Morph: The Secret of Light Body Activation: Transhumanize Video

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Morph: The Secret of Light Body Activation: Transhumanize (2008)

Season 1, Episode 9
Available worldwide

What role should technology play in our lives? What will be the trade-offs as we absorb the machine-like elements of technology versus our traditional human bodies? How might it affect our work in the realms of the light body and the kingdom of heaven? Can we change our own biology by imagining the gates of the gods within us and absorbing the stories and engaging images of light bodies?

William Henry


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Available worldwide

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Johnsja9, posted on April 30, 2016

Thank you so much for this program. Mr. Henry was a font of brilliant, cross-cultural information. His work along with the slides, was truly informational and transformational. I loved the meditations and the love he himself embodied for his work. Bravo.

alex09, posted on April 25, 2016

Love = Light, Fear = Resistance. The former is absolute truth, the latter is the illusion. Therefore, in order to return to The Light, resistance must eliminated. The property of resistance is universal and is found in Nature as a contracting force. It is one of the properties of electricity. It opposes the flow of an electrical current. The higher the resistance, the lower the flow. A typical every day example of this is dimming a light bulb. It uses a component called a dimmer switch. The dimmer switch is nothing but a device that varies resistance. When adding more resistance, the light gets dimmer. When reducing resistance, the light gets brighter.

The same principal applies to all of creation including us. Increased resistance, decreased brightness. With us however, we do not have dimmer switches attached to us in order to control resistance. The virtual device we do have is known as "our thinking" which includes our system of beliefs. In order to open the portal and allow maximum brightness of The Light , we must eliminate resistance. The Light is always flowing through us. It has to or else we wouldn't be occupying our transmit/receiver stations (our bodies). Maintaining maximum resistance (thoughts and beliefs with low vibrational frequencies) the flow is at a minimal brilliance which creates a weak resonance that we transmit. This resonance is out of sync with the resonance of Source. As long as we remain out of sync with Source, we will never transform and return. Therefore, to illuminate, one must stop operating from long term memory which stores our thoughts an beliefs from the past. Step into the present moment and reload your operating system (thoughts and beliefs) with high vibrational frequencies that are in syn with Source.

William Henry shared the two instructions that will synchronize with Source instantaneously. That will happen once the choice is made to eliminate resistance which means opening ones portal and downloading high frequency thoughts and storing them in long term memory as new beliefs.

We have as our birthright the gift of free will which means that we can step out of the illusion and into The Light just by a choice to do so. "Unconditional Love" has zero resistance and carries the highest of all frequencies. Choose it and transhumanize.

Love and Unity

thatcrazytoaster, posted on March 2, 2016

some things didn't resonate but others did. I just gather my data. Take what serves me and leave the rest. Keep on studying!

chrissybean13, posted on February 14, 2016

Just loved this... my dreams came to in your words...Thank you:)

LeftField, posted on February 14, 2016

Watched 8/9 episodes so far. Interesting concepts. Didn't appreciate the comment in episode 8 "David Wilcock paranoia" -what's that about William? I've read David's thoroughly researched and heavily referenced science and beyond works for years and watched hundreds of hours of interviews, presentations and taped broadcasts. Not once has his material made me 'paranoid', or any other 'oid' - I would suggest doing more homework to overcome your own fears, don't blame the messenger. Contrarily, David repeatedly emphasises positive aspects of his teachings, often reiterating and underscoring we NOT get caught up in 'fear porn', which is what I may only presume you meant by your statement, since there was no context or explanation as to what it referenced. Furthermore, something I've never heard come out of David's mouth is the talking-down of another enlightenment educator, ever. Denigrating him in this way, and if we're all speaking English that's what this comment is, reflects not on David, but yourself.

Think it needs to be said here that taking a swipe at another soul, especially one so passionate and dedicated as David Wilcock, is a cheap and ineffective means to attempt to raise one's own 'status' above that of the person being swiped (not that David would bother commenting, he knows who he is and has a very healthy self-esteem and doesn't need to defend himself). It doesn't work but has the opposite effect of making the 'negative gossip' look insecure and a bit desperate for elevation above the 'swipee'. Maybe I just heard wrong but otherwise I think an explanation/ apology is owed to your colleague William. That would restore your credibility glitch and allow me to watch episode 9! Meanwhile, I'll be watching the solid, spiritual, reliable David Wilcock and let this go.. Thanks

vettbest, posted on February 23, 2016

U must miss heard the name he referred to during his brief description of the reptilian like Annunakki/ David Icke is well know for his negative views on the reptilian strain of humanoid species...

LeftField, posted on February 24, 2016

Greetings Vettbest,

Thank you for the correction! I'll re-watch the video to get the context. Still, my sentiment holds though regarding dissing another educator, be they right or wrong. Regardless of individual responses to Ickes work, he is a truth teller. If something he says doesn't resonate with people, it's for people to investigate and keep or discard the information. We are adults, he holds nothing back, in fact Icke has consistently put his reputation and credibility on the line to get the truth out there. If he was correct 100% of the time we'd be suspicious... The amount of ridicule David experienced inthe early days in order to get the truth out there, that no one else was telling us, IMHO has earned him the right to be given the benefit of the doubt either way. He is a proven entity. He doesn't leave me paranoid, just informed. I love his confidence in my ability as his audience, to discern the wheat from the chaff rather than filtering his info into baby fodder in order to protect a precious ego. I don't think it's fair for any other educator in the field, for whom Icke has literally paved the way, to dis his reputation.

Ps, I know reptiles exist, I have seen them. I don't know about extreme forms of shapeshifting but I do know infected persons develop characteristics such as scaly skin etc, (that disappear when the entity is sent packing), so it would't surprise me and I'd be willing to give David the benefit of the doubt since he's got it so right, so often! Checkout Holographic Kinetics case studies if you'd like more on that. Again, thanks!, posted on February 6, 2016

I have found that the application of certain oils and combining that with certain tones and colored light enhances and helps to bring this into fruition. That was part of what I was made to understand with my experience. Because we are in this physical body we have only those senses to work with. The application of certain oils can help raise our physical frequency, rose oil carries one of the highest frequencies within its make up. The sound of certain tones either singularly or in harmony will help to balance our bodies harmonically. The application of the colored light spectrum can also help. Then as you said, the presence of a mandala to visually focus on also helps. The combination of these things all deal with the atunement ( or atonement ) of our vibrational frequency cyamatically in connection to the ethereal.

cedguru, posted on January 29, 2016

I loved this series! Now I am flipping back to the beginning. I have to. I was just beginning to feel myself getting it when this episode ended. Oh man-o-man, this series is dynamite. I mean that literally. Thank you!!!

jbrand1997, posted on January 29, 2016

Just watched the entire season - interesting information. He talks about going to high energy places like Scotland. Other than Sedona, are there other energy centers we can go to in the U.S.?

SAFESHIPS, posted on June 17, 2016

Hi - You need to watch his other series here the wand and the ring. He discusses some amazing things about Nashville unknown to the average citizen!

RBallen, posted on January 28, 2016

This presentation is excellent. Mr. Henry's lectures are always, as a minimum, thought provoking!

vettbest, posted on February 23, 2016

the entire Big island of Hawaii is like a giant Pyramid because it is literally the tallest Mountain on Earth from sea floor to summit the top of Mauna Kea is considered sacred by the Hawaiians and it is geographically aligned to some amazing energy vortexes If U feel its quite calm silent flow you will see some amazing things above the clouds at over 9,000 ft in altitude the higher you go the more amazing it is so Id put it on my bucket list!Research its position on the Earth to find out more...

janepinter, posted on January 22, 2016

I didn't think I'd enjoy this series. I thought I knew just about all I needed to know about theses esoteric teachings. I've always honored JC as the great teacher and way shower but I had felt I learned much more cosmic principles from my own Master of Spiritual ways and means. I also have enjoyed Williams approach to teaching these principles. Now, the only ingredient needed to be the rainbow body or the balanced soul is to Be the vessel that moves into the soul plane and works from there in the physical body using intuition, knowing and especially love for all that is. Practice with nature and go with your imagination. Be joined with source. As Casey Casey, disk jockey, used to say: "Keep your feet on the ground and reach for the stars!"

Jahnhooks, posted on January 21, 2016

i love williams approach and illumination. he is legit and his books are great reading. activating rainbow light body right now.

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