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Unity with Nature
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One with Nature: Unity with Nature (2011)

Episode 6
Only available in United States

We’ve got to rethink our whole idea of nature and our relationship with other species. The idea that nature is something out there, separate from people, has enabled humanity to exploit the earth’s resources to the point of threatening the future of the planet. Living disconnected from nature in an urban environment, like here in Winnipeg, people can underestimate the impact they have on Mother Earth and on those who have lived off her bounty for generations.

The severe impact of climate change is one of many challenges of the 21st century. Averting disaster seems possible if people change how they think about Mother Earth and how they interact with the natural world. The limitations of western thinking have prompted scientists to see the value of including traditional ecological knowledge in their environmental research. In many aboriginal communities across Canada, people are turning to traditional ecological knowledge when dealing with modern environmental problems. Understanding humanity as a part of nature and not separate from it allows one to see the unity of creation and to live a more sustainable existence.

Genevieve Pelletier
Noah Erenberg


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