Surfing the Sonic Sky Video
Surfing the Sonic Sky

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Surfing the Sonic Sky (2011)

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An investigation into the groundbreaking work of musical cosmologist, Ervin Wilson, who has uncovered massive clusters of new musical frequencies that will alter the DNA of future music. His work has vast implications outside the field of music as it demonstrates how true innovation is free to emerge when current ideas and materials are suddenly placed in the context of a broader understanding.

Via the creation or discovery of brand new quantum pitch fields, he has cracked open a vast mother lode of new musical notes that define a network of parallel musical dimensions. Many of his dynamic tuning systems have the organic property of spawning an infinite number of previously unknown musical scales nested within each other like Chinese boxes. This film explores the musical and philosophical ramifications of his work.

Stephen James Taylor

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maria600, posted on September 18, 2016

That was quite fascinating... it's always enjoyable to be given new concepts to toy with.

longlifeenergy, posted on July 7, 2016

A very cool instrument! I loved the visuals as well. Great job from all and especially from Erv Wilson!

tydynrain, posted on October 24, 2015

Forgive my language, but absolutely fucking brilliant. Jumping to the next holonic level...

Alfreda Weiss, posted on July 7, 2014

I used a set of tuning forks that were in intervals of a 5th from the lowest to the highest tones on 3 persons with physical conditions that required heavy drugs each week. By adjusting their body they were able to reduce their drug use. We did this for 8 years. Before each tuning each chakra was dowsed to spot uneven energy. Usually the chakra would return to even energy after the tuning. As this video shows, we are on the edge of a vast universe where tone plays an integral part in the construction
of both the body and the universe around it. Thanks so much for this video.

Taishon, posted on April 13, 2014

So I remember how mathmatical a jazz theory class was and I think the class enabled me to get the gist of this video.
That being said, my understanding a belief is that culture's to al system (choice of tones making up its scales) was chosen because it was the
most emotionally pleasing rather than the other way around. I have listened to, and played, other tonal sytems than the West's 12 and it seems very true that when you 'break' the rules
of a culture's established 3rd floor, it doesn't come across as pleasant or popular and feels quite dissonant. The music played in the background to this video seemed interesting but not very enjoyable compared to any of the established music I like (and I have wide tastes). It would be intructive to see a ' complete' piece based on some of the different filters offered.
I think there are solid reasons, both culturally and perhaps even biophysically, why we have chosen the filters whuch illuminate our third floors...not so sure drastically changing or exoanding the filters will 'catch on' the way, say, Mozart or Miles Davis or Ravi Shankar has. Great video though.

yessheila8, posted on March 2, 2014

the future is now

cathybyhand, posted on February 23, 2014

OMG - the geometries his awareness/discovery is showing us is amazing. How beautiful... so beautiful. I need more - everything is holographic. What a fortunate man! I will check out his site!

drmljg, posted on February 21, 2014

Are you marketing the instrument shown in the film? Is anyone selling instruments that fully integrate Ervin Wilson's discoveries?

allprozak88, posted on February 19, 2014

amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! what a universe!!!!!!!!!???????????

sallyh, posted on February 18, 2014

An amazing film.

RedcatMac, posted on February 18, 2014

I loved this! Ties in beautifully with sacred geometry, math, cosmology. I'm on my way to their web site . . .

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