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Suzuki Speaks

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Suzuki Speaks (2004)

Only available in Canada, United States

Suzuki is at his best. For more than 30 years, scientist, broadcaster and environmental activist David Suzuki has served as the host of The Nature of Things, a CBC program that is seen in more than forty nations. Suzuki Speaks is an hour of thought-provoking television.

Earth. Air. Fire. Water. Life. David Suzuki delivers one of the most powerful messages of his career – the relationship between the four “sacred” elements and their influence on the “interconnectedness” we feel individually, with each other and with the rest of the world.

David Suzuki
Tony Papa

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eesa, posted on April 19, 2014

The endless mindless media soundbites and visual effects and graphics made this almost as bad as Fox News. I could listen to David Suzuki all day and all night, no problem. But fighting to hear him over the noise and distraction of this "presentation" was just way too much. Perhaps it was made for people who are used to this level of distracting noise and visual effects. But it made me crazy.

fg2023, posted on January 24, 2016

I agree, and I quit after 5 mins, too much over rated aminations and sound effects. Suzukis's message is interesting but it is lost in the jungle of effects. I am seeking wisdom, not this.

mytholog, posted on April 3, 2014

Inspiring! I want to watch this film again and share it with others.

beaum07, posted on November 1, 2013

Dear David, Thanks for the show!

I believe I left my top hot in your theater, would you just hold it for me until the next time travel expedition?

alancrawford, posted on August 14, 2012

Excellent! A short yet profound and engaging video.

lucyee, posted on July 29, 2012

dont miss this one, it is good!

purdytig, posted on December 14, 2011

Very thorough and interesting look at our journey away from awareness of our interconnectedness with the natural world, where that has brought us, and where we need to go if we are to survive as a species. His analogy of humanity being like bacteria in a test tube, with finite resources, but growing their population exponentially, and thus ever more rapidly consuming the resources they needed to survive, is both sobering and powerful.

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