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Trinity of Global Control
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Hidden Origins: Trinity of Global Control (May 2016)

Season 2, Episode 3
Available worldwide

Wars and conflicts continue to rage across the planet to the determent of anyone caught in the crossfire. No one would willingly live in a war-torn section of the world, yet so many people do. Despite the greater detriment, there are those who do benefit from the world being in a constant state of conflict. With a live audience, Michael Tellinger reveals the trinity of global control by explaining the origin of money and how it is used by the banking syndicates to control governments and populations. This workshop was originally webcast May 16, 2016.

Michael Tellinger


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9one9, posted on August 4, 2016

So glad the UK exited the European Union for these and other reasons, and Hungary has paid off all its debts and exited the World Bank and IMF (good for them!).

Crystal Warrior, posted on July 15, 2016

I am shocked by Michael Tellinger's statements saying Churchill was an 'evil man'.
Didn't Hitler start the war by INVADING Poland and have a huge hate towards Jews, evilly exterminating them in ovens and gas chambers?
How could anyone say that Hitler didn't want to start a war?
Didn't he start a war by his derisive and invading behaviour towards his weaker neighbours?

bleuvision, posted on August 16, 2016

History, written by the winner, told us Hitler was as evil as a demon, with a complete black and white view of all the event.
Many german were left outside of Germany after ww1 and the collapse of the austro-hungarian empire, including land giving to Poland.
Many german were persecuted, which gave Hitler speech resonance in the population
Hitler praise the reunifaction of all Germany. History tell us he wanted to conquer the world, but it might not be true.
He did attack the country with german population, and the ally declare war on him, which could be justified, but after the defeat of France, he ask, many many time, for peace with England. All powers had concentration camp, they were prisonner of war camp, in fact.
Hitler did implement the first policy to insure animal well-being and ban cruelty, which is a little odd for a demonic force and much more in line with gandhi famous quote: the greatness of a nation can be judged by the way it treat is animal..
Nothing can excuse the persecution of the jew, not even the fact the jew declare war on him in 1933 (history like to skip that part).
His reply was a way too cruel.
Personally I'm not sure about the gas chamber, could be soviet/ally propaganda, but the mistreatment and the illness was real and the dead count also. I did hear a jew witness saying there treatment was not as bad as depicted in film, with access to a theatre and such, but I'm doubting, could be propaganda.. It was just not a black and white situation. It's a big grey zone with many lies.. (including Churchill act).

dreadfullygorgeous, posted on June 21, 2016

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mbowman0820, posted on May 20, 2016

look at their faces...when he pulls the slide up around 12:30....

just a fun thought!

natureagentbeckley, posted on May 19, 2016

In this session, the magic of naming the TRINITY OF CONTROL creates a Power Shift...no more hood-winking!
1) Vatican 2) City of London 3) Washington D.C. 1) For Justifying killing in wars 2) For Making money out of printed paper 3) For enforcing legalized crime! Those are the Trinity of Control that operate outside the law and hood-wink the populace by taking their freedom and full use of human potentials!

beinginthevortex, posted on May 18, 2016

and i feel very nourished witnessing your presentations. thank you for having the WILL and dedication for this great work.
I'm holding space for UBUNTU in my community. (and everywhere).

bancergail81, posted on May 18, 2016

I hope your going to talk about the BRIC's Alliance and how it fits into the Financial System.

pmak4500, posted on May 17, 2016

mark66, posted on May 17, 2016

Michael Tellinger is an amazing speaker and conveys his message so very well. In recent years I've become completely disillusioned by the system, but what gives me hope (and I know I'm not alone when I say this) is the fact that there is a plan of action in place - UBUNTU. The philosophy and plan of action is very coherent, and best of all, it might actually work! It's up to all of us (those who believe that this philosophy can provide a tangible solution and alternative to the current system) to work together and support Michael and the Ubuntu Movement as much as we can. Roll on the election in August!!

BoogeyMan, posted on May 17, 2016

My grandmaw always told me that MONEY, is the root of ALL evil!

flyboy30126, posted on May 17, 2016

Michael, I had never heard of this quote so I looked it up. Please look at thi page and tell me what you think. Keep us informed, I think you are doing a GREAT service. THANKS AGAIN!


lovingpresence, posted on August 21, 2016

Seems like the $4 billion of notes that were printed are enough proof regardless of whether the quote is real or not.

mt6428, posted on May 16, 2016

I have been contemplating something for some time now. So Many people say thank our Veterans because they fought for our freedom. So hard, so sad how are they all going to react when they find out it is all a scheme. It makes my heart heavy to think how all of that will play out. Does anyone else have a idea what to say.

joshverduzco420, posted on May 16, 2016

im a care taker of a vet thats also a son of a Bastards of Bataan and hey all know well at least high ranking officials do but they make $ and they want people to wake up and never join I'm not kidding thats what him and his friends tell me and that they look as people as sheep thats why they crated war to keep numbers somewhat low

maia, posted on May 16, 2016

I find it a very good idea to have the show as a seminar with live audience. I am gladd that the material is now shown in a slower pace, to me it is easyer to remember and to somewhat integrate.
It's very interesting to learn about the origins of money and personally I d' like to know more about taht. But on the other hand I am eager to learn how we can pur that utopie of no money into reality.!! Guess there's a long way ahead of us. considering that the roulers ar more in knowledge of 'magic' and secet laws of power-- and all the unaware people in all countries... Yet, hopefully the energy of utopians will grow and grow....

jbrand1997, posted on May 16, 2016

I'd love to walk away form this system but it's so overwhelming. Crazy and insidious.

nancysnimbus, posted on May 16, 2016

People are doing it all the time , and more and more. Find examples. And it might take a bit of time to do it, so just move in baby steps. Baby steps for now and the one big jump.

I think we don't need to coin money or bills just do a transparent sort of credit. I also know people who are into the bit money now.


holbrooks2013, posted on May 16, 2016

Michael I really like the Ubuntu living ideas you are sharing, but we are all just fantasizing this way of life with out any way to support a community with power. We can maybe take this Ubuntu idea from fantasy to reality if you would please share your knowledge on supplying power not from the grid that's enough for an entire community. Thank you!

andydcoles, posted on May 16, 2016

Like many, this writer has been aware of the Central Banksters' Fraud for many Years.

This Presentation by Michael is the best I have seen anywhere.

It fully explains the History, and how this massive Enslavement has been perpetrated on us. It also illustrates how Winston Churchill was under the control of the Banksters in taking the UK into WWII.

Churchill is still revered by most of the older British People, yet largely contributed to the death of Millions of Earth People.

Evil truly exposed!

It also completely explains Germany's meteoric economic rise between the two World Wars, which has baffled Historians. Additionally, it gives a vivid insight into what we might expect when Ubuntu starts to be implemented (without the Racism and other highly unsavory aspects Adolf Hitler introduced).

Please refer to Season 2 of Cosmic Disclosure to see how Germany's rise was carried forward into a break-away Space-faring Society. This was the natural movement forward when it became obvious that Germany could not beat the Allies, to win this huge Battle.

Bring Ubuntu on - just flip one small Town in South Africa to see what happens. Then hope that the Media aren't complicit in burying the Story of the success and happiness that will result.

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