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Tina for President

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Tina for President (2012)

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Tina Roberts is a shy, self-conscious, middle-school girl who is constantly picked on and ridiculed by the school bully (Tyler) and ignored by her emotionally distant father.

After her best friend is humiliated, she impulsively signs up to run for class president against Tyler.

Through the election process, Tina makes her voice heard and realizes that social justice can be achieved when you stand up for what you believe in.

Riley DeFeo, Major Curda, Austin James Wolff, Kurt Hahn
Carmen Emmi

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ms.nycharles, posted on October 31, 2014

This short short film...was heartwarming. I wish I had the nerve, when I was a kid....but Tina reminded me to stand up to anyone who says your different, in the end you will never be forgotten.

sallyh, posted on May 26, 2014

I liked it. Short and sweet. The end was perfect, made me think about who the real winner was.

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