Beyond Belief: Into The Twilight Zone with Marc Zicree Video
Into The Twilight Zone with Marc Zicree
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Beyond Belief: Into The Twilight Zone with Marc Zicree (June 2013)

Season 1, Episode 28
Available worldwide

You’re about to enter The Twilight Zone.Through its 156 episodes, The Twilight Zone haunted the imaginations of millions of American viewers from 1959 to 1964. Media expert Marc Zicree is a Twilight Zone scholar, and has cataloged every episode ever made in his book, The Twilight Zone Companion.In this fun and dynamic interview, Zicree shares his behind-the-scenes knowledge of the classic series in this interview with George Noory originally webcast June 21, 2013.

Marc Zicree, writer, producer, director and author of The Twilight Zone Companion, is regarded as one of the country’s top media experts with an understanding of the genius of Rod Serling. He, along with his wife Elaine, has produced hundreds of hours of films and television programs for virtually every major studio and network.

George Noory
Marc Zicree


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janepinter, posted on December 2, 2015

Many of today's horror movies are sickening with their bloody violence which override the point ( if a point was intended) of the story, Twilight Zone always made one think about the principle of the story. We got it, you know, we knew we wouldn't want to experience what was suggested but we understood the moral principle, or perhaps the warning to be discriminate with the choices presented. Looking at life from different points of view.

abby6, posted on January 11, 2015

Okay, I am biased. I also write. We're of the same generation. My parents bought me a black & white TV when I was 8 so i could watch Twilight Zone, I watched all the original TZs, Lost in Space, The Outer Limits, read and re-read Robert Heinlein's Stranger from a Strange Land and I've seen everything in Scifi since, at least once. I am also a fan of Battlestar Gallactica, Star Trek (original was best). Starman (film and TV series) remains an all-time favorite in the genre of benign alien stories.

I applaud the encouragement you are giving young writers and directors. I am not young (56) but am beginning as a writer in some ways. I have spent much of my life editing other people's work, watching, waiting and researching. I started blogging more seriously fairly recently. A drop of fantasy and everything else straight. Write the truth you feel in your heart.

Meaningful communication and meaning in general is something I and I believe most readers do want. I seem to have devoted my life to this particular phrase, at least the past few years. What is meaningful? What is universally true? What makes us human? Is it to love and be loved? Or is it to explore mutual darkness together to find that light of love?

With this generation, it takes awhile for meaning to sink in. It has to fit on a Tweet. It has to be short, have nice art with it, which is not copyrighted. It has to be more of a multi-media thing regardless of what medium it begins as, be it writing, photography, music, or short film. Even a dance routine has to fit on a youtube. In order to be meaningful, we have to consider the whole package now, as well as the audience, precisely because there are no middlemen.

Truth eventually sells, because the audience gets tired of the same lies. However, one still has to "slip it in" under cover of something else, be subtle or else it is labeled as "mental illness" or "conspiracy theory." On the other hand, there are 7 billion people and many of them have computers and spend hours a day online. I see work of people of all ages, in countries all over the world, and with sharing across linguistic and political boundaries I never would have thought possible in the 50s. We have come a long way, if we look back to the big three networks with all their cronies and conservative advertisers dictating content.

Thanks again for doing the show and for being so very specific. What a great guy! Five Stars!

I loved seeing those old black & white film clips, so Hitchcock (who also had an old black & white TV show). There was a show called "Dark Shadows" that was written fairly well and the acting was not all that bad, even when I was a kid I appreciated good writing and acting.

I really look forward to seeing Space Command as well as the rest of this new generation of positive messages in film, and I eagerly await the new line of independent, low-budget, high quality creative humanistic films so I can hope to enjoy my old age as an increasingly creative writer.

What better occupation than to be real and model being real for others. It was a privilege to watch this interview. Bravo!

LIZHOW, posted on June 22, 2013

I very much enjoyed the history and the background information! Well done!

Dave4ul8tr, posted on June 21, 2013

One of my Favorites to date! What a great lesson on The Twilight Zone.....2 thumbs up!

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