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Tiny Miny Magic

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Tiny Miny Magic (2012)

Available worldwide

When Sam Cabbage decides to show her appreciation for her mailman by leaving him a present in her mailbox, she is delighted when he leaves her a present in return.

Jennifer Lafleur, Ross Partridge, Bryce Rudyk
Danielle Lurie

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Writspirit, posted on July 5, 2016

Too bad about the ending.

ELH127, posted on June 30, 2016

We just never know what the universe has in store for us.
Sometimes the magic is in the most unexpected places.

risingthelighttonight, posted on June 30, 2016

I wonder if she had planned that the whole time, didn't seem like it. She didn't seem too disappointed in thee end though.

thepathtoinnerpeace, posted on June 27, 2016

Loved this!! Well done!

angybone6, posted on January 23, 2015

It's beautiful to think we can create magic that touches, or CHANGES, the fates of those around us. The interesting ending makes that very clear. :D LOVED IT!

perry1127, posted on May 2, 2014

The point being that communication between people can generate happiness. Even if not quite the communication you expected or the ending you wanted.

dahlkedianna, posted on April 1, 2014

enjoyed it

WINNIFREDD, posted on February 24, 2014

I loved this movie the first time that I saw it. Now that I know the ending, it still fascinates me. Happiness is wherever you look, you just have to look for it!

jenniferbarthe, posted on January 12, 2014

The end was unexpected but nevertheless, I really enjoyed it.

Veggie210, posted on November 14, 2013

Totally unexpected ending!!! Lol, lol (HUD)

lumaralee, posted on November 10, 2013

I didn't expect that ending at all, but I really enjoyed this short film!

motherearth, posted on November 9, 2013

This film reminds me of another one named "Chalk" where every step can take you to place you haven't considered before.

constantiainnocenti, posted on November 8, 2013

I loved this SOOOOOOO much I was tearing up...and when it ended, I loved it more than I could have hoped. I want to share this with everyone. BEAUTIFUL!

Lolk, posted on November 8, 2013

Things are not always as they first appear! I luv this! :)

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