Vinyasa for Inspired Awakening Video
Vinyasa for Inspired Awakening

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Vinyasa for Inspired Awakening

Available worldwide

This yoga workshop with Hala Khouri will include introspective exercises, meditation, and a brief discussion followed by a creative Vinyasa flow asana practice that includes music, dance, and spontaneous movement.

Self-knowledge leads to compassion, which is the root of transformation and authentic living. True freedom is the freedom to love and be loved, to be spontaneous, generous, and inspired. When we release the negative thought patterns and behaviors that prevent us from embodying joy and fully loving ourselves, a wellspring of energy becomes available to us for healing, growth, and transformation both personally and globally.

Yoga asanas are valuable tools that can bring to the surface unhealthy (and healthy) thought patterns, behaviors, and beliefs that we carry in our body.


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forinsight801, posted on November 14, 2015

Combination of mental health and wellbeing
surge through vinyasa formation and inevitable dance unsequencing
to the truth-self with halves open eye and inverse seeing. yin into yang ist
A great way to offer our raw being to the world just the way it is without a mask!
splendid ( my love/ our love of yogi community ) thank you

BlissAngel, posted on June 6, 2013

This is a longer workshop but Hala does an excellent job at giving us a nice variety throughout the class- this is not your typical uniform vinyasa class, which is exactly why you should give this workshop a go- you will thank yourself afterwards! From starting class on your back, to mixing in breath work, meditation, some fun dancing and then ending in a long delicious Savasana, this workshop has it all. The pace of the class is a little slower so that we really get a chance to be mindful and go inside during all poses- you will not feel rushed between poses in this class. Anks you for making this available to us on MYO! Have a great day & Namaste~

IrinkaYoga, posted on May 31, 2013

so much talk, I tried to stay with a class, but couldn't

vsilga, posted on February 24, 2013

Loved it, very wise teacher. Thank you so much.

Riverflowyoga, posted on December 30, 2012

Love, Love, loved this class. Anyway you could share your playlist?

yogabootie, posted on December 9, 2012

Nice teaching voice and flow! Truly enjoyable :)

Sweetkate, posted on December 3, 2012

I loved this class~ this ALONE inspires me to attend the festival next time around. Every word is a drop of nectar, I really resonated with the theme and am very grateful for this class.

Cigana, posted on November 29, 2012

You are so beautiful! the best part of this video for me was... well YOU! Thank you for sharing your heart and light.

megananda, posted on November 28, 2012

Thank you for allowing us time to breathe, pray, delve and be still. This class was a precious gift.

fuzzarelly, posted on November 27, 2012

a good class..a shame that the instructor spent most of her time on her ipod, rather than giving her students attention and focus.

mmfaller, posted on November 26, 2012

aAwesome! Maybe I will make that exit plan.

mel morgan, posted on November 26, 2012

Wow! Beautiful, fantastic, inspiring, juicy class. More please. Thankyou, Hala

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