Expecting a Child: The Stork of St. Mary’s  Video
The Stork of St. Mary’s
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Expecting a Child: The Stork of St. Mary’s (1999)

Episode 8
Only available in United States

Marie- France Brizard helps deliver babies at the hospital, and is now pregnant with her third child. Both parents work full time at separate hospitals and they address their discipline in keeping work and home separate while maintaining a good quality of life. Additional topics discussed include breech births, late term baby development, prenatal class, and fathers in the delivery room and participating. We also attend a prenatal dance class that helps to achieve a higher state of being, alleviate aches and pains, and prepare body for labor. She talks a bit about how every delivery is different and how she works to not project her experiences onto other women.

Catherine Colvey
Maurice Andre Aubin


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Only available in United States

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