Healing Matrix: Vibrant Longevity with Patrick Flanagan Video
Vibrant Longevity with Patrick Flanagan

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Healing Matrix: Vibrant Longevity with Patrick Flanagan (May 2014)

Season 2, Episode 14
Available worldwide

As we march further into the 21st century, human life expectancy is expected to increase dramatically. But, what can we do to ensure that these extra years are full of life and happiness and not battling the ravages of degenerative diseases. Patrick Flanagan reveals the many benefits of negatively ionized hydrogen, where it can be found and how to prepare for a long, healthy and happy life in this interview with Regina Meredith originally webcast May 28, 2014.

Patrick Flanagan was a child prodigy in electronics who could read before he could talk. In 1952, he became a General Class Ham Radio Operator who designed and hand built all of his radio equipment. At 13, he invented the Neurophone which is a device that transmits sound through the skin directly to the brain. Life Magazine picked Flanagan as one of the top ten most promising upcoming scientists in the world in 1962.

Regina Meredith


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Being, posted on June 4, 2014

I love Gaiamtv. Love it. I want to share with all of you that in a perfect world, drinking the juice immediately is the best. But please take note several points. The movie Fat Sick and Nearly Dead he juices on Sunday and Wednesday to store his juice and yet got amazing results. I myself juiced 80 days in 2012, would juice in morning and take the juice with me in glass mason jars to store at work. After work if I needed more juice some more. Somedays I would drink juice days old. Yet here is the list of benefits I have experienced from the 80 days: Asthma improved, 90% hot flashes went away, Plantar Facetious (sp) went away in 14 days and has not come back. Since 2012 I juice all most daily, eat crap at times (fast foods) and drink vodka (forgive me god for I am weak. Recovering Catholic) Yet I have just had the best allergy season here without having to be on my breathing machine. I have had asthma since birth died from it several times as a toddler etc.... So please don't be discourage about Juicing if you can't juice and drink it right away. For any free juice recipes and info go to www.TheJourneyWithin.biz Happy Juicing! I got my grandson who was 3 at the time into juicing and created him to be the new poster child instead of milk. Got Juice! with his green upper lip. He's on the website too.

sgcorrigan06, posted on May 31, 2014

Hahaha! I like Dr. Flanagan! He's funny =) Thank you both for this interview! :)

chandira2012, posted on May 30, 2014

Thank you Regina for catching hold of Dr Flanagan, and giving a glimpse about nutrition views from this phenomenal scientist! Over 300 interventions! Megahydrate has been sitting in the cupboard for a long time; now after this interview I will be taking it regularly. He is turning 70 and he seems to have so much vitality in him, despite the severe mercury poisoning during childhood, suffering polio, which normally would not be able to make someone walk ever (see Roosevelt), and despite being tortured emotionally thru out his life by the Government and secret agencies. Kudos to you Patrick! Regina and Gaiam TV: bring on more knowledge of Dr Flanagan to all of us!

hubiethesaint, posted on May 29, 2014

I love all of their interviews, I find Patrick Flanagan the most brilliant, humble and sincere human beings I have ever seen. I want a neurophone when they hit the market for $99 and I want to meet him personally just to absorb his energy. I remember when I was a little kid my mother had a little plastic pyramid that was supposed to be kept under the bed for pyramid power. I would like to see Regina do more shows with Patrick Flanagan.

derekreganwalls, posted on May 29, 2014

thank you patrick, mega hydrate is one of those few things in the world that is the real deal. I love you so much and thank you for your work

mauionecreations, posted on May 29, 2014

This was very interesting and jam packed filled with important information! I have seen and heard just about every interview with Patrick Flanagan I could find, and must say that Regina and him have such a wonderful repoir together and she is an really tuned in, intelligent interviewer with a very keen memory! I loved watching this, and have so much love and respect for both Regina and Patrick. I also got to give a plug about another one of Patrick's awesome inventions - the neurophone! There will be a new one for purchase in 2015 for only $99!!! You can learn more at newneurophone.com...

lightupthedarkness, posted on May 28, 2014

I have to WARN the people about Flanagan's & his wife Stephanie's Amazing Essential skin care line. What I have found is very disturbing....so early that day I was researching Morgellons disease also know as GMOD (genetically modified organism disease) I found a respectable Dr named DR.Rahim Karjoo ....so reading on his website I found out about Silica and its toxicity to humans here is the link http://www.morgellonsmedicalcenter.com/cdc-silica.html ..I saw that my leave in conditioner I recently purchased at a local health food store had the ingredient SILICA in it!! I knew thats what was making my hair feel like it had hair spray in it!! Even though I never use hair spray...or anything on my hair that is generic. I dumped the poison down the drain....later I was looking @ http://phisciences.com/ to check on ant new products on Patrick Flanagan's website. What I found was his wife Stephanie had there new amazing essentials line out as I listened to the video I was shocked to hear the main ingredient was SILICA!! I was also shocked to hear what Patrick Flangens wife Stephanie had to say "Getting rid of things in our creams, in our food, in our water, in our air that ARE HEALTHY FOR US" I had to replay it several times to see If this was what I was truly hearing. Sadly It was what she was saying.... also notice when she sprays the product on her face she intentionally misses her face several time....the amazing essential is listed natural not certified organic...there is a law passed saying that GMOs can be listed as natural! Scary right! Here is the link to the video http://amazingessentials.com/media/ Patrick flangen states in a few of his interviews & YouTube videos that he " was working for the government @ age 17" Patrick flangen it still working for the government! Nickola Tesla received his technology from the zeta reticula also know as the Greys...the same greys that are involved with the US government in the human exchange program. I learned about Nickola Tesla receiving his technology from the greys on a interview with Drunvelo Melchezdek (We love Drunvelo)!! Last comment there is a video on awakened videos about the Global Epidemic Exposed - Television Sigil Magik aka harmonic spinning disks the same disked used @ the end of the buzz broz YouTube vids by Pat Flangen the disks/Sigil Magic are used for hypnotizing the subconscious mind like subliminal messages! If he really cared now would he be doing this???? Here is the link to learn about the Sigil Magik awakenvideo.org/ Thanks for reading this I had no other place to warn the public about the Flangens toxic gmo silica skin care line! Patrick Flangen is a extreme technological trans-humanist just like Regina Meredith states @ the beginning of the interview!! I am going to say One more time be aware & pay attention! Flangens interested in "longevity" Is a interested in Trans-humanism! I have been having such a massive spiritual awakening & the dots are pretty much connecting them self's....I can't be deceived with the divine light guiding me to TRUTH!! So Much love & many,many Blessing! From my heart to yours sending Peace,love & light
One love & One blood!

jakewhitcher13, posted on June 12, 2014

Beware of people who claim they "can not be deceived". Deeply delusional

dragonwchimes, posted on May 28, 2014

I have watched all of Patrick's interviews with Regina and he is such a warm, compassionate, caring human being. His hardships, his wonderful work that is a continuation of Tesla's work is also incredible.

Jimirod, posted on May 28, 2014

Dr Flanigan is always interesting to listen to. I have tried his products and I think they work for me. I take so many supplements I probably am pretty well covered but I had try them anyway. I hope he is on again and talks about his Tesla connection in some detail.

WaldorfmamaLJA, posted on May 28, 2014

Got It. Patrick McGean is the guy who does the MSM. I didn't see the interview with Regina however.... if anyone finds it please let me know.

WaldorfmamaLJA, posted on May 28, 2014

can anyone tell me who Regina mentions doing a past interview with regarding the details of MSM?
thank you

T Rose, posted on May 28, 2014

I think she said his name is Patrick McGee

qcstylee419, posted on May 28, 2014

I love Patrick Flanagan. I loved what you talked about. I really enjoyed this interview. I wish it could have been longer. He's one of those people I really try to hang on to every word he says.

cathy_cockey, posted on May 28, 2014

I agree qc! I hang on to every word Patrick says too, and wish the interview could have been longer! I'd like to know what brand of MSM he uses - he mentioned what brand of iodine he takes (although he mentioned Iodorol in another interview, but this one was different) because I like to copy what he does!

FYI - Amazon carries MegaH cheaper than PhiSciences.com. But, if you call PhiSciences, they will match Amazon's price. : )

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