Beyond Belief: Stranger in the Pentagon with Craig Campobasso  Video
Stranger in the Pentagon with Craig Campobasso
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Beyond Belief: Stranger in the Pentagon with Craig Campobasso (February 2016)

Season 5, Episode 8
Available worldwide

Valiant Thor, an off-world visitor who came to the Pentagon in 1957, holds a higher perspectives of humanity, as explained by filmmaker Craig Campobasso. Unlike many other extraterrestrials visiting our planet, Valiant Thor was very photogenic and not camera shy. It was what he had to offer that truly intrigued government officials who invited him to stay. Ultimately, the conditions of his proposal, which would benefit all of humanity, proved too much for the U.S Government to accept. For us, however, it is not too late. This interview with George Noory was originally webcast February 24, 2016.

Fresh out of high school, Craig Campobasso found himself working behind the scenes on Frank Herbert’s Dune. Dino and Raffaella De Laurentiis, and director David Lynch became his filmmaking mentors. He has been casting movies and TV for more than three decades and was nominated for an Emmy for casting David E. Kelly’s Picket Fences. Craig directed, wrote & produced Stranger at the Pentagon, from the book by Frank Stranges about Valiant Thor. It just won Best Sci-Fi Short Film at the 2014 Burbank Int'l Film Festival.

George Noory
Craig Campobasso


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Individual from Australia, posted on May 4, 2016

In August/September 2015 I experienced an apocalyptic dream of a tsunami washing over the east coast of Australia.
We need discussion and coverage on this phenomena which many people are confronting during dream state.
Perhaps there is a reason for rampant increase in ufo sightings during the last two years?

ltfumo, posted on March 22, 2016

if you're interested in watching reruns of old movies, watch this. What a waste of time!!!

magalicarver, posted on March 1, 2016

Is there a chance that a new edition of the book STRANGER at the Pentagon will be available soon?

tdanheiser, posted on March 19, 2016

consciousmatrix, posted on February 29, 2016

Many from the Agarthan Network Ancient Breakaway Civilization who Corey Goode of Cosmic Disclosure with David Wilcock, visited in their underground home, have pretended to be aliens from other planets and would appear to humans to give them all types of information. They pretend to be from somewhere else so humans won't go looking for them underground. Just wondering if this guy was one too.

dxdarity2, posted on February 28, 2016

I really like the way Craig conveyed his message. He comes across as a very loving person. George ,you are a Rock Star! You get good people on your show.
Love it!!!

krussellgal, posted on February 28, 2016

Fantastic interview and information to hear! This dovetails in with what Corey Goode and David Wilcock are showing us as part of the history of our society. Thank you for sharing with us.

wm, posted on February 26, 2016

Feels Craig is telling the truth, at least his perspectives of Dr. Frank Strange's narrative. I wonder, however, if true, in what way does Valiant Thor's operations and fleet fit in with Corey Goode's & other recent whistleblowers? I would imagine at least some of the numerous ET/ED visitors to Earth are on their own missions separate from all others whether Draco or even the Sphere Being Alliance. Could the species Valiant Thor himself represents be one of the other two still-unknown Sphere Being species? Could they actually represent one of the Inner Earth human civilizations, and if so not necessarily one of the Inner Earth Alliance members? After all, isn't Thor from Asgard? Asgard as another world or certainly another realm?

Valiant Thor claims to come from the Interior of Planet Venus. Corey Goode claims all of Venus is completely off limits to humans, well, to Solar Warden anyway, and there is an information blackout about Venus. The Guardians/Ancient Builder Race originated as a species in or on Venus, and Ra claims the Ra Confederacy originated on Venus before it transitioned/evolved into a different species in a higher density. So, who the heck knows?

There are so many pieces to the puzzle it must be quite a tapestry.


auroradesigns, posted on February 27, 2016

I was also thinking how all this information fits in with Corey and David'sdisclosures.

myboojan, posted on February 26, 2016

Best Wishes to all that you've done for so many of us.

myboojan, posted on February 26, 2016

Hmm. I think I'll go rewind that movie Stranger at the Pentagon and watch it again. I remember the movie District 9 and this movie eerily sounds familar to some of Sitchin's work on the 12th planet and more on the info about the planet called Tiamet/Maldek from Corey Goode and David Wilcock's info from their recent shows, especially the Law of One info, saying that this planet they call Tiamet/Maldek and how it blew-up, affecting its moon Mars, and the rest of our solar system; as well as affecting those beings living on Mars and other affected planets/moons. And that the Martians from Mars & other beings were transplanted to Earth to live. And with this solar system's defense grid down, that other ETs entered into this solar system to do genetic farming on those beings that were transplated onto Earth, including the Martians. That maybe our ancestors were and are Martian refugees from Mars that were transplanted onto this Earth. Just a thought. But maybe it is more than just a thought. Blessings

gfw31, posted on February 26, 2016

I would also love to see this short film. I did read the book Stranger at the Pentagon, I found this very interesting.

George you should interview Laura Magdalene Eisenhower, on your show. I know she has done other interviews maybe she can explain her Grandfathers views on ET's and Valiant Thor.

rayracine, posted on February 26, 2016

GAIA should offer this short film here, I would love to see it.

Judith.LightFeather, posted on February 26, 2016

I really enjoyed this show as I was not aware of this information. Visited the Stranger at the Pentagon website and watched the award winning short film on Vimeo. Sent the $25 donation for the original book that will go to production of the movie.
This information is so dynamic that it gives me hope for a future without war someday. Thank you from my heart.

ghostbuffalo, posted on February 25, 2016

After watching this segment of George Noory's interview, I feel sure the public would happyily contribute small amounts to see him produce the longer version of the movie! I believe a large portion of our society is ready and waiting for something more positive about the ET's visitation.

kaz8, posted on February 25, 2016

I enjoy George Noory's Coast to Coast AM. I'm a Coast Insider all the way from South Africa. Over the last few months, Beyond Belief content seems to be 'thinning'. Shows likes Cosmic Disclosure, Wisdom Teachings, Hidden Origins, Open Minds have so much more substance to their subject matter. In my opinion, Beyond Belief needs to up their game to compete with the other original programs. The show is 'flat' and not exciting. Bring the energy and spirit of Coast to Coast AM into the show.

lynn19, posted on February 25, 2016

I hate to say it, but I agree the show is 'flat'. Regina's interview with him in '14 was much better. It seems that his film is taking a long time to be released. The scenes I saw plus the website look somewhat cartoonish. I still can't quite 'get' how these off-worlders managed to hobnob for several years - at the pentagon, no less and have such little knowledge of them.

wiz2dorothys, posted on February 24, 2016

Loved it wish there were more true stories of space people.

lynn19, posted on February 24, 2016

Aloha8, posted on February 24, 2016 is the sequel to the movie, it was a TV series, it's available on DVD.

qualteam, posted on February 24, 2016

There were several individuals trying to help mankind in the 1950s. They met with George Van Tassel, George Adamski and others around the world.
There were several of them that made contact with Italians in the 1950s. They were called the Space Brothers and contact ended in the late 1960s. This would coincide with
the growth of Nazi Secret Space Programs and the ICC. Not a good environment to travel in.

josephine2910, posted on February 24, 2016

such a fascinating story!

elena.keegan, posted on February 24, 2016

I loved hearing all that was said. It is all just too fasanating.

suppqueen, posted on February 24, 2016

AND on the heels of this week's Cosmic Disclosure which left me feeling a hopeless, this interview has me back on an even keel. I've heard some of this story before, but I think I could hear it again and again, perhaps a testament to the power of Valiant Thor and his entourage's desire to help us.

SuzannaB@Gaia, posted on February 24, 2016

We're glad you enjoyed the interview with Craig Campobasso.

For our new viewers, You can find Cosmic Disclosure on Gaia at this link:

All the best,

joshverduzco420, posted on February 24, 2016

who saw the huge square helicopter drone looking thing flying over the 101 freeway near de soto and toganga canyon yesterday around 6.00

Satsy, posted on February 27, 2016

Was it green? I saw one in Century City a few days ago flying kind of low.

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