The Eleventh House: Ukraine in the Membrane Video
Ukraine in the Membrane
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The Eleventh House: Ukraine in the Membrane (April 2014)

Season 1, Episode 20
Available worldwide

The current events in Ukraine have dominated mainstream news outlets and rocked the global boat of politics. No doubt the outcome of this revolution will bring long-term consequences for much of the world. But what are the forces behind this revolution really up to? To discover this, we must look deeper into the subject at hand and realize that Ukraine is only one part of a grander scheme.

Doing so, we will discover that the motivations of the revolutionary architects are part of an arc dating back to the beginning of the First World War. This evidence suggests that the decedents of an ancient lineage may be attempting to reclaim their homelands. We must also consider the possibility that certain global politicos could be enacting such schemes for their own personal benefit.

Robert Phoenix examines the astrology of the recent Ukrainian revolution as well as the charts of the people behind these events in order to reveal various long term strategies thrust upon the people of Ukraine in this presentation originally webcast April 25, 2014.

Robert Phoenix


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virginia Toupin, posted on November 4, 2014

I joined GaiamTV to continue to watch, CMN Featuring Regina Meredith, then Noory and Wilcock and then Van Pragg. For some time now I really enjoy watching R.Phoenix's analysis across the board. I live in Paris France and find him to be very intelligent and he has a great grasp on world history & politics. Love his interpretations on the birth charts. Very interesting and mind provoking.
I look forward to future episodes.

patricehocking, posted on May 12, 2014

Like one other comment, I subscribed to GaiamTV to watch David Wilcock and George Noory. For the first couple of months I watched only David and George's programs. Eventually watched one of yours and was hooked. The first 3-4 shows I felt like you were speaking a foreign language but I am learning so much now, a bit of Astrology speak. Each time I watch your program I am more impressed and look forward to the next. I can't wait to have the time to watch every episode I have missed and then go back and watch them all over again. The topics you choose, including the controversial Obama show, are fascinating. At no time should we be offended by a viewpoint that does not match ours - I love anything food for thought. This show provides that. Please keep cranking out more episodes as I look forward to this show each Friday and can't wait to catch up with the shows I have missed. Thank you so much.

kelly.bowman, posted on May 5, 2014

I liked the hair in previous episodes.

tybencat, posted on April 30, 2014

I love Robert's shows. As I watch each episode, I am becoming more familiar with the language of astrology. His topics are timely and very informative; truthful and sometimes reveal the disturbing times we are experiencing. We need to know this astrological information as it relates to what is going on in our world. I hope Gaiam TV will continue this very important show, as I have heard Robert's Eleventh House Series might not be continuing. That would be very disappointing to me.
Cathy H.

nansemomish, posted on April 29, 2014

As usual you bring together history and the present day players that help me understand events that are so confusing. I don't know anyone else that has your eye for the matrix. Thanks. I look forward to your programs.

w3ar3a111, posted on April 26, 2014

Thank you Robert - still hearing that song plying in the back of my head lol
Excellent report- just enough history to send us all on a due diligence tour and interesting enough to keep us all watching... can see the Wilcocks influence in the repeating cycles so BRAVO - better than the fox tag line! Your an original! thanks

derekreganwalls, posted on March 16, 2015

Robert Phoenix is awesome

Puptart, posted on April 25, 2014

impressive horse synchronicity, pot holes in the matrix, stumbling along well worn paths.

lmn1955, posted on April 25, 2014

Robert you are an Educator/Astrologer Galore !!!
What a show my friend.....10 OUT OF 10 !!!!!
Best wishes,
Lou and Bill
Ps) BTW Bill is an educator/corporate executive and he agrees with everything you say.
I am a natural born star lover...and understand the language...keep it up !!!!!

brigitta8, posted on April 25, 2014

why r u not receiving 5 stars?? i found this to be extremely valid nd relevant to whats happ n our world!! i love the way u look at people nd world events - u r definitely out there on the cutting edge!! i love ur work nd don't stop speaking/revealing TRUTH. thank u robert phoenix!!!! btw I've wanted to make a comment on other pieces uv'e done, sorry it took me so long XX

marten, posted on April 25, 2014

Thank you so much Robert. I found this to be the best of the best shows thus far. You keep raising the bar for your peers. As an armchair astrologer for many decades, I must say that this is the best application of the art.

colleenkelly2, posted on April 25, 2014

I so appreciate your work here on Gaim. My mind works in a similar way connecting the dots. I really enjoy learning historic and cultural events that help me further understand. Actually, sometimes I think that my understandings are so deep that many people would think I was a Crack a doodle for even thinking them. Also I have really learned some vital astrological ideas as you speak about the charts. I have paid $$ in the past for good readings but the things I learned from you, I wish I knew 20 years ago. I am currently 51 ....Chiron return so I hear. Could you cover that at some point. How is this for an entrenched Chiron return. Last year I returned to live in my Childhood home after 35 years away. I totally did not plan to return to live here. It is surreal.

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