Cosmic Disclosure: Validating the 20 & Back Program with William Tompkins Video
Validating the 20 & Back Program with William Tompkins
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Cosmic Disclosure: Validating the 20 & Back Program with William Tompkins (September 2016)

Season 6, Episode 4
Available worldwide

We can now dig even deeper into the powerful testimonials from William Tompkins. This time we gain shocking confirmation of the 20 & Back program which so many people in the secret space programs have endured. His insights into Solar Warden and the great brain drain era confirm much of what Corey Goode as already disclosed. Though he never names it, Tompkins’s testimony outlines the formation and motivations behind a group that would come to be known as the Interplanetary Corporate Conglomerate. It seems that greed and the pursuit of power knows no limitations. This discussion with David Wilcock and Corey Goode was originally webcast September 27, 2016.

Subtitles available in English, Deutsche, Português, 中文, Русский, and Español.

David Wilcock
Corey Goode, William Tompkins


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mkleier2010, posted on October 12, 2016

This may look very funny at first glance, but just think of the implications. Remember, this man is under full hypnosis which could be done discretely.

evanpendreigh11, posted on October 7, 2016

ah that makes a lot of sense about coreys change in appearance, pharmaceuticals actually inhibit and block the 6th chakra (behind the brows) .. this is responsible for the energy that flows into the face and the eyes and hence takes the light from your eyes if you are on them... you literally lose your face in an energetic way..

sachocolate, posted on October 6, 2016

David and Corey showed William Tompkins a photograph of a Draco!? Hello!? If there is a photograph why wouldn't we be shown it? Smells a lot like BS!

Jsdrumkit, posted on October 3, 2016

I'd just like to add with regards to my post below.
I truly would love for Corey to be telling the truth.

Perhaps soon he will be able to give us something definitive that's coming.

In the meantime I will, and its a part of a true message.

This November will be unlike any other, and Novembers will never be what they once were.


sara.ogle, posted on October 3, 2016

What's going on in a November. That's a cliffhanger. You can't do that. It's like these shows. Tune in next week. What's up in November. Is it good or bad? At this point, I'll just take a distraction from what's going on right now, good or bad.

Jsdrumkit, posted on October 4, 2016

Are you my new facebook friend?

November will be nothing good, its the official start of the end as we know it.

I have a FB page, The Unity of One, just started it recently its at about 5000 likes.

I am going to start posting videos there this week.

In the end of the chaos and horror, humanity will prevail. The lives lost will be in the millions, perhaps even more.
This is not biblical or anything like that, but the true source of life has had enough of the constant creation of negative energy into its Universal body.
If we understood how long it took the first consciousness to evolve to the point of creation we would have never done any of this to our world

If anyone is interested in the truth about or Quantum Universe that incorporates the highest form of Nano and Photon Technology, then contact me. I'll be more than happy to discuss how its all been created, and how the creator itself assured it would go on forever.

Its an amazing "life" we have, its just too bad too many are taking advantage of it via greed, misplaced ego, and pride.

Ps - Tompkins - Nordics are an alien species
Goode - They are a break away civilization from Earth living in the Himalaya mountains.
Which is it?

I truly feel, and have asked is he legit... everything I get it a resounding No.

sara.ogle, posted on October 4, 2016

I am not on facebook. They cancelled my account and I was tired of messing with it. So, thanks for putting the info up for me.

bgracegrandon, posted on October 2, 2016

As far as all the details CG gives of his experiences, SSP and other species', and for that matter, any whistleblower or ''truther'', who knows what is truth fact or disinfo, but here is food for thought: the look of raw fear that crossed the faces of two ex presidents, caught on video, Bill Clinton on a talk show and Jimmy Carter at a book signing, when asked about the subject of ETs. The looks were brief but very telling. That men that held such power and still do would display these brief but similar expressions....combine with president Reagan's speech mentioning powers not of the earth, and how knowledge of that would unite us if we knew about it.

We all need to use discernment, stay awake and aware, and never fall into the ''guru'' trap. Not with CG, DW, or ANYONE. We are all sources of truth and enlightenment at various moments in time.

Disinfo is rife in this arena, and the means used to muddy the water , create dissension and red herrings, are many and sophisticated. Ask yourself also why all the elaborate effort and expense of disinfo in the first place if there is''nothing to see here.''

I almost fell for it a couple years ago after going to a ''Contact'' event..having met and felt so much disinfo there and not knowing what to believe I just threw up my hands. And folks THAT is the goal, that we all are either left fighting amongst ourselves, watching our ''leaders'' co opted and going the star route, becoming disgusted and feeling played for a fool, we shrug and go back to our screens and daily slogs.

Myself and my family have had so many experiences over time that defy laws of physics and common sense. One wonders if the seeming linear concrete dailiness of 3d life is the anomaly and the illusion.

We are in a kaleidoscopic ''reality'' where endless combinations of thoughts create forms and patterns too numerous to count and too dense to contemplate all at once. Everything is true and nothing is true. A dream, a ''senseless moment'', and underlying all a bemused creator / witness, ourselves.

hemessenger, posted on October 2, 2016

Loved it thank you boh once more

Jsdrumkit, posted on October 2, 2016

Id love to believe Corey. I truly would.
I do believe many of the stories he tells are true, but as far as his involvement with them, Im not too sure.

He shows signs that go beyond general nervousness. I know when he first came on he claims he was on "meds" for some health issues.
But he had a military style haircut and wore combat boots, and now he is all relaxed and acting like a normal guy and even dressing different.

This was not med related, as he was trying to pose and create a more authoritative / military figure. The contrast in personality and appearance is too big to be related to prescription drugs

He also stated early on that the "Blue Avians" (a highly intelligent being segregating themselves by color) had tried this 3 times in the past and each time it was turned into a religion.

Buddhism, Muslim and of course Christianity is what he is getting at.
Now that raised a HUGE red flag for me back then, but was just recently escalated as I know where he is going with this.

In the venus / space station episode (where he travelled in Pajamas?) he claims to have seen a "prophetic view" of an entire planet being destroyed...
He also said the Bio Hologram being asked does he want to know who he was, is and will be.

He answered NO because HE FELT IT WOULD CHANGE the way he looks at PEOPLE, and THE WAY PEOPLE LOOK AT HIM (HUGE FLAG FOLKS!!!!)

He is 100% "Humbly" trying to set himself up as a "prophet" or even worse, "The Messiah"
He is absolutely attempting to make himself the 21st Century / New Age PROPHET.

If these "beings" do not want him to create a religion or cult type of arena then what do you call the people who subscribe to:

His youtube channel
His TWO Facebook pages (Corey Goode, and Sphere Being Alliance)
His Twitter account
and here at Gaia...

they are called "Followers" and many are hanging on his every word like he is a prophet.

Furthermore, he claims on sphere being alliance's site that he makes only 10% from the merchandise to help pay his travels and support his family while he continues on with the "mission" (Hmm)
again, Prophetic in nature, but I highly doubt he is only making 10% of a site and organization the HE is running.
Also glad to know the Blue Avians, or Sphere Beings don't mind him using their name, and logo on a brand selling items like "Flasks"

He is making money off of Youtube, Gaia, and Facebook, he is making money off of traveling to events and giving speeches.
He also claims that William Tompkins stories must be what he was reading on the "smart glass pad" a piece of technology that he does not know the name for, so he just calls it that.
He strongly emphasizes that it must be the Tompkins info on the pads multiple times, which feels like a sales pitch.

The fact that they are validating him only via David WIlcock's resources and now Tompkins proves nothing, absolutely nothing at all.

THESE stories have been out there online for years.
A few years back there was even a site about blue avians with a similar story to his, and as soon as he came out (Goode) that site went down.
Like I said, Id love to believe him, I would.

But as I said above he shows signs that go beyond general nervousness, he shows similar signs that compulsive liars do.

I read on one of his Facebook pages about having to rush home to his mom because his aunt died. (My sincerest condolences)

A guy who was in the MILAB program as a child, then placed into the SSP for 20 years has such a close relationship with mom and aunt? really?

He feels to me like a very well read and has combined sci fi shows & movies, sci fi fantasy, fiction, non fiction mixed in with history and conspiracy theories as well as OTHERS stories.

He has a scar on his face, and talked about rotator injuries, but when they rejuvenated him after the program, the scar and injuries stayed?
They can't use their healing technology on their golden boy?

He aslo has a slight "lisp" in his speech... I'm sure you've heard it.

So what am I getting at... It is possible that he is / was:

A child who had a speech impediment due to an injury or birth defect.
Most likely home schooled, No friends, most likely lived in a rural area, probably very close with his mother and Aunt.
They, because of sympathy probably fed his need for fantasy.

There are so many red flags in his story that I also just cannot buy the fact that he eve joined the National Guard after all these years of service.
Makes no sense to me at all, except to establish a military record.

So in short I think, feel and believe Corey may be scamming us all. Especially David Wilcock.

The saddest part in all of this .. is Us.
He is taking advantage of people who are looking for the truth, something other than the manipulative jargon that most religious organizations spew out.

And what'S worse... is what you will most likely say..
NOOO why would he,
why would he scam us,
NO can't be true, wouldn't happen to me..
Misplaced pride & ego, thats all that is.

We get blinded by pride and ego and we are an extremely gullible species.

Now... here is the last thing I'll say.
My name is Jai Es, and I am 100% being contacted by something.. I at this point don't know who, or why me, but I do get regular communication daily. and
I HAVE PROOF, absolutely HANDS DOWN 100% photograph proof.
I have tried to contact David Wilcock to share this with him, show him, talk to him about the bio holograms, photons, and what our universe is, who we are, and how we are here..
but of course no reply, even though we are both drummers too, and I am a DRUMEO instructor and life coach, still no contact.

If you want to see MY Proof then you can contact me via Facebook, I'll be more than happy to show you the photographic proof, as well as share some of the true insight.

If anyone here feels offended by me expressing my honest opinion, then I apologize, but it is not me you'd be having the issue with, it would be your inner self. :)


Crystal Warrior, posted on October 12, 2016

Calm the Farm

evanpendreigh11, posted on October 7, 2016


irt8873, posted on October 4, 2016

What a sad man.

mtandy14, posted on October 3, 2016

Wow! This is quite a bit of "feedback"!! Unfortunately, in my mind, according to MY Personal Discernment, your comments come off as seriously disingenuous dripping with quite a bit of Envy, one of the most favored Seven Deadly Sins by Lost Souls!! Maybe YOU are seeing incompatibilities with YOUR perception of "Reality" that YOU CHOOSE to see, and most or all of your diatribe is NOT True Reality!! What YOU wrote and HOW you wrote it is not going to debunk the amount of Information from Corey that is being vetted and verified as TRUE from other unrelated sources on the Internet, including The Law Of One Channelings. I do NOT view Corey as being any kind of Prophet trying to set up some kind of Cult Following, and the fact that YOU think this is may be the case makes me VERY wary of YOU and ANYTHING you say!! YOU could be a Cabal TROLL being manipulated by Cabal Voice Of God Technology, Holographic Projection Technology, and Mind Control Programming!! IT'S VERY POSSIBLE!! The whole point is YOUR TONE in your comments is Abrasive, more than a little Arrogant, and at least borderline Mentally Insulting to the Intelligence of the rest of us here absorbing Corey's News and Information!! These are common Traits of Cabal Disinformation Operatives that I have personally come in contact with on Social Media over the last 5 years!! Bottom line is, if you don't like or approve of Corey's Character or his Narrative, then DON'T watch it anymore!! Go take your OWN information, build YOUR own website, put together YOUR own Program Scenario, and pitch it to based on YOUR own credentials!! If YOU don't like Corey's News, then go make some of YOUR OWN!! DON'T try to piggyback off of Corey...OR David....OR THEIR Cosmic Disclosures Series!! They are assisting with Full Disclosure according to the Decrees of the INFINITE CREATOR that the current Polarity Integration Game still being played out in this LAST Sector of the Multiverse be brought to a conclusion EXPEDITIOUSLY!! The Dark Cabal and its Minions, at this point in "Time", can either repent and embrace The Light or they can continue in their Childish Arrogance to rebuff The Light and ultimately be disassembled from ALL Densities of Reality and be recycled through the adjudications and administration of Mother Sekhmet aboard the Flagship Nibiru!!! It's YOUR choice and the time is SHORT for YOU to choose!!

des.susko, posted on October 3, 2016

Sorry to hear you got snubbed by David. Are you sure it isn't YOUR misplaced pride and ego where this is all coming from? If you've got some truth, share it.

In Peace and Love,

sara.ogle, posted on October 2, 2016

If what you say is true, then that's his problem. I'm just trying to focus on the Blue Avian message, be more service to others, be more loving. I have had some of the same kinds of thoughts as you have expressed, and I even posted them, but those kinds of thoughts do not serve me, they just make me feel bad. I'm not going to buy a flask, and Corey is not forcing anyone to buy these products. As far as his appearance now as to what he looked like when he first started, so what. He got new shoes, he's taking care of himself. Should he continue to eat hot dogs and fart around wearing the same old stinky boots? Just turn it off if it doesn't resonate with you, and find something that does. In the meantime, I have to worry about myself, my thoughts and how I treat other people. :)

Jsdrumkit, posted on October 2, 2016

If you knew anything about me or "Unity of One" then you would no I am all about positive living, and being who we were truly meant to be.
But I'm sorry as your response feels a little more like you are attacking me, so you may still have some pent up anger to deal with.

I did not come here and spread a negative message and to the contrary of what you said, My message / post does serve a purpose.
Maybe not to you personally, but it does. And just so you are aware, your personal journey in life is not mine, so please stop trying to project yours on me. :)

The source of the universe has watched as we the people of this planet have had our entire life designed and created for us by a manipulative force.
We are the only species that does not live a true natural path, and every day we have to make our way through deceit and manipulation, while we support Governments and industry that provide misery to the planet.

We are literally terraforming the planet, while we are depleting all resources and making over 1000 species a year go extinct, drinking the breast milk of another species, while we tear into the flesh, and energy that creates life itself. And you think holding a door open for someone, and telling them you love them is the way to fix the world? Thats the big message here...

For far too long we have sat by idly watching people manipulate life on earth.
We have destroyed land, sea, air and the minds of humans for centuries.

I agree the underlying message of serving others and being more loving is important, but I'm sorry, that is not the only message being received.
Furthermore, if the message is being delivered by one of deceit, then how pure is the message and what is the underlying motive for the deception?

You see, no more sleeping. No more being taken advantage of. The true shift is happening and very soon the world will change forever, never to be the same.
It has nothing to do with his message.

As there is a true message being broadcasted by the quantum force that binds our universe together. So please find another way to vent your frustration.

What's even sadder is I have photographic proof that would literally take your breath away, but since Im not on Gaia it don't matter right?


sara.ogle, posted on October 2, 2016

Sorry if you feel like I was attacking you. I wasn't. And I could very well have pent up anger that comes across that I'm not aware of (other interactions I've had this past week have been equally disastrous).As far as I know, I wasn't trying to to be a smug ass to you in my response. Please accept my apology. It is sincere.

This is me getting my ass handed to me ha ha

Jsdrumkit, posted on October 3, 2016

Nothing but love for you. My name is Jai Es. Im all over the internet , Facebook.. etc.. Say hi sometime.

It's all about connecting as a unified species, its how we beat the evil out there :)

chrissybean13, posted on October 1, 2016

No nuts and bolts or beams of Light... They always came to me at night

20 and back.. in the Blink of an Eye!

We are left to wounder Why... In your head or in you're womb

You never forget the hands of Doom :) Good work Boys

des.susko, posted on October 3, 2016

This sounds familiar to me, or something like it. If I could only remember! Lol!

dumitru, posted on October 1, 2016

The most unbelievable part of this episode is the claim that William Tompkins doesn't have internet access. How is it possible that this intelligent, well-connected man can't get access to the internet, when there are homeless people in America and peasants in India that have internet access? Or are you suggesting that someone so experienced in the high-tech break-away civilization, just isn't interest in them new-fangled internet thingys?

Jsdrumkit, posted on October 2, 2016

who also makes no sense at all when he is talking about the guy coming back 20 years younger to a gf that is 20 years younger. No sense at all.

Not saying he is full of it, but I think some of these guys like to take liberties and exaggerate their own experiences or other's stories.

Davidmcox1, posted on October 1, 2016

I'm stuck on how, or the dynamics of Corey's age regression and time reversal works. Corey and Thompkins said that they were able to revert in time and age as to the time when they left. This implies that there must be different time lines involved, such as spoken of the Mendella effect. The movie Forgotten comes to mind, where the son of a mother vanishes and no one remembers him except for the mother; which obviously was an anomaly. Is cloning involved? It would be great if Corey or Thompkins could elaborate or speculate why they aren't missed during their time in service.
David Cox

marcelo281, posted on October 1, 2016

Besides this, subtitles in Portuguese to other series such as deep space

mark.jeffrey, posted on September 30, 2016

IF the "sun flash" event is in our very near future -- 2017, 2020, etc. -- THEN there CANNOT BE any '20 and back' happening right now, because 20 years in the future is 2036, which is BEYOND THE SUN FLASH.

So. Something doesn't add up -- or I'm not understanding something. Maybe I'm not thinking 'fourth dimensionally'. Actually: a diagram like the one Doc Brown drew in BTTF 2 showing the timelines would be actually quite helpful.

des.susko, posted on October 2, 2016

"Whoa, this is heavy Doc." --- " There's that word again "heavy". Why are things so heavy in the future? Is there a problem with the Earth's gravitational pull?" Ha, ha, I Love, Love, Love Back to the Future. But it brings up an interesting point, why are the cabal so darn sure about this sun flash event? Is it because people aren't returning? I don't know.

It's not that you aren't thinking "fourth dimensionally" it's that you aren't thinking of time as having 3 dimensions itself. So, a diagram may not work unless you can create a 3 dimensional display that you could rotate around and watch as the timelines looped around, merged and coalesced, (then, like a million times all at once). Now, if the SSP needed to send somebody back right now, they could because the sun flash hasn't occurred yet. We don't know if there are some that have been taken but not returned yet. What we do know is there are people coming forward who claim to have already gone through the experience and come back. And testimony of people who haven't gone through the experience but who are aware of the 20 & back program. According to other sources the cabal are fleeing to underground bases and bunkers. This sun flash event is something they seem to think will definately happen, but why? Are they relying on remote viewing alone or is it because people sent to that time period aren't coming back? Did they stop the 20 & back program because of this? We just don't know yet. I wouldn't exactly call that a "plot hole" just something that hasn't been explained yet. Also, for all we know, this sun flash event could correct all these artificial timelines being created thus fixing the problem itself. There are other possibilities to explore and contemplate. For now, the plot continues...


Jsdrumkit, posted on October 2, 2016

Read my very long post above. Good for you! good catch.

nzgarretjaxen, posted on October 1, 2016

This is a very good question. Corey ,can you answer this please.

nextpix, posted on September 30, 2016

After watching this (probably most important so far) episode of Cosmic Disclosure, one thing is clear. The ICC is trading with over 1000 groups. This is what is really happening in the wider neighborhood: trade and communication. There is no overarching space threat (the Evil Empire), although Solar Warden does seem to be outgunned by our (non-threatening) neighbors. Star Wars' Darth Vader and the Klingons make for good, melodramatic stories, but they don't reflect reality. Reality is likely much more boring and yet much more peaceful. I respectfully disagree with the overall tone of Mr. Tomkins. The problem isn't greed. The problem is believing there is an enemy when the ICC is trading successfully all over the place. We need to listen to Corey Goode's mentors and their overarching message. We need to get our spiritual act together so we don't see enemies in every corner. Steven Greer is right: there is no space threat -- the MIC needs one to have a purpose. I'm not saying defense isn't necessary, but it shouldn't be the driver of Earth society (as is terrorism today). Rather, the acceptance of peace should guide us.

cvitelli, posted on September 30, 2016

My husband and I love Monday's and Tuesdays because of David Wilcock. We live near the Oregon Vortex (the house of mystery), near Mount Shasta, and believe our home is a vortex on two acres. We live what David teaches and enjoy the events with Corey as well. You are awesome and we love you! Monday and Tuesday nights we get our popcorn and our zevia colas and we park in front of the TV. I am grateful for this Gaia TV and for David and Corey. I have a question for Corey, "what is your connection if any to Mt. Shasta? Have you been inside? And is this where you go when the High Priestess comes to get you? I send you love and healing for you both. Thank you thank you thank you for all the love and teaching that you give to us. I use your information in the classes that I teach so once again, thank you! Candace

dhookyoung, posted on September 30, 2016

Corey, When you mind melded with the priestess, did that give you a closeness that is beyond what we commonly experience? Do you feel a lasting connection?

pijke61, posted on September 30, 2016

All this information is of course very strange and shocking and I respect the courage and stamina to keep telling this message and working on finding more witnesses. I still think that after a week or so these episodes with Tompkins and Wood should be spread on the internet for free and all to see and discuss (I noticed that the pay-treshhold brings up a money/profit-discussion with a number of people.)

I heard this week that Elon Musk wants to explore sending people to Mars to colonize it starting from 2022 and speaks of numbers like a 100.000 people. Musk is a good-hearted idealist who has done beautiful stuff as you all will know. Musk should be informed of what is going on on Mars by a thrustworthy source. If he continues on his path without reliable info of the situation on Mars he will put a lot of people in trouble. One of his rockets exploded while a flying object passed it. Musk's good intentions can be seen in this video:

The Plan

thomasiameck, posted on September 30, 2016

What did they do with all the past episodes listings?

Prometheus1111, posted on September 29, 2016

I sit here as I realize I am only writing this Message to myself. And thus here I explain....

I can appreciate the value of this information but certain Suggested improvements I must offer. I can begrudgingly accept this tacky corporate culture would somehow have the Providence to Spread its glorious Seed out into the Cosmos - In other words I would not doubt this possibility. But to the ordinary mind There are certain transitions of how things get from A to B that are really unimaginable for most people. As for myself I can believe in Age regression technology with no problem but In the case of 20 in back Mr. Tompkins has a lot more explaining to do If he is really suggesting that Upon being regressed His closest loved ones are ALSO automatically regressed as well? Was he trying to say that In regressing himself (whatever that entailed) somehow put him back Along the time line he began on? That would be the most logical explaination if all of what he said where true. If True then you have got a lot more Physics to explain on that one. Equally magically - but without any reservations totally possible, is the new Strar Trek Hand over to the PEOPLE. so WE get this when Something that has never happened before in the universe Happens. Well I would expect no less an event to make the Strar Trek one possible. Nonetheless I also have No doubt that Such a reality is Forthcoming. My only doubt comes from the somewhat cavalier use of the language - Handing over to the PEOPLE- - Which F" ing people? Because we are back to that Truly strange black hole of "WE". Furthermore more this goes along with what I cannot help but say is a truly Inane and very Immature Sentitment of the pronoun "WE" by way of its usage. As a matter of fact - Centuries ago - just Where did the Belief in "WE the people" land us today ? - or rather what did not only NOT prevent but rather Accompanied the METEORIC inception of this insane Breakcaway culture of humanity? One that has been enabled in no small part due to this BELIEF to finally culminate in just this Hidden mega force reaching the present scale of Subjugation and control? The belief in " WE" Never helped anyting - because it has always been part of the Dream. There are endless forests and worlds of WE. But only conscious individuals have every Changed the world by changing themselves. A giant clue appearing in viewing the great dream of History with a Lucid eye upon that great dream - is the fact that even in a close study of the real Earth History was only literally a single or few individuals who Gestated an entire way of life - A Reality for an unwitting millions of people - and this even for as long as centuries. Think of the Lousiana Purchase or wheeling that occurring behind closed doors. This often involved 2 people behind closed doors. What can be also said however is that behind the highest corridors of power we can with greater wisdom finally come to under stand that only OZ stands behind the curtain - That is to say Nobody is in control. So back you are in a dream - With only your wish and power to wake yourself up- To create yourself and fill yourself with the godhead into this Vacant dreaming vessel. In that sense I can see how it would be possible to return in 20 years to those you love and find they remained at the age you seemingly regressed to. Truthfully Anything IS possible in this Lucid dream assuming you are LUCID. The real truth of the universe is endlessness - And I can only say that I am waking up to this. I cannot speak for any other WE out there. We always belongs to a story - A dream. There are so many stories but only 1 ATMAN which simply Sees everything within itself. How else can I explain that Bad science fiction somehow got the providence or right to spread right across the Cosmos from the good old USA ? Perhaps it was only because I grew up Watching star trek - But it was I that dreamt this up - I that manifested this dream now into reality. I can only speak to my own experience. All the other dream characters in my world appear to be seeing the same thing. And more tellingly many more seemingly DO NOT......

des.susko, posted on September 30, 2016

If I may interrupt your soliloquy here, I don't think Mr. Tompkins was suggesting any other family members or friends were age regressed at all, only the one individual; age regressed and brought back in time. Age regression alone does not bring one back in time simultaneously. These are two separate procedures as Corey has explained before. Yes, our knowledge of how this technology works is absent, otherwise we'd be using it no doubt. Like you said though, it is equally possible to the Star Trek like world to come. I can understand how the term "We, the people" could alarm you as we see and experience the world created from these proclamations of earlier times. But this is not the sentiment that made possible a breakaway civilization. What made that possible is war, secrecy, greed and elitism. No one was thinking of the greater "we" in that endeavor. The greater "we" was thought of more as slaves, including those working in these projects. Even these "forefathers" had slaves. They were thinking larger than they were living or even realized. This uprising now, as it can be called, is one driven by these very slaves of today. As we awaken we are learning to free ourselves from the bondages of consciousness that have been put upon us. This newfound realization of "WE" is one of a collective coming together to live harmoniously. So, in my opinion, "We" is not an inane, immature sentiment but one that shows maturity at last in the realization of the connection to the greater number. And it is long overdue. It is something "we" are working toward, this StarTrek-like civilization as individuals and collectively in harmony. A direct lucid intention by an ever waking populace. Will we succeed? Will doubt prevail? We decide don't we? Those who are awake enough to direct the dream. The larger the awaken or lucid grows the more momentum we gather and the more likely we create the optimum timeline. Free yourself from the bondage of doubt in humanity as a whole. We are powerful beings who can create and love and heal. Namaste, Prometheus 1111!

In Peace & Love,

syd3, posted on September 29, 2016

If a subject dies while in space service and is part of the "20 & Back" program, what happens then? Does the body "in the bed" simultaneously die? Is every subject cloned in preparation for this possibility?

marlarea99999, posted on September 30, 2016

This is what I want to know also--

lawrenceball, posted on September 29, 2016

Dear and very esteemed David,

I have already written to Corey about this this evening, but felt to ask you too. Have followed cosmic disclosure since the start, and thank you for your tenacity, and bigtime for your stance on all things critical to life evolving on Earth as it ought and must.

I have a bold idea. If you, Corey, and the blue avians are amenable, I suggest that you might consider the radical move of asking them to portal Joolian Assarnge to Ecuador?

It would help him, and if word got out it would validate your perspective hugely, as to the reality of this level of possibility, (space jumping) and also of cosmic disclosure itself.

If Corey asks the blue avians to portal him, then someone (here) in London would have to prepare him beforehand. Perhaps one could ask him "If there was a way would you take it?". Then one would would have to arrange an arrival point, and explain to someone in Ecuador &c....... Passport control bypass would need to be arranged?

If you feel to, it would be good to know your thoughts, but it is not necessary, if this idea becomes a go-er I expect I will hear about it, and do not need to be credited with any origination of it.

Sending you warmest and powerful blessings and supportive goodness,

Lawrence Ball, composer/musician and math tutor

guylittle, posted on September 29, 2016

Hey someone posted about the new mars whistleblower 'Tony Rodrigues' .... Is really interesting and cross corollaries CG testimony.... Michael Salla (who wrote book on Corey) has released the first set of interviews with him. Both a fascinating a harrowing story. Check it on google.

sara.ogle, posted on September 30, 2016

I watched these, and I was re-watching and looking at the youtube comments. Tony is replying to the questions from other youtube users and someone asked him if he had contacted Corey Goode, and there was a reply from Tony saying that he tried to contact Corey but it didn't sound like he actually talked to him, and he heard that Corey says he is not genuine, but to him it felt genuine. If he's not genuine, then why does he think that all this happened to him? It didn't seem like he was making it up.. But, what do I know.

des.susko, posted on October 3, 2016

Yeah, I read that too in the comments section. It's strange to me that Corey said more would be coming forward but then when people do they aren't genuine? I agree that Elena Kapulnik didn't sound genuine to me but Tony kinda did. Plus Dr. Salla said he vetted him. He vetted Corey too. Maybe Corey is being a little too quick to say that about people. Is he checking through his SSP resources? Elena said she was in contact with the blue avians which would be easy for Corey to find out if she was or not. But what about someone like Tony? Aug Tellez is another SSP whistleblower who has come forward recently and again Corey said he was "probably not" genuine. That's not really sure though is it? I can see how there could be a flood of disinformation agents coming forward with similar stories but also genuine people who may be more comfortable now coming forward since Corey too. So, as always, use your own discernment. A story may resonate truth or it may not. You decide. Namaste!

des.susko, posted on September 30, 2016

Hi GuyLittle,

That someone was me, I left two links to the first 2 interviews Dr. Salla has done with Tony. Keep your eyes on that Youtube channel as there are more interviews with him to come. Thanks for "bumping" this info up and forward. It's a fascinating yet disturbing story and it may help others to remember their story if they have had similar experiences they are trying to bring out.

In Peace & Love,

david.lodge, posted on September 29, 2016

Anyone know why the Interplanetary Corporate Conglomerate need to mine resources when they have replicator technology?

guylittle, posted on September 29, 2016

DW asked that in an earlier episode. CG answered because the content for what they mining is so high on some asteroids that is just easier to mine high quantities. I think he mentioned for example that some asteroids are nearly entirely gold, so is easier to mine that replicate.

jaguardelcielo, posted on September 29, 2016

Great question!

ZackLMiles, posted on September 29, 2016

Love you guys! Love the show! Thank you again and again.

johnod1, posted on September 29, 2016

were are all the photos of the moon bases mars the Draco it 2016 i want more proof with video or photo not just sketches as i am starting to have noughts if we are realy getting disclosure or are we been lied to doent anybody else wonder why Corey has not published any pictures

carlosborg, posted on September 28, 2016

Thank you Corey for your info rma I've clarity on how the ICC works and the nature of their motives. Great to see William Tompkins telling more of the situation as well. David thank you as well for this round of informative liberation.mkee bringing it!

Love to you all.

otherwise3, posted on September 28, 2016

You've got a photograph of a Draco and you're hiding it?? You've showed it to William Tompkins but haven't shared it with us??

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