Beyond Belief: The Vaccine Epidemic with Dr. Sherri J. Tenpenny Video
The Vaccine Epidemic with Dr. Sherri J. Tenpenny
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Beyond Belief: The Vaccine Epidemic with Dr. Sherri J. Tenpenny (April 2014)

Season 3, Episode 34
Available worldwide

Vaccines have been credited with virtually eliminating polio and small pox, and could lead to the eradication of many other debilitating diseases. Despite their benefits, vaccinations are not a perfect solution. We must be willing to weigh their overall benefits against the personal accounts of the damage done. Dr. Sherri J. Tenpenny draws from her years of experience and research to explain problems associated with the vaccine epidemic in this interview with George Noory originally webcast April 28, 2014.

Dr. Sherri Tenpenny, is an osteopathic medical doctor and board certified in three medical specialties. She is the founder of Tenpenny Integrative Medical Center which specializes in holistic and integrative medicine which offers unique approaches for many conditions including chronic pain and refractory allergies. Dr. Tenpenny has invested more than 18,000 hours of time over the last 13 years documenting the problems associated with vaccines. Her goal is to create a grassroots movement where millions will simply Say No to Vaccines.

George Noory
Dr. Sherri Tenpenny


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kellinstoner, posted on October 10, 2016

I don't even know what to say... I'm incredibly disappointed in myself as I have done EXTENSIVE research on this issue. I made it my own personal choice that I wasn't going to vaccinate my son. Today I had my first appt with my new OB doctor after moving to a new state, and I was pressured into getting the flu vaccine. Can anyone help me with some knowledge... will this most definitely affect my fetus? Is there anything I can do to get it out of my system from reaching my fetus? I am so so so so scared beyond belief and at least now I know I have no doubt in my mind that I won't be vaccinating my child and will be more able and ready to stand my ground and decline. thanks in advance.

runswithduck, posted on February 29, 2016

As the larger portion of population have been becoming more aware of the vaccination fraud, laws are being passed to FORCE vaccinations, as well as indoctrinate those who still vaccinate, in fear of those who don't vaccinate. New laws have no loopholes to avoid vaccines.
And, the vaccines have been increasingly failing, for over 30 years. Media is used to stir fear in population, to pressure peers. The kids getting sick ARE mostly vaccinated, but industry tells public they are not vaccinated, to create more fear and pressure.
All it takes are a few instances of children being taken, or jobs being lost, for the gov't to terrorize the population into submission.
Docs and staff have been caught lying to parents, when staff tells parents they are injecting 'non-preservative vaccines'...they are still injecting the multiple-polluted vaccines.
AND docs do NOT admit to, nor document adverse effects unless they cannot avoid it; and then it is done in ways the data can be construed as something else.
The vaccine courts are separate courts.
The amount of hard evidence any harmed person must have, in order to get ANY "restitution", is unreal. THEN, to "'win" your case, you must agree to sign to never talk about it in public.
ANYone's best start, is to get birth certificates corrected, to have the named person's printed name, printed in lower case, instead of all capitol letters.
That is a whole 'nother be returned to the status of 'a natural-born human being, which puts the natural human outside the maritime law-run courts.
AND find practitioners who can proactively, non-toxically, safely help you with this issue.
It is unsafe, at this point, to print these solutions in public venues.
Practitioners, take heed, there ARE safer ways than mainstream's polluted, or all-at-once too many vaccines.

strazdaite2004, posted on January 29, 2015

Could anybody please help me? I don't know what to do? I am 29 weeks pregnant now, and I need to get Rhogam. I reserached and I found it's like a vaccine that might contain mercury. I had a misscarage before, and I can be Rh-sensitized, which can harm my baby. Doctors would not check my antibodies again, since it was checked at the very beginning of my pregnancy.
I feel desperate, please help me.
Thank you 1000 times.

mjcole.97, posted on May 3, 2014

Thank you for having Dr. Tenpenny on the show - very informative! I'm curious if Dr. Tenpenny has come under fire directly by big pharma and/or the government because she's attempting to educate the public?

liberatingintelligence, posted on April 30, 2014

I thoroughly researched this subject 25 years ago before I had my son. Though there may be more data now the conclusion has not changed: the pharmaceutical and medical INDUSTRIES are gaining mega-profits keeping us ignorant and in fear.

Thank you Dr. Tenpenny!

mauionecreations, posted on April 29, 2014

Thanks so much for having her on your show! Dr. Patrick Flanagan, inventor of the neurophone ( actually contracted polio from the vaccine, and he is not alone!

Dr. Tenpenny is right, and her research is sound. Thank you for having her, have her back - this message is too neglected by the zombie doctors and mainstream media, and those that buy into it!

Vaccines are a big huge manipulation.

kjpratt, posted on April 28, 2014

Thank you George for having Sherri Tenpenny on your show. She is a voice of reason in a storm of vaccine insanity. It is such a controversial subject and I greatly appreciate having her speak to the Gaiam family of viewers.

lregina1, posted on April 28, 2014

I like this interview a lot and it confirms my own point of view that I got sick or developed health issues after I got the flu shot 3 consecutive years between 2008-2011, then 2012 I had to get the whooping cough vaccine. Never vaccinated before, probably some when I was new born back in 1980. During the
years I got vaccinated, I had allergic problems, skin rashes, inexplicable problems that I had no clue how they started. I also had sciatic nerve problems, that I spent lots of money trying to recover or get cured. Now that I haven't get the vaccine all problems are gone, I still have some issues not strong as before but I'm sure I still have in my system some of the vaccine. I'm healthy without the vaccine and I was healthy before the vaccine also.

gomimimago, posted on April 28, 2014

This is the best interview on the subject of vaccine . Thank you very much .

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