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How to Meditate: Tool Box (January 2016)

Episode 4
Available worldwide

In segment 4 of the How to Meditate series, Bill and Mark share with us all the tools in our meditation Tool Box, it's time to take a look at them all with an eye to continuing a good, quality practice that keeps us in the ideal zone for meditation practice.

Mark Williams, Bill Filter


Introduction to VUmind Video
Introduction to VUmind
Introduction to VUmind (January 2016)
12 minutes
Mark Williams and Bill Filter fromVUmind Meditation Training give an overview of their series How to Meditate. Learn how this series can equip you with the tools you need to live a much richer, more satisfying way of life.
Available worldwide
The Internal Selfie Video
Episode 1 The Internal Selfie
The Internal Selfie (January 2016)
Episode 1
, 19 minutes
In the first segment of the How to Meditate series, start turning your attention inward by learning about the Internal Selfie. After taking a snapshot of the landscape inside, practice the Belly Breath Superset to calm the ...
Available worldwide
The Body Electric Video
Episode 2 The Body Electric
The Body Electric (January 2016)
Episode 2
, 23 minutes
In the second segment of the How to Meditate series, practice using the Belly Breath Superset as the ON/OFF switch for the fight or flight response in your Body Electric; then the Contact Exercise introduces our first ...
Available worldwide
Dimmer Switch Video
Episode 3 Dimmer Switch
Dimmer Switch (January 2016)
Episode 3
, 21 minutes
In the third segment of the How to Meditate series, Bill and Mark explain how everyday life is more grey than just black or white, and the similarity with our nervous system. Learn to balance and calm your nervous system by ...
Available worldwide

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diamndntruff, posted on January 4, 2016

This is an awesome program!! I enjoy these breathing techniques & love the simple way that Mark & Bill teach them . Meditation is a very important aspect to life. Seeking yourself from the inside & finding that common thread that shows us WE are All connected through A Collective Consciousness!! Keep up the good work. Can't wait for the next session!! Love & Light! NAMASTE

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