The Tiger and the Monk Video
The Tiger and the Monk

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The Tiger and the Monk (2007)

Only available in Canada, United States

About a 2-hour drive west of Bangkok is Wat Pa Luangta Bua, a Buddhist monastery of meditation. The monks there take their ten tigers for a walk on a leash every day. The monks celebrate the tigers as their most sacred animals, and while they cuddle and play with the cubs, they treat the grown-up animals with great respect.

Tigers are one of the most endangered species in the world. Each of the few monks living in the monastery, which was declared a tiger reserve by the Thai government, takes care of one tiger, and since two tiger cubs took refuge in this isolated temple in 1998 their number has grown to ten.

This documentary portrays the harmonious relationship between humans and predators without disregarding the monks' maxim that a tiger will always be a tiger. Even if it feeds from the hand, it will always be a wild animal.

Harold Pokieser

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lica.hartman, posted on December 13, 2015

This exemplifies how it is, without question, realistic to achieve peace and harmony regardless of species. No guns, no violence, just mutual respect and love. Many could learn from this example of what is possible. Absolutely beautiful and inspiring film.

babbiebrewer, posted on October 16, 2015

The movie moved me at soul level. Beautiful!!! So grateful that love brings two species together.

SuzannaB@Gaia, posted on October 16, 2015

We're very happy that the film moved you.


Iadora, posted on September 12, 2015

This was THE MOST SPIRITUAL MOVIE I've ever seen! How can I share it with others?

At the Soul Level, I'm certain the tiger understands the Thai Abbot's intentions. They, like many animals and Spirits function at the thought level, uncluttered by human contrivances of separation like languages and countries.


centurion458, posted on August 20, 2015

I am sitting here watching and my cats are sitting beside me. These animals are marvellous.

supermoon1, posted on August 2, 2015

We need to understand and treat our animals better. There is so much misunderstanding. This film brings to light a different possibility about animal and human interaction.

piceanvic1, posted on April 3, 2015

If only people could unit and follow the same concept with fellow human beings instead of hospitals and institutions there wouldn't be so many prisons and spiritual self castration?

jalone89x, posted on January 8, 2015

loved this film, love those Monks and workers there and there dedication, so much compassion
peace n joy

ltalenti, posted on July 26, 2014

I loved this documentary! Want to visit.

SHELLEYS, posted on February 6, 2014

I love how it shows that a peaceful mind can do wonders. Also, if I was wealthy I'd buy them an Island :)

marizalevario, posted on July 24, 2014

I also would like to start donating to them, Great movie..

mwilliams2, posted on February 3, 2014

Very cool - I loved watching this movie.

MARTYF, posted on February 2, 2014

Phenomenal amazing story that deserves global attention. Surely someone out there has the means to fund this sanctuary.

SHARONH9, posted on January 31, 2014


esaulenkoe, posted on December 28, 2013

Wow, that is all I can say, wow!

theginzopig, posted on August 17, 2013

Beautiful film. The need for money is made quite clear, but no place to send it is ever given. That is a shame!

mikemarsicano, posted on August 29, 2015

but we can google tiger monastery thailand that may give some info to send a donation. i just did it and they have a pretty good website

cassandra.cantrell, posted on July 2, 2013

Sweet film! Must see!

Melody W, posted on June 8, 2013

Thanks to those wonderful monks there is some hope that tigers won't go extinct. Some amazing footage in this movie. Breathtaking!

geobrubaker, posted on May 17, 2013

Nature and man at our best - living together in mindfulness.

engagingplot, posted on May 6, 2013

i hope the animal sanctuary does well. this video makes me want to send them money or go visit. it would be a great stop in a vacation i cant afford, lol. i wouldnt get that close though. the scenes of the monks eating breakfast while tigers roll around and play is priceless

uragreat12, posted on May 3, 2013

captivating, illuminating, and profound

alkhemist, posted on April 13, 2013

Not good for sensitive animal lovers. The clips about poachers are heartbreaking. Still, if this doesn't get to you, the footage is gorgeous and the documentary otherwise well done.

Echandywil, posted on January 23, 2013

Absolutely amazing!!!

anahera, posted on January 18, 2013

Bless them all. May financial abundance flow their way. May the wilderness flourish and spread.

Alfreda Weiss, posted on December 28, 2012

Great documentary.

Lighthands, posted on December 25, 2012

Absolutely amazing how these monks and caretakers can dance with these tigers; assessing when one is grouchy and when they are calm. Choosing which ones get to leave their cages and which ones stay home for the day. This video should be seen by everyone and we should all do our part to save the tigers and to keep the balance in the world between humans and our environment., posted on December 23, 2012

I was moved, inspired and in awe. It was a profound story told in an unpretentious and magnificent manner. I believe this is a MUST-SEE for anyone who believes in magic, yet needs a gentle reminder of what can be possible with the power of compassion and hard work.

Chelley6, posted on December 12, 2012

Watching this give hope on many levels. It also reminds us when we are still in our minds and present in our hearts, magic happens.

headfella, posted on November 13, 2012

If for no other reason than to see tourists & monks & wild Tigers communing! Amazing. I sincerely Hope the monks find the funds to keep this unique environment going and their Tigers breeding.
Chris Gartner, Winnipeg, Canada.

narissa, posted on November 1, 2012

This was wonderful! I would love to visit! It is so inspiring.

Lolk, posted on October 27, 2012

Absolutely amazing! Beautiful.

chandira2012, posted on October 26, 2012

Spendid documentary!
Proof once again that love and compassion WILL win over anything, anyone and even Tigers!

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