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The Whole Story: Ungulates (2000)

Episode 13
Only available in United States

From tanks to watchtowers, trumpeters to dressage experts, Africa’s plant-eaters are the most varied of its land animals – creatures with hooves that walked into the world on tiptoe when the dinosaurs left. Some are lumbering heavyweights – the showpieces of the African bush. Others, in herds of hundreds of thousands, put on the greatest wildlife show on Earth in an extinct volcanic crater.

Ungulates wield some of the natural world’s mightiest weapons – as the Roman Army found to its cost. Yet by nature they’re pacifists – grazers and browsers – content to mow their way through grass, bush and tree, the gardeners of the wild. One of them inspired the pedestrian crossing, another makes its own sun-block, yet another is the supermodel of the bush, with slinky sway and bold fashion statement – and one is the Goliath of land animals. Discover Africa’s ungulates in The Whole Story.

Ann Strimling, Garth Lucas


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