent job ladies, let's do it again soon! So enjoyed this. Two powerful women speaking openly, directly and clearly to a topic that needs real conversation.

Bravo. When the world wakes up and discovers what is aleady present here, we all might just be pleasantly surprised! The only ones who will not be pleased will be those who will, in that moment, have lost 'control' of the illusion. :) Sounds beautifully perfect to me.

Alfreda Weiss, posted on January 17, 2014

Meeting an ET puts new meaning into the word human.

conservitusprime, posted on January 15, 2014

My heart still stops when I see those pictures of Jill. My God. It's like seeing a goddess.

peacekeeper, posted on January 20, 2014

Hello, 'conservitusprime...' i too rewound and paused the interview on the pictures of Jill, Donn and the Val-dude. As i breathed and took in their presence, i felt the connected vastness of my own (unknown) truer Being reflected back to me, especially through Jill's internal gazing. And having landed this time in a 'boy' body was not of consequence. And just to offer a contemplation, like Regina says in closing, "they are here to learn from us as well." i suspect it might be important in our perception of these Beings to consider what we mean by projecting the terms "Gods and Goddesses" in their direction. Unwittingly, it moves us (through our minds) into a lessor divine experience with other species who possess advanced technologies and perhaps inner-spiritual experience. In deeper esoteric circles it is said everyone and everything is in perfect experience (not lessor or greater which is dualistic) in terms of advancing the Beloved's song towards unity. Visiting, assisting, Beings arriving from other star systems not only get to practice compassion and generosity in our appreciated direction, but they are also granted the opportunity to reflect on their personal motives for doing so... Do we earthlings ultimately require healing or fixing? Is there even such a thing in the preciseness and perfection of God's macrocosm? Jill, Donn and Val were likely given the gift of still having to look deeper within... to determine whether their helpful motivations were 'personal' (self-identified) which according to rumi, preclude God's direct experience. Or were these motivations flowing with non-personal-identity which only reveals the ONLY presence to experience? Likely, spiritual evolution continues for All species- afterall, it is said to be eternal, que no? :) Many Blessings to All- no matter where we call our temporariness home.

conservitusprime, posted on January 15, 2014

Sheer righteousness1

peacekeeper, posted on January 24, 2014

Hello, my friend... Thank you for your response, though i suspect you might mean "Sheer 'self'-righteousness." Your honest comment is truly appreciated which opens a wonderful door to dialogue further; perhaps with more clarity and understanding. i pray you did not take my comments to be critical of your initial commentary, i only offered them as potential contemplation into what may be (understandably) a long-running "lessor-than" current falsely running through humanity, as well as contemplation into the Collective unshackling that might be beckoning our current human evolution to embrace. Perhaps it is befitting to offer one of many remarkable teachings from "The Secret Gospel of Mary Magdalene" as she spoke to a group of feminine disciples:

Mary said, “There are many gods and goddesses with great power, and all manner of spirits that have secret knowledge, yet the power that is in you is greater and the knowledge you possess is more rare and precious. I tell you, great and luminous beings shall come seeking power and knowledge from you. See that you give to all who ask and withhold only from those who come to steal, and those who receive let worship the Anointed of God Most High. I tell you truly, you are divine beings, but do not let anyone worship you.”

Throughout many years of study and personal mystical experience (something we all share), i have discovered numerous exhortations in the mystical teachings of rumi, hafiz, magdalene, gibran, rabia, ad infinitum (including suppressed gospels) that speak to "noble beings" in the "celestial sphere" having to one day return to [little-bity] earth to learn from its "inanimate" (as some see us) inhabitants who (allegedly) carry the purity of the "Divine Spark" of The Beloved. This is understandably a serious and most-humbling challenge to these "elite" celestial societies who are alleged to have evolved as a result of 'their' greater knowledge and technology. But as the gospel of philip offers, "...even with the knowledge of the All... those who do not know who they are will come to languish in the Intermediate World." (a more-terrifying existence than the fear-markets on earth.)

i am not stating anything here as fact but merely pointing out that these mystical writings not only exist, but clearly encourage us to awaken to our true INNER-divine natures which have been secretly hidden until their awakening... is designed. Through this lens our evolution cannot arrive externally from space or other outside sources. The Divine Spark does not require ascension... It is perfect and will ripen (precisely) in the sincere lover who seeks within... Have you not heard many say, "We are the answer we seek"? And looking through this lens further, it has nothing to do with egoic inflation or other forms of self-righteousness. One has to wonder: Why do we remain terrified of our potential vastness to serve? We are God's current secret: an overtly insignificant race smeared with a violent facade- and yet filled with an inward, benevolent hardwiring that is (perhaps) designed to assist ALL of God's creatures into the greatness of His further Unknowing. We are All evolving eternally (so it is said). Let us at the very least... 'contemplate' such possibly without vilifying its messengers.
Many blessings.

tom.sister, posted on January 15, 2014

What a wonderful and informative interview. Regina, your interviews are always so educational that I usually go further into the subject matter by looking up
the information given during the hour. Keep up the good work!

cm, posted on January 14, 2014

Whew, just keeps getting better and better. Turned on Gaiam today and we have this fab interview - with two such intelligent, charming and practical people. I'm mid way thru reading Delores Cannon's 'Convoluted Universe' series. And am bit by bit acclimitizing to this topic ... as Paola says, its an evolution in thinking and paradigms that can take time. Thank you for this great interview and for more leads on what to study. Keep it comin'!

davelimacher, posted on January 14, 2014

Paola, your description of Val Thor set off alarm bells. Years ago I was working in a government minister's office in Canada as an aid when I met a man who worked at the German consulate. Perhaps he was the consulate. I will never forget meeting this man. He was taller than all the other people around us, very tall and had very light blonde/white hair. A very thin and kind man. His appearance was striking and his energy was very calm and peaceful. But what stood out most was his handshake. Never before had a woman or man had such a soft hand- his skin was like that of a baby. I felt no slight friction like you would with a normal hand. I don't recall any lines in his hand. This incident occurred many years ago but it still stands out in my mind.

summersol, posted on January 14, 2014

Best interviews on the net. Always informative in a positive way! Thank you!

jasummers, posted on January 20, 2014

Totally agree! Regina your interviews get better through the years, Gaiam has been a fantastic transition from CMN...
Your subject matter continues to influence me and my family...Some awesome fantastic stuff you bring forward!!! GREAT WORK!!

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