Sun Salutation A Surya Namaskar Video
Sun Salutation A Surya Namaskar

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Sun Salutation A Surya Namaskar

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Sun Salutation workshop by Jesse Enright. Jesse talks about Softness, Intention, Relaxation, and the Breath. All important aspects in our approach to Hatha Yoga. He thoroughly breaks down Surya Namaskar A examining alignment and major joint structures in the body while cycling through.


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stinaz, posted on October 19, 2012

I absolutely agree Angelina! Jesse it is a pleasure practicing your classes. I also have a fitness background and think it is unequivocally important to understand the biomechanics and perform yoga with proper alignment. Not to mention to understand the exercise science and I think that is missed a lot of the time. Truly inspiring to see such a knowledgeable teacher - and you have a knack for explaining it all too!

Astjules, posted on October 12, 2012

Jesse I just wanted to tell you how much I appreciate your classes. You are an excellent teacher. The explanations of body mechanics throughout the class is very helpful especially when doing yoga at home where you don't benefit from the teacher correcting your posture.

SarahRose, posted on March 11, 2012

Really great for beginners and non-beginners to get back to the basics, great instruction and attitude!

Angelsinyoga, posted on August 23, 2011

Thank You Jesse,
Very well explained into so much detail. I enjoyed every single minute.
Keep up with the Great Job :-)

moocurtis, posted on March 1, 2011

I enjoyed how thorough his instruction was, responsibly deconstructing the sun salutation. Thank you for deepening my yoga experience, at times we have to be patient with its understanding to intensify it during regular practice... Namaste

Gatheringbliss, posted on February 5, 2011

i have begun a journey with you. I am a stay at home mom and my intention is to take one class every day. Analyze it and learn from it. I am glad to start this journey with you. I know I will come back to this class often to be reminded of where to place my breath during my practice and to enjoy my movement. Thanks, I look forward to learning more from you.

venchlu, posted on November 26, 2010

very clear explanation ...i do like it...thanks so much

Shambhu, posted on October 29, 2010

I didn't like this video. A lot of talking, little useful instruction. Why not just do proper sun salutations and explain the alignment in the pose and adaptation for beginners, otherwise don't call your video Sun Salutation, give it another name.

strewhitt, posted on September 3, 2010

Way too much instruction! We had not even started moving by minute 9, not what I am looking for in such a short sequence. ... This should be more clearly marked for beginners...

marlon, posted on August 9, 2010

wow . . . I, too, remember Jesse at Downward Dog in Toronto (along with Ron, Diane, and Teresa :^) . . . how inspiring to see how he has fully embodied his practice . . . thank you so much for the reminder to practice with compassion toward ourselves and with a softness . . . this is a beautiful and thorough teaching of Surya Namaskar. Thank you for your care, Jesse.

ndurso, posted on May 20, 2010

Thank you for the wonderful instruction! This teacher brings a calmness and clarity to your practice. Namaste

Roq, posted on February 20, 2010

What a wonderful teacher!

SarahJane_2, posted on January 29, 2010

Jesse - you were my first teacher at Downward Dog in Toronto years ago. Great to be able to take a class with you again!

jremil, posted on June 19, 2009

I like his videos. Can I ask for a video addressing twists and how to perform these safely to avoid disk problems or to allow some of us to adapt movements to avoid disk irritation. Thank you.

angelawake, posted on May 15, 2009

excellent instruction

energiayoga, posted on September 6, 2014

Very informative. Thank you. Loved the aum sound.

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