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Make It Happen: Time Management

Episode 138

Mel Robbins is racing across New York City in a cab while her co-host, Hank Norman, introduces the show. Also in this episode, Mel gives advice about time management.

Mel Robbins
Hank Norman


Episode 1 Introductions
Introductions (3/12/2007)
Episode 1
In this first segment of Make it Happen, coaching expert Mel Robbins discusses the format of her show.
Episode 2 Dream Careers
Dream Careers (3/13/2007)
Episode 2
Mel Robbins talks about finding and following dream careers.
Episode 3 Law of Attraction
Law of Attraction
Episode 3
Mel Robbins talks about being overwhelmed and the use of the Law of Attraction.
Episode 4 Kendra Todd
Kendra Todd
Episode 4
Mel Robbins talks with Kendra Todd, the first and only female and youngest person to win The Apprentice.

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tgaiamtv, posted on February 24, 2013

jazzylife, posted on January 22, 2013

I guess I was expecting more information rather than chatter. More of a talk show format...

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