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Trust Your Gut
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Business Shrink: Trust Your Gut

Episode 46

Peter Morris interviews Carlin Flora, journalist and columnist for Psychology Today, who speaks about her article, Gut Almighty, and the importance of intuition, gut feelings and how they are actually condensed reasoning. Robert Frank, author of The Economic Naturalist: Why Economics Explain Almost Everything, shares economic reasons such as mass production and management by exception and economic explanations for seemingly incongruent questions.

Peter Morris
Carlin Flora


Episode 1 Leading a Values Based Business
Leading a Values Based Business (8/5/06)
Episode 1
Peter Morris talks to Mark Albion and Antonia Juhasz.
Episode 2 The Benefits Unique Business
The Benefits Unique Business (8/13/05)
Episode 2
Peter Morris speaks with Chris Anderson, author of The Long Tale, about the benefits of being a unique business and giving a full customer experience.
Episode 3 Stress Free Performance Appraisals
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Episode 3
Peter Morris speaks with Sharon Armstrong and Chuck Collins.
Episode 4 The Culture Code
The Culture Code (9/2/06)
Episode 4
Peter Morris speaks with Clotaire Rapialle, Connie Moran, the Mayor of Ocean Springs, Mississippi and Anthony Patton.

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