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Time (2013)

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Time travel – it is easier said than done. But if you could travel back in time, what gift would you leave?

Nick Hamilton, Alix Bidstrup, Even McGarrity, Dylan Vaughn-Jones, Isabel Yamasaki
Liam Connor

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paolomancini823, posted on June 6, 2016

Amazing film. Great message. Its funny to see how all we truly have to do is BELIEVE!

katwomantxstyle73, posted on April 13, 2016

and BEST One yet....:) wow. this one brought actual tears to my eyes.... and that undeniable feeling that in that one instant everything falls into place.

BEAA, posted on November 23, 2015

Magical! Beautiful!

BEAA, posted on September 19, 2015


rtmarchese, posted on July 6, 2015

just think, though. He now has the rock in his hand and has to replace it for the past only to relive those moments over and over.

abby6, posted on July 5, 2015

every second counts, masterfully done. what if we lived our entire lives in order to change one moment in one timeline so that one loved one could live? what if that's what we are all doing, waiting for that one key moment where only we can act.

mayamagic, posted on July 4, 2015

This documentary is a door opener reminding us to connect to our own advanced and loving god realized aspect, that exists right now, on some higher plane of existence.

Thank you for creating this movie.

moosewho82, posted on June 28, 2015


ZackLMiles, posted on June 26, 2015

7 minutes definitely worth experiencing. Thank you.

badu2us, posted on June 24, 2015


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