A Fortune Teller Told Me: Vietnam and Kuala Lumpur Video
Vietnam and Kuala Lumpur

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A Fortune Teller Told Me: Vietnam and Kuala Lumpur (2011)

Episode 6
Only available in Canada, United States

Brendan travels to Vietnam and Kuala Lumpur to find out if fortune telling has any real answers for him. In Ho Chi Minh city, Madame Cuc explains that fortune telling is illegal in Vietnam and frowned upon by the middle classes. However, poor people still have access to fortune tellers who operate underground. After spending a day with the colorful and unusual Cao Dai religious sect, Brendan is taken to a secret location to meet a female fortune teller who tells him his wife is fat.

In Hoi An, Brendan is introduced to Jong Yen, an old Chinese coin reader. At the market in Hoi, Brendan tries his hand at reading traders' palms with funny results. He spends a whole afternoon with a Feng Shui expert. Leaving for Halong Bay Brendan has time to reflect about the journey so far before flying to Kuala Lumpur to meet Master Chin, the Far East's most remarkable reader.

Brendan McDonnell
Jose Gomez


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runswithduck, posted on August 20, 2016

Those who really know how to read the future are few. Rarer still, for a seer to consciously connect with [Akashic Records, The Master Library, The All, etc. names], or do it on command, much less, in quantity.
The most dominantly used technique, is knowing how to cold-read people [body language, voice tone and inflection, etc.]; this skill is the bread and butter of those with less ability to actually tune-in and sense strong, probable, future events. Sensing future events accurately, depends on how clouded the seer's own personal filters are or not; one's own life experiences layer emotions, memories, predilections, etc. over the mind, like layers of sheer and lace curtains, each of which must be moved aside in order to see through the window [and remember to wash that window glass!].
Also, because there are generally many potential ways the future might play out, the farther ahead of the event, the more possible scenarios; the closer to the event, the fewer. There are also some thing[s] each person is tasked with doing in their lives, whether they consciously remember what those are or not, which are, so to say, written in stone; event[s] which _will_ happen, with little potential to modify. A large or important event can become strongly probable, long before it happens, once certain other things happen, kind of like foundations for a building, then the frame--one can then see the shape it will take, but will not know what the details of decor will be; yet a few may also see some details, being privy to glimpses of the master plan.
Seers often use tools to help focus better: those are just tools, which help, like fine-tuning a radio. They really don't need those. Focus is important for both client and seer. Tools can be all kinds of things, including: crystal ball, water cup or bowl, mirrors, windows, tea leaves, coins, sticks, stones, seeds, cards, Ouija boards, animal guts or bones [eew! but dramatic], etc. Remember, tools are passive; these work only because the seer uses them to help, be it for their own focus, or that of the client.
Ability to 'see', is there for all; life events may hang thicker curtains over the window, or board-up the window. But heal those, and it's still there.

sarrah.west, posted on May 12, 2016

I've just completed watching the series and appreciate the work that went into the project. Very interesting to observe Brendan's exploration of fortune tellers. I really enjoyed the last reading and his insight he gained from it about "being seen". As an astrologer within two disciplines I think this last insight is one of the best. My main teacher for evolutionary astrology does not spend time or studies on the future, of course there is a "belief" for many about destiny or fate. I've learned it is more to share insight of the individual sitting with you and peel the layers to get to the core of the person for their talents, disposition/character, their suffering, the probable paths (you have choices to make for yourself) and share "sacred space" in allowing them to share what they have experienced. I sense often that this connection with the person helps them to understand something about themselves on a deeper level (if you really can get to the core of their essence) and it opens up something within the person to be seen on these many levels, which most often times includes great suffering. One can understand why Brendan leans more toward Buddhism for this insight about suffering. I wasn't sure how he would end the series, but I think he did a wonderful job. I enjoyed it thoroughly and got to see many beautiful and exotic places I'd likely never travel in my life. Thank you.

sicaleroux, posted on April 16, 2016

I just finished watching the series and I have to say it was thoroughly enjoyable. The characters met along the way, the narration, and the absolutely astounding footage. Another person commented on the desire to have some sort of follow up a few years after this was filmed and I agree with this. I am very interested to know what did end up happening.
Also, please consider making more series in other subjects. This was truly a pleasure. Truly.


smcvaughn, posted on February 6, 2016

I'm surprised that you do not know that it is impossible to tell the future. That is because each person has multiple futures with which to choose. It all depends upon your thoughts, feelings, choices, and decisions, all of which could change in a twinkling of an eye. In this time of conscious evolution in which we have access to so much evolved information, humanity is in a state of flux. What was true one moment given one's belief system and life's circumstances can change in the next as new information comes to light. We are indeed healed by our relationship with God. The deeper one goes into this the more we are capable of healing, simply because we learn how to love more deeply and forgive more thoroughly. As we die to the past we can resurrect into a brand new future. We do not have to literally die to do this. Though I do not read Tarot, I am also a card reader doing a system that I created and that no one else shares. I would never allow the people who come to me to ask the kinds of questions you asked. In my readings I channel other people's guides to give them information on their spiritual journey. Instead of asking "will I marry again", I would advise them to ask "what are the blockages I have that will prevent me from marrying again and creating life-long love?". The cards would then reveal to me what their own guides wanted them to know about how to improve themselves so that they might create the life they desire. Instead of asking "will I be healthy?" I would advise them to ask "what blocks them from creating perfect health? These are the questions your guides want to answer because they help you to become a happier, healthier person. So why would the cards reveal the answer? It is because they tap into the person's subconscious mind, which is where the blockages reside. Because there are no accidents or coincidences, the cards are never wrong. However, it is more than possible for the interpreter to be wrong. That is why, when reading the cards, I always do an interactive process to make sure I am on the right track. Once I hit on the exact topic the guides what me to talk to the person about my whole body vibrates and the individual and I become engaged in a deep, life-changing conversation that is always satisfying to both the reader and the person being read.
I do want to say, however, that I enjoyed your series very much. It showed me that the fortune tellers in the East are no different than most of the psychics and channelers in the West. Both are very much limited by their belief systems and often do not give useful information. You were also right about intuition. Unless one uses it to probe the deeper issues, the turn of a nose, the line of a hand, or a birth date don't give a great deal of useful information.

deanna.ingredients, posted on January 25, 2016

I have to say that I have formed a reading of you just from watching you in this series. The way you acted under certain circumstances, your life habits that were revealed, your facial expressions, and even the way you held yourself have all given me indications of the type of person you are, your health and thus most likely elements of your future. I feel there were similar predictions made between various tellers that you did not take seriously or maybe were lost on you through translation, I sometimes felt that you even brushed off similarities because you didn't want to see them. The feminine element that kept coming up didn't mean you were feminine it only revealed that you had intense emotions and maybe balancing this energy could help you achieve a less stressful and more spiritual existence. Your smoking and drinking habits will most likely lead to health issues and an early death as I'm sure you are aware. The way you walked, sat and even the way you smiled showed tension and pain. I was really disappointed that there was no follow up a few years later. I really expected this at the end of the series. Or at least a few photos with you and your young, foreign, beautiful wife and baby son. I loved the shoot and the cartoon overlays, they were so creative and fun. Upon reflection I feel the same way about fortune telling or horoscopes as I have always felt, there is an accuracy rooted in the stars but much room for interpretation. Use them to reflect on deeper meanings and inspiration to change and grow. Thanks for listening, Deanna

adamal, posted on January 24, 2016

It's a very interesting series. Thank you.

lauraburnell2681, posted on October 7, 2014

Fascinating series. thank you so much for sharing it

innovativeidc, posted on October 4, 2014

I hope he does more show on various subjects.
This was well done and beautifully shot too.
Thank you for sharing.

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