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Thomas Woodruff
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Art in Progress: Thomas Woodruff (2004)

Episode 7
Only available in United States

Woodruff invites you into his studio to share his visions and ideas that created the strange images of the Freak Parade. Listen in as he describes the nobility of the characters, despite their estrangement from the rest of the world. Thomas says it is almost like whistling in a graveyard. Continually evolving over 3 and half years, the parade celebrates the aberrance in nature, and maybe reflecting the decline of civilization due to our interests in standardizations.



Julie Speed Video
Episode 1 Julie Speed
Julie Speed (2004)
Episode 1
, 27 minutes
Julie Speed produces finely-crafted visual puzzles, expressing both cynicism and sense of humor.
Only available in United States
Deborah Kass Video
Episode 2 Deborah Kass
Deborah Kass (2004)
Episode 2
, 27 minutes
Deborah Kass mixes great humor with an impressive grasp of art history. Hear her intentions as she creates a new body of work.
Only available in United States
Kahn & Selesnick Video
Episode 3 Kahn & Selesnick
Kahn & Selesnick (2004)
Episode 3
, 28 minutes
Two artists create rich photographic narratives about a mythical moon landing that walks the line between fact and fiction.
Only available in United States
Sister Gertrude Video
Episode 4 Sister Gertrude
Sister Gertrude (2004)
Episode 4
, 27 minutes
Folk artist Sister Gertrude Morgan was a street preacher whose paintings meshed drawing with rambling text. Her sure hand produced thousands of biblically inspired images.
Only available in United States

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susanstortini, posted on May 27, 2014

why can these films not be made available in Canada?

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