Open Minds: Taking our Place in the Cosmos with Tom T. Moore Video
Taking our Place in the Cosmos with Tom T. Moore
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Open Minds: Taking our Place in the Cosmos with Tom T. Moore (February 2014)

Season 4, Episode 5
Available worldwide

The answer to the great question of being alone in the universe may soon be revealed. Earth is a gem in the universe and our uniqueness is a source of attention for other civilizations. Ancient history hints about higher forms of life controlling human destiny for their own gains. As we stand at the dawn of a new era, these ancient agendas are changing dramatically. Tom T. Moore traces the history of extraterrestrial influence upon our civilizations’ progress and explains what we can expect with the coming unveiling of humanity in this interview with Regina Meredith originally webcast February 4, 2014.

For over 25 years Tom T. Moore has been president and CEO of his own international motion picture and TV program distribution business. His three, The Gentle Way, books provides a simple, yet powerful tools for everyday use that are a giant step forward from The Law of Attraction. His latest book, First Contact: Conversations With An ET, details Mr. Moore's telepathic communications with a member of a first contact team coming to earth in 2017.

Regina Meredith
Tom T. Moore


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tmoore, posted on June 20, 2015

Hi folks! My new book ATLANTIS & LEMURIA--The Lost Continents Revealed! will be out in September 2015. It will be the most detailed book ever published on these two continents which destroyed themselves in two horrific wars. Check it out.

jldy, posted on December 3, 2014

I am but a simple spiritualist with no amazing gifts or contacts but thru all the previous conversations here I see no comment on the glaring discrepency here!
This is Dec 3 2014 yet no UFO disclosure's of any kind from the Russians as of yet as told by Tom. So taking this into account exactly what am I supposed to believe? It seems their are many people with much to tell and nothing to back it up with! So where's the Truth!

tmoore, posted on June 20, 2015

I'm not too happy either. The Russians have been dragging their feet. I think Mr. Putin is more interested in acquiring more territory from the Ukraine than he is in allowing disclosure. Every three months I ask for an update. I started asking for "probabilities" of the disclosure from my own GA and I seem to get pretty straight answers. Last time I asked the probability was low for the next 3 months and that was a month or so as I write this in June 2015. I'll ask again in July and will post in my weekly newsletter. That's the main problem with you deal in human probabilities I've learned in the last two years. When the probability rises to 90% I'll start getting excited. That does not take away from the great information I received detailing information on their spacecraft, how they can travel light years in an instant, planets, solar systems, the fact that there is another universe adjacent to ours and so on.

Tom T. Moore

sofiaalexander2, posted on April 15, 2014

Having been into metaphysics since the mid-1970s, I've seen many videos and read many books on communicating with angels. Yet, even today I am always open to new ideas on how to better communicate with my core angelic team. In Tom's interviews with Regina Meredith on Gaiam TV, I was really moved to use his simplistic and powerful means of communicating with my Higher Self. He provides the viewer with a glimpse of how, using his "Most Benevolent Outcome" strategy, anyone can tap into the Spiritual Matrix. As a result of Tom's openness, honesty and congruency of his message, I immediately bought his book "The Gentle Way." I love his book and plan to read it again. Simply put, Tom's videos offer inspiring information and application about communicating with our angels and Higher Self to have a happier and more joyous life.

Nicol B. Alexander

WaldorfmamaLJA, posted on March 13, 2014

Tom talks about the Pleadians visiting Russia in 2015 and that they will travel around visiting other governments... I love this news but am skeptical that the US Government would make this public knowledge. I love the timeline Tom is painting and feel so hopeful that this could really happen but find it difficult to believe that the UFO introduction to the worldly public would happen so quickly?

tmoore, posted on March 22, 2014

Liza, I'm going to be waiting in anticipation along with you and everyone else. I look at it from the standpoint that there must have been a really good reason that my own Guardian Angel would have introduced me to another member of my soul group or "cluster" back in 2008. As I had already asked thousands of questions of my GA Theo at that time, when he said an ET on another planet was "tuning into" our conversation I was shocked. I thought I was having a private conversation with my GA and suddenly discover I'm on a party line. He did not initially tell me Antura was a member of my soul cluster.

You can go to where there are a couple of sample chapters of my FIRST CONTACT: Conversations with an ET, or you can go to my website for a couple of different ones. As you'll see, it's like having a conversation.

So that's fine. Be skeptical. But if you keep up with the news about UFOs you'll hear that down in South America the number of sightings is up 100% over last year. Just this morning on my Facebook page two of my friends posted two UFO sightings. I have not asked Antura whether those are CGI or real yet. My company is also the world wide distributor for THE WATCHERS series on DVD (and soon to be on cable). Check out WATCHERS 7 which just won the best UFO film of the year and Audience Award at the international UFO Congress. They have some good footage in the program.

So there must be some reason for this increase in sightings, don't you think?


tmoore, posted on February 24, 2014

I thought everyone might like the question I posed this week to Antura. This will be in my next newsletter, but you'll see it first here.
Antura, Russia seems a bad choice to make regarding disclosure, due to their heavy-handed control of their people at this time?

"Yes, we can see they have a long way to go in that area Tom, but on the other hand, their people are much more open to hearing this information than say the people of the United States are. You have to have the right mindset for people to be told that there have been secret contacts for years. The Russian people have lived with this knowledge of all sorts of secret activity by their government, so the fact they have been dealing with aliens will be just another revelation and will not send their population into panic mode, as it will in the United States with so many religious institutions.

"The Russian people will in the not too distant future have a much more democratic form of government, and we will be able to assist in gently prodding them in that direction in our face to face meetings with their leaders. But the bottom line is the people and their acceptance of this information—these revelations."
Tom T. Moore

kurtfoster, posted on February 23, 2014

This was one of the best interviews ever ever seen. If we are to believe what Mr. Moore says, then this event will be the single most important thing that's happened since Christ walked the Earth! I thoroughly enjoyed hearing him speak, and would love to see more of him.

tmoore, posted on February 17, 2014

Hi! I now have an account, so I can answer questions regarding the interview and my book FIRST CONTACT: Conversations With An ET. You can read sample chapters of the book at
Tom T. Moore

peacekeeper, posted on February 9, 2014

First off i want to honor the perspectives of those who felt relatively enlightened by the expanded possibilities offered in this interview. Whatever fills our tank to keep us moving... But i also want to acknowledge those commenting who are offering (healthy) skepticism- especially through witty humour. For those so inclined, i believe it wise to be questioning whatever perspectives arrive from beyond our known sources of reference. Just because a civilization is more advanced in technology and its personal evolution, does not necessarily equate it to have superiour or ultimate knowledge concerning (especially) the spiritual evolution of another species. i suspect All species in the cosmos (where we also live...) remain in the difficult process of coming into direct experience with what has created us. And much like many on earth professing superiour insights towards this noble endeavor, likely there are relative numbers of well-intending professors-of-truth spinning throughout other star systems- including those wielding nefarious intentions. Perhaps this is why the rumi-dude says "...Don't squat with a bowl before every boiling pot; in each pot on the fire you find very different things."

My sense is to remain open/neutral to whatever arrives and like 'pattymac3' below demonstrates, she runs it through her feeling filters. Regarding humans delivering 'negativity' to the universe, she says, "This doesn't feel true." End of story. In personally watching this video, my mind shut down within the first several minutes- following the advice of the heart that said, "there is no nourishment here for us." Nevertheless i watched the entire interview because this info has arrived in its precision. Interesting interview.

sjw444, posted on February 7, 2014

Loved it! Tom actually reminds of a dolphin. Adorable!

haleydaria1, posted on February 7, 2014

God Bless Tom!! He goes right to the Heart of the Matter! This is as cutting edge As you can get in 2014! We are being challenged, we are being transformed, we are ascending and we did “sign up” for this. As much as I squirm and protest, its obvious…..I saw this program right at the depths of despair of an all too “dramatic” undertaking I “chose” to endure near 5 years on,,,,,Tom called it rightfully as chosen work, and its up to me to “release”. We’ll see how far my own humanity can take me, till then, Tom, Thanks for the [hidden] Memories!!!!


dumitru, posted on February 6, 2014

Tom says the Earth experience is here to introduce "negativity" to the Universe. Then they go right from that to talking about the great wars that the extra-terrestrials fought amongst themselves. How can we be introducing "negativity" to beings who have already experienced inter-planetary wars?

Heather at GaiamTV, posted on February 10, 2014

Tom asked Gaiam TV to share his response, below.

I would like to respond to the comments regarding negativity. This is a very confusing subject, so this morning (Feb 7) in my meditative session I asked for clarification.

Antura, please give us a better explanation of how negativity is controlled in the universe with the exception of earth.

"Yes, this is a very difficult subject Tom. Not only this universe but all other universes have treated negativity as an anathema—something to cast out with the bathwater shall we say. As these societies are millions of years in advance technologically than yours Tom, the process of rejecting negativity and sending it away is much more simple than you can imagine."

Is negativity sent through black holes?

"Yes, a great deal is converted there. Even during the infamous star wars with all the hate you can imagine was generated in the war, negativity was blocked and then sent away. Even if I were talking to a quantum physicist Tom, it would be extremely difficult for them to grasp at this juncture. The concepts are above their grade level may I say. So I’m not trying to avoid the question, as we have discussed this in the past. I’m simply saying it is beyond even your scientists understanding. This will be something you will be able to understand in the future, but it will take several hundreds of years."

peacekeeper, posted on February 18, 2014

Greetings, Antura... An honor indeed to sense your presence through our brother Tom. i know your words were directed to Tom specifically- and yet destiny(?) has landed them here in this interesting forum.

i pray i do not appear as disrespectful in questioning your message, my friend, but as a soul exhausted in its lifetimes of endeavoring in service to the Beloved, i would say your comment: "...millions of years in advance technologically than yours..." holds little to no relevance in terms of understanding and/or experiencing the conscious energies you call "negativity." This current experience (lifetime) has revealed the time/space paradigm to be complete illusion (even with advanced technologies) and that 'negativity' is not some unconscious piece of mental depiction. There are humans coming into full-realization (andropos) who (like me) are designed "to work with energies that obey them"- as quoted in the Gospel of Philip. "...Rejecting and sending away negativity" in our experience is to reject conscious existence that only sends it (temporarily) elsewhere to grow in its rage and pain. "Sending it away..." Where exactly... if we share the One field of consciousness? i have received breath-acceptance tutelage from Yeshua which allows 'negativity' or fear-based Beings to be identified and communicated with directly. We offer life to these Beings by 'welcoming' their presence through Breath communication because Love has taught us Her ways that would never reject any form of consciousness (malevolent or otherwise) seeking acceptance and/or freedom from their pain. Where would Love be needed most, if not in the deepest, darkest corridors of existence? What would Love do with "negativity?" It would accept it... and bring it home!!

i understand the likelihood that your process of rejecting and sending away these destructive forces has been necessary in your evolution- for Acceptance was not a tool given to your species-time collective. Thus i offer no judgment in how your civilization came to deal with these highly, unpredictable forces in terms of survival. i only know that currently we humans have the knowledge to assist these most ruthless entities back to their transformation as perfect lifeforce- free to serve Love in a different manner. As one of our teachers (Mary Magdalene) once said, "You cannot destroy the evil inclination, but you can turn it into the service of the good- and it will no longer be evil."

Speaking to our scientists in several hundred years is to overlook the Heart's tutelage rapidly accelerating within humanity. We are Beings trading our intellects for experiential communication with what has created us: God/Love. The psychic corridors (intellectual channels) as you likely know have been co-opted- which opens the door as to your true identity and intentions, my brother. Your experience is 'cloaked...' which can be discerned though Breath-Consciousness. Why is that? i honor who and whatever you may be, even if deception lies in your relationship with Tom. If you're going to present superiour insights, you must present yourself as you truly are. The energy of Deception flows in your currents- and that too is welcomed. Please feel free to respond however you may. Many blessings.

tmoore, posted on February 18, 2014

Peacekeeper, thanks for your contributions. I do take a little umbrage about your deception comment. I've always been one of the "straight arrows" in two of the most difficult industries on the planet--the tour business and then for the past many years the entertainment industry. You can question whether what I received is accurate or completely inaccurate--I expect that, but not that I'm trying to deceive anyone. I report what I received, and as I have explained many times before, I'm in the 80% to 90% accuracy range. I'm told that no one who does this work is completely accurate, although I do find it a little easier as we move into the 5th focus.

Regarding the comments about the ETs being millions of years ahead of us technologically, that's quite true. If you read my book, when Antura's people settled on the water planet in the Sirius B Solar System (there are over 20 planets there we haven't discovered yet) 18 million years ago they were the "new kids on the block." Antura says that there are societies in that solar system which are over 1 billion years in age. Then in the book I mentioned elsewhere there are societies which are 10 billion years old. Just imagine what we could have accomplished if we had that much time!

But what they have not been able to do is to raise their vibrational levels above more that the 5.3 to 5.4 range. They have stagnated, and that's where we come in. I joking say that when we reach the stars we're going to "kick alien butt" and get them going again by introducing such simple things as games, which require a winner and loser and therefore negativity. We're known as the Explorer Race, and all these societies are a little nervous, as the time for them to begin to change is fast approaching. It may be 1,200 years for us but in Universal Years it's only 120 years.

And surely you know that when I do my meditations I surround myself with white light, AND I request a Most Benevolent Outcome to receive these messages PERFECTLY, which also involves my own Guardian Angel in protecting me. My own GA Theo introduced Antura to me as one of my soul cluster members, and as I've asked Theo thousands of questions, I had no reason to doubt who he is. See the next interview to learn more about the greatest modality I ever found, a simple tool to use each day which works PERFECTLY. You can read sample chapters of my books on my website.


peacekeeper, posted on February 18, 2014

Hello, Tom... You are a class-act by taking the time to respond to questions and comments on this forum. i want to apologize if you perhaps misunderstood my comments towards deception and took them personally. My message was directly to 'Antura...' (which i'll explain more below) and had nothing to do with your personal integrity, my friend. Clearly you have worked hard not only in developing these relationships with these unseen Beings but you have done your homework in terms of protecting yourself to (best) discern the veracity in what you receive. Yes, i know of the methods of protection and requests for benevolent outcomes via guardian angels and other believed possibilities. i know this through personal experience as well as through the untold number of friends (over many years) who shared similar insights/methodologies. As you know, the list for protection (and its effectiveness) varies within each spiritual tradition in which many claim superiour knowledge and its relative certainty. As you also know, there is a muscled bombardment of information being channeled through individuals onto this planet through the Psychic corridors... (our thinking channels) with many malevolent Beings doing their absolute best to (falsely) represent themselves as Beings of Light, including roles of benevolent guardian angels, ascended masters, etc. This is why 'protection' exists, afterall. They tell us... (our ego-natures) through long-mastered psychic channels... what we want to hear... and fill our mind's ideas with grandiose visions of being chosen to assist them in ushering forth humanity's greater evolution; filled as well with wondrous projections including mother-ships brimming with grand technologies to save our day! For many they provide 'convincing' truth by channeling books and other enticing manifestations of matter. They clearly possess these skills as evidenced in any metaphysical bookstore to date.

Tom, i am not discounting nor denigrating your personal experiences because there are indeed well-intending Beings who believe they hold knowledge of humanity's spiritual ascension. And i honor that you are sincerely moving in your journey as you must. But perhaps it is a good idea to consider your offering on their behalf: that they have "stagnated" as perhaps many other advanced cultures have come to. Would we not want to question why a race of Beings in their millions of years of 'advancement' (which they measure through us) have not only come to stagnate vibrationally but are offering us to follow in their footsteps? Do we desire to be led into potentially similar stagnation filled with its wonderful tech-toys- and still be lacking in spiritual development?

There is not enough space in this forum to discuss Breath-conciousness versus Psychic consciousness. One sees the other while the other does not. In my experience there is no way to discern veracity through the psychic corridors- no matter how much our minds wish to believe it so. Surrounding ourselves with (unseen) other's 'ideas' of light protection and various affirming, intentional potions does not equate to our knowing of their effectiveness or accuracy. We are clueless and completely vulnerable to deception and clever manipulation because 'egos' (humans identified as their mind's experience) were designed to be so; that is until one's timing arrives to develop Breath-Awareness. i will say this not as truth for others but as possibility: All entities, Beings -visible and invisible- are subject to the breath and can be literally sensed through our human feeling corridors which see beyond the psychic realms where many nefarious (and benevolent) Beings operate from. In my view this is ultimate discernment that allows us to 'see' any Being offering communication simply by feeling (within) the energetics flowing through their consciousness field. i simply detected the consciousness of 'deception' moving through Antura's field- nothing more- nothing less; as well as the conscious energetics supporting a 'cloaking' device. Is this true or accurate? It is not my concern; it is just what was present when 'feeling' his subdued presence in his communication. i make no judgment of deception or the need to cloak one's field. Antura is welcome in my experience to arrive and speak as he must, but i would speak to him in abject honesty, for how can any of us (truly) come into the Beloved's embrace holding the need for self-deception energetics relative to our current role in this holographic universe?

In many years of interacting with unseen Beings, i have come to one consistent conclusion: humanity is both envied and hated for what lies hidden within. The powers feeding on fear are doing everything to prevent these dirt and clay, "inanimate" objects from awakening. MANY are here to misdirect us through expanding our self-projected identities via our ego-minds that keeps us in deep slumber. i'll finish with some provocative words by Mary Magdalene:

Mary said, “There are many gods and goddesses with great power, and all manner of spirits that have secret knowledge, yet the power that is in you is greater and the knowledge you possess is more rare and precious. I tell you, great and luminous beings shall come seeking power and knowledge from you. See that you give to all who ask and withhold only from those who come to steal, and those who receive let worship the Anointed of God Most High." "...I tell you truly, you are divine beings, but do not let anyone worship you.”

Tom, may your journey continue to fascinate and reveal your greater inner-presence- as well as to incite hope for many stirring from their slumber. i salute the work that has arrived on your plate. It will ultimately align itself with the sincerity and perfection already sensed in your Heart, my friend. Many blessings, dear, fellow-traveler.

tmoore, posted on February 22, 2014

Peacekeeper. Let me give you some more information I normally give in my workshops.
1. On how to tell if you're receiving good information:
a. Whomever you're communicating with does not ask you to do things--especially ones that would in any form harm someone else. That has never happened to me. In fact quite often I'm told that they're sorry, we have to make those decisions for ourselves;
b. The information you receive is completely different than you thought the answer would be;
c. Does the information "resonate with you." Does it make you feel warm--that gut feeling--or does it give you heartburn? There were one or two responses where the person wrote that my information did not resonate. In that case I always advise to keep searching for messages that do resonate. Perhaps a message will resonate for a while, and then you continue on down the path and another message will resonate.
2. Humanity is never hated--only love is what I've found. They admire us for what we've been able to accomplish being completely veiled and not being able to go back to a prior life where the same problem was encountered before. Our souls DESIGNED it that way in order to learn to make decisions on our own--something that will be needed when our souls meld together to take over running the universe for the Creator and allow IT to go to a higher level--something that has never been done in any of the other billions of universes. Keep in mind that these are our "uncles and aunts" as they were the ones who designed Adam man and woman with DNA contributed by over 200 planets.
3. None of these societies is going to "save us." According to the Earth Directive, which was originally created back in the Atlantian days when they saw that their meddling was only adding to the conflict. Antura recently told me that the governments "couldn't see past the nose on their face." So it's been hands off ever since until the Zeta's started abducting people for their DNA to create hybrids to save their race. Then an Addendum had to be added to put a stop to that, as it was not covered in the original Earth Directive.
4. And regarding the deception you felt. Perhaps it was just my nervousness in being on TV. I'm normally behind a camera and not in front of it, as I have been involved in movie and TV show productions during my 30 years in the business, but not in front of the camera since my very early days doing a couple of commercials and tiny roles in a production here and there. You should read the book to get the full "feel" of what I received. It's quite different from just hearing me relate a few things in the interview. Was that a "knee jerk" reaction of being skeptical? Only you can answer that. I do have sample chapters on my website and there are different sample chapters on you can read. Plus in my newsletters each week (also archived on my website) you can read all the new questions I've asked since I closed on the book in January of 2013 to send to the publisher. Link is
5. Finally, don't forget our contribution to the rest of the universe will be to get them out of their vibrational rut they've been in by introducing tiny bits of negativity. I've been told .02% to 2% maximum compared to the over 50% we've had to deal with, and will slowly drop over the coming years. Even that scares them or certainly makes them uncomfortable. As you know, people are always most comfortable with the status quo and that extends across the universe I'm told.
Hope that answered some of your misconceptions.

haleydaria1, posted on February 7, 2014

I just emailed Tom about this....maybe I'm confused,,,was it the "Reptilians" who are "holders" of the negative that instigated the wars that blew up solar systems??? Con Fuze D

Heather at GaiamTV, posted on February 10, 2014

Tom asked Gaiam TV to post his response, below:

Antura is a hominid, walking on two legs. The closest anyone has gotten so far to his appearance would be the Abe Sapien character in the Hell Boy movies, which you can google his images. There are many differences, but you get the idea.

Regarding the Reptilians, I have been told that all the societies are friends now. As part of the peace agreement the Reptilians were allowed to take part in the "Earth Experiment" and have 5,000 souls (with each having 6 to 12 soul fragments) having lives on earth. There will be two reptilians (in the crew of 850) on board Antura's mothership who "stick to themselves," Antura says. I've been told one of my friends is a reptilian soul fragment put in my path to see how they are doing.

gbbrinck, posted on February 6, 2014

Not sure what I believe. Maybe that's a good place to start.

Is a prokaryote a part of a "soul cluster" as well? I like a lot of the ideas mentioned here, but it all seems a bit 'fishy'(no pun intended :P)!

tmoore, posted on February 17, 2014

I had to look this up in Wikipedia, but here is the definition given: "The prokaryotes are a group of organisms whose cells lack a membrane-bound nucleus (karyon). The organisms whose cells do have a nucleus are called eukaryotes. Most prokaryotes are unicellular organisms, although a few such as myxobacteria have multicellular stages in their life cycles or create large colonies like cyanobacteria."

A soul "fragment" as my Guardian Angel calls them is a piece of a soul, which is a ball (albeit a big one) of energy. From what I understand it is not an organism. For the earth experience there are typically 6 to 12 soul fragments in each cluster. I used to think that they would be like peas in a pod--all identical--but that's not the case. Each fragment is spun off with its own interests and pursuits, so that the soul learns as much as possible from the 600 to 800 lives on average (plus each life has 12 parallel lives I went into detail about in my FIRST CONTACT book--each one at a different frequency).


brandi.l.eckert, posted on February 5, 2014

What incredible FUN this man brings!

j9cell, posted on February 5, 2014

Such an interesting topic! I will be adding his books to my read list. However there is a discrepancy between his information and mine. In a future life regression I discovered I was a 'humanitarian' in 3043. My job required that I fly to other planets (several per day) to help the inhabitants with various projects. I specifically remember flying through portals. Our solar system (just outside of Earth's atmosphere) had about 4 or 5 portals visibly marked in bright colours. I understood it to be time jumping in my regression. And it must have been early on in the time jumping process I think because the ship and our bodies would stretch as if time slowed down then it would speed up and we'd condense just before we shot out the other end -- almost like an elastic taking flight.

haleydaria1, posted on February 7, 2014

Love your Post!! loved visualizing this....isn't it "Pro" gression? i.e. forward in time? Or maybe a Portal jump! ahahah

Maidenhair, posted on February 5, 2014

Oh I loved it Regina this was one conference that held my attention knowing we've been waiting to hear again on channeled ones as Tom Moore sharing with us so much knowledge
It excites me to think our Brothers & Sister's are landing (Pleiadians) super cool and calm besides what's coming in our future
will be something I'm looking forward to although Life of whee were at in this era may make a huge difference..
Thanks Regina & Tom

skylajane, posted on February 5, 2014

This was a fascinating interview. Would love to hear more from Tom T. Moore.

sherrianwitt, posted on February 4, 2014

A great interview. But do wish you would have given him a little more time to build up to his descriptions. Wanted to know if these fish-like beings walked upright on two legs? or maybe four? Do enjoy your interjections with your info, but maybe you could do a whole program about you and your
experiences and in the meantime let the guest talk (LOL)
Mahalo for your as always interesting interviews. Look forward to your upcoming info about radiation and Fukushima. We are now working on legislation to
get each island here n Hawaii to do monitoring of Food, Water and Air for Radiation. Wonder what your guest Tom T. Moore would have had to say about us manipulating countries and radiation.

carolyngrace1818, posted on February 4, 2014

Thank you:)

scoobyrescue, posted on February 4, 2014

OLD BOY, 2015 , E.T. Pleladians creatures with videos of us will land in Russia and we will get to watch our history on video........can I be objective and ask " is this real empirical knowledge or a rambling of a interactive imagination where egocentricity is the psychology for validation. I have heard much of this mind deviation of galactic federation and landing in 2017 of huge mother ships with bird beings and plant beings visiting all important Human beings, and of course Tom will be the messenger to inform us of this all. Really, the resonance of this intelligence is egocentric and numbing, especially when I am portal hopping and translating all the Galactic languages and learning the trauma of negativity because I am the center of the known universe and living 200 past lives all at once......please, give me the pill to believe this Scottie......and beam me up from planet earth with my dog Scoobydoo, who is an alien creature that looks like a dog.....

peacekeeper, posted on February 9, 2014

Glad to see your well-written post, my friend. The rampant need to predict the future with all its data-bytes of specific know-how has never resonated with my experience. Your writing was enjoyable and to the point. Trying to perceive the future is to chase an illusion that cleverly... prevents one from discovering their present-moment experience- where life ONLY happens.

gbbrinck, posted on February 10, 2014


you seem very peaceful, active, and engaged. i would like to extend my hand to you! I happen to believe that you ARE right about the NOW. However, the capital N-O-W as i have written seems a BIG word for now. Forgiving our past, and accepting our future, are, in my opinion, just as powerful as REALIZING the now. i happen to like that word now, lol thanks again!

<3 Ramanyana

peacekeeper, posted on February 18, 2014

Thank you, 'gbbrinck' and/or 3Ramanyana for the beautiful gesture of friendship; how kind is that? i too extend my hand in your direction, my friend. :) You make a good point in offering that coming into reconciliation with our past and future might be a pivotal stepping stone leading to present-moment fullness. Your opinion (and all others) will always be honored in our exchanges.
Allow me to struggle/play with this "NOW" concept a bit further... You mention "Forgiving our past, and accepting our future..." and again, i think these are solid ways to move towards present-moment experience. But what if we learned to steadily release our notions of Self identity in our consciousness that left us in a state of complete unknowingness- yet quite present? In other words, what if we became the One who breathes in our field with no knowing of who or what we are- that releases us from identifying ourselves as the mind's experience with it lifetimes of drama and traumas? If in our breath-world we discover we are no longer the Mind's experience, then we are also no longer its experiences of the past and future... In this, we would have nothing to forgive or accept because Past and Future paradigms reveal themselves as illusions of the mind that do not exist in present-moment awareness. Our dramas and traumas are only 'ours' if we continue to be identified as the mind's perceptions/experiences. In order to experience the NOW or present-moment consciousness, one must become aware of conscious breathing relative to the bodily feelings they experience in the moment- but this is too deep a topic to fit into the scope of this forum. Suffice to say that learning to release our Self from our experience, allows us as unknown breathers to assist our minds by teaching them that their past and future do not exist... (never have) and therefore have no need to be forgiven or mired in future projection and/or acceptance. A person breathing consciously in the present-moment accepts whatever flows through his/her plumbing with no attachment to past or future endeavors beyond occasional referencing.

i know i only complicated this subject further- but perhaps it serves as possibility in terms of contemplation that 'we' are not the mind's consciousness. Conscious-Breathers eventually become aware that their consciousness flows directly from the Heart experience- and this is a step towards learning that elsewhere mental realities are pure illusion... even if this 'holo-deck' is most-convincing. :) Many blessings, my dear friend. Thank you again for your extension of friendship!

gbbrinck, posted on February 6, 2014

you crack me up! I almost wanted to turn it off, but Regina is too gorgeous and Tom is a doll. I was questioning most of this, although i think a lot of the ideas are stimulating at least. I wonder if you could comment on cognitive dissonance theory here, i.e.- the concept in psychology that states that we, as people, think that we are "good people", so our minds will believe anything to make that a reality..i.e- "it's okay that i smoke cigarrettes, it's ONLY a social thing!" Knowing a little bit about psychopharmacology, i can attest that many of the substances we put into our body, can affect our behavior. In other words, our environment affects our behavior.

..I think Tom might need some more Oxygen in his underwater space bubble! :P

Thanks again for the laugh! great show though right?!

tmoore, posted on February 17, 2014

Whew! I had to look this one up in Wikipedia, as keep in mind my degree is in Finance, not psychology. Here is the theory so everyone is on the same page:
Leon Festinger's theory of cognitive dissonance focuses on how humans strive for internal consistency. When inconsistency (dissonance) is experienced, individuals largely become psychologically distressed. His basic hypotheses are listed below:

"The existence of dissonance, being psychologically uncomfortable, will motivate the person to try to reduce the dissonance and achieve consonance"
"When dissonance is present, in addition to trying to reduce it, the person will actively avoid situations and information which would likely increase the dissonance"

So I guess my question to you is are your trying to reject information that is not in your box of beliefs? Metaphysics is defined as "beyond physics", but that line keeps moving as science keeps proving one theory after another. The fact that you have rejected belief in other beings in the universe does not mean they don't exist--it's just that you have not encountered them yet, which would change your beliefs--sort of ripping out the side of that box of beliefs.

If you were to read my book, FIRST CONTACT: Conversations with an ET, you would see I asked literally hundreds of questions and touched on information that I know I had never seen in any science fiction movie, book, or magazine. You can read a couple of sample chapters on or go to my website to read a different couple of chapters to see what I mean.

jasummers, posted on February 4, 2014

Maybe I am a sucker, but I buy most of it, however I grasp what you are saying, and you funny and smart...ha ha ha ha/

sherrianwitt, posted on February 4, 2014

I do know the Pleaidians are known as the ancestors of most indigenous people. But the de-sensitizing to these beings sounded a bit dark to me.
And as we know David Icke talks about the Reptilians as being a part of the "Families" of earth who want to dominate and enslave us..
Guess someday we will all know...But n the meantime it is great fodder for the imagination..

gbbrinck, posted on February 6, 2014

@sherrianwitt. thank you for your post. i would love if you could give me a reference to "alien" literature/media in terms of evolution, human origins, or history. One for you is Jim Marrs' newest book "Our Occulted History: Do The Global Elite Conceal Ancient Aliens?" I have found some conflicts personally,(I think if we aren't finding conflicts, we aren't making decisions for ourselves. i.e- the "space wool" is being pulled over our eyes :P !) but overall the ideas are very stimulating..i only just started reading.

i loved the idea that 1. aliens will come and that 2. they will inform us of our history. At least to me, in my earthly form, These scenarios are plausible based off of the EVIDENCE(tough concept in many realms. However, I do agree that firsthand experience is the BEST evidence one can have, although in terms of cognitive dissonance theory, it is nice to have the "proof" to back you up!) that I have seen. thanks again!

Alfreda Weiss, posted on February 4, 2014

Thanks for this insight into another part of the universe and how it works. I bet his book is great.

dragonwchimes, posted on February 4, 2014

Wow, and just wow! One of the best ET/Human channeling I've ever listened to, validates SO MUCH about Humans and our Ancient Civilizations!!! Thank-you Meredith..please have Tom come back, this man is so honest and humble, everything he said resonates with me on a soul level, I was transfixed totally!

Jimirod, posted on February 4, 2014

I'm sure if the ETs had conflicts among themselves in the past million years they would understand games of stratagy and feel relief or dispair over conflicts in battle. They would not need to learn this emotion from us.

jasummers, posted on February 4, 2014

I thought that too. Thanks for bringing that up.

art heart, posted on February 6, 2014

I too, don't resonate with advanced civilizations having to re-experience darkness from us. This doesn't feel true.

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