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Visions of a Universal Humanity

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Visions of a Universal Humanity (2010)

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In Visions of a Universal Humanity, futurist Barbara Marx Hubbard brings together some of the finest minds of our time including world-renowned physicist Freeman Dyson, biologist Bruce Lipton, scholar Jean Houston and others who present cutting edge perspectives on humankind's potential to create a positive future for the Earth.

Barbara Marx Hubbard, Jean Houston, Bruce Lipton, Freeman Dyson, Gregory Stock, Nassim Haramein, Michael Dowd, James Gardner, Chris Bache, Rick Tumlinson
Patricia Gaul

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ih101v2, posted on August 13, 2016

Really, what is it with this supposed new thought, futurist, free minded evolution, when they cannot get out of the need to Govern others in their utopic vision.

Their chart puts governance at the bottom of a pie chart, really I mean REALLY, there is no bottom of a pie chart. They also color it violet, the highest vibration on the chart and to govern means to control. So symbolically the chart is suggesting more of the same in a repackaged, upgraded control system.

The same can be accomplished in an open forum,

joxyjules, posted on April 2, 2016

I've watched this twice already... and I know that I will be watching again. What a collection of all the 'greats'!

Mjhenderson981, posted on February 29, 2016

I was struggling hugely in my yoga practice and actually sobbed at God/ Source/Consciousness that I could not bear the suffering of humanity. A friend had posted another horrific image of animal cruelty on FB and as my heart is opening in this new era, I just felt it was unbearable. I became furious and said to God - "you cannot expect me not to ask these questions, why is this happening in our world, why does Self not merge with self more easily, what is happening to this planet, you need to tell me...." I then finally surrendered once I let the anger burn itself out and sensed that my True Heart knows all is well and God t; the Great Generator, Sustainer and Destroyer all working together has a vast intelligence . I said it was beyond me but wanted answers.

I watched this film today, being gently nudged to do so. It has ANSWERED my questions - there may well be an almighty kick of pain that we are heading towards on a global scale and as young immature infants this will collectively raise a cry for help and a softening of the humanity heart and with thus the Light will come.....we are going to develop, we are going to fulfil our universal membership and humanity will merge with the Divine and in doing do we will bring Consciousness in form to many vast places. Our earth is a sacred womb and we are in labour.

I can keep up my spiritual development and connecting to Source because this is the great design and we have a role to play in the New Humanity and the New Earth!

NicoleD2, posted on February 4, 2016

On a day I was feeling so sadly pessimistic and exhausted about our future, I come across this. I couldn't have asked for anything better, this has refilled my cup optimistic cup and reassured me, that all my thoughts & actions are on the right path. Wonderful woman Barbara Marx Hubbard and all who spoke. Thanks.

ludi33, posted on October 21, 2015

If I can comment using another channel: I had just finished watching ET ORIGINS – SECRETS OF THE STAR PEOPLE - The Movie - Tribal Elders Speak Out on YouTube. Watching this presentation I felt a whole lot of something missing here. I don’t believe humanity will evolve until we have integrated the notion that we are not alone in the Universe.

markdesign14, posted on May 10, 2016

You can never be alone. No matter if you think about physics, spirituality, socially, even mentally.
You're billions of cells that work together to make you "you".
Your consciousness is connected to the "source field".
Ever atom in your body is connected to every single atomic structure in the universe. If you believe in the Big Bang theory or an "Ether field".
Your thoughts are energy/waves. They can alter and effect others around you.
Reality is Holographic. Everything that could happen is happening around you now.
The universe is comprised of multiple dimension (densities). So in the area that you're sitting in could be beings interacting without even being aware of your presence...and vice versa.
You're always on this planet--unless you're not--and are surrounded by organic and nonorganic matter: people, plants, animals, rocks, intelligently designed structures.

...So in're never alone. Even when you "think" you are...You'll find "yourself"....

fogartyrichard, posted on January 23, 2015

I'm not sure if this is a trojan horse: I appreciate the idea that we are 'evolving', but this item is mired in too much misinformation which supports the satanic, globalist agenda: citing the darwinian religion, and dwelling on the false assumptions that our numbers and misuse of natural resources are a problem; these problems do not exist in a paradigm which does not include the satanic agenda. Sure, our future is promising once we are over that particular glitch, but surely that should be the main focus of this item, and not reiteration of the satanic propaganda.

GERALDINEC, posted on January 9, 2015

Keeps stopping, makes it hard to watch.

HeidiV@Gaia, posted on January 12, 2015

@GERALDINEC - We are so sorry for any inconvenience. Someone from our Customer Service department will be in contact with you.

jillhoppe, posted on January 8, 2015

Four hundred years ago this was common knowledge to anyone over the age of ten on this land now called America. Humanity! White people are the only people on the planet who have yet to grasp these very basic concepts. Now there are alot more people on the planet who have to relearn this once they heal from the trauma caused by your ancestors. We (Native American) tried to teach you in a humble and loving way and got ravaged and raped for our efforts. It does bring some hope that you're starting to get this, presented as your idea, of course. So just think where the world would be if you learned from Us or Jesus, instead of brutalizing, killing, and distorting his message. Our people had a Jesus like being as well but we learned him and his female counter part. That's why most Native people who follow their traditional way know of a Jesus like person who can heal. Now we have many.

Here it is.. The next step is to realize that the great destructive event already took place and was caused by your ancestors... This is it, we don't go anywhere else. Look to the native teachings (ex The seven Fires Prophesies of the Anishanabe). Put your egos aside and realize that these teachings are elementary to the true spiritual people of the earth. Step two is to realize the spirit world..... Good luck.... We're all waiting and it's getting old

denmichfort, posted on November 3, 2014

Truly I enjoyed this. I felt a surge of hope enter my soul! So many ego based fears cropped up while viewing I must say, but in the end, I feel if we were exposed more often to films like this rather than violence and darkness which floods the mainstream media, perhaps that transition would be all the quicker!

Grateful to be alive, to be trusted with a life here on this wild Earth!

Namaste <3

janepinter, posted on November 4, 2014

I agree with you!

fjscalaxy, posted on November 1, 2014

If we dare to ask the profound questions, then we need the faith, knowledge and courage to accept the answers. I know this "humanic" resonance exists and I also know that beyond religious dogma, political hypnotism and male dominated egotism we ALL know this resonance exists. You just know it. The new ideas expressed here are the keys to the doors beyond which lays truths beyond truth; "on Earth as it is in Heaven."
Dare to grab the wheel and let us all begin Co-Creating..
Amen and amen
With Eternal Love,
FJ Scalia

linadesigns, posted on October 21, 2014

I wish in the near future there would be as many wise women as wise men who has the opportunity to be able to speak their beliefs and knowledge in documentaries like this. so tired of this unbalance. sorry for negativity. why 8 men and 2 women??

sgcorrigan06, posted on October 29, 2014

I have been thinking about something which I believe relates to what you are noticing. The issue I think with why we are still not seeing a lot of the feminine comparatively is because the world is frankly not yet ready.

It's needs it, no doubt. The thing is it has been so far off kilter out of balance in the opposite direction for so long that it will take quite some time for the true divine feminine in all it's glory to be capable of being manifest in this reality without doing a lot of damage to humans getting there.

The true depths of the feminine energy are still so scary to the human collective psyche that there are still too many human mind made constructs which are in place to filter it out as evil to protect the current paradigm. That is my observation. Even the most enlightened of men… well most of them, are still even in their enlightened teachings upholding the conditioning against the feminine without even knowing it. Until humans are fully ready to accept it they will not becon it forth.

I am tired of it too, trust me. And I appreciate the masculine energy, but it is not pleasant to have it be so out of balance ~ in more than one way. It could take several more generations for things to be as they should be at this rate.

But I would also say humans ought to hurry up because the planet may not be able to wait that long.

trouveuse, posted on October 22, 2014

Perhaps it's time to look past sex and gender and just see people.

linadesigns, posted on October 25, 2014

If we are to restore the balance between female and male, its time to have a look at why there is a constant repetition of men, man, king and so forth. For me as a women it saddens me that I see 9 out 10 times a man on the telly screen, computer screen or in the paper. Yes, we are humans but behind the humans are men and women.
And that there is a balance between men and women - Yin and Yang is crucial for our survival, as we actually see in the documentary its self.
We have been living in a Yang period now, which is concurring and "lets do it- energy" . And we now have have to go in to a more Yin energy which is all about nurturing and looking after one another. So yes, it is important to look at this uncomfortable area as well, even in the spiritual growth.

dumitru, posted on October 2, 2014

First, to solve a problem you have to understand it. This video completely ignores the organized assault on humanity by the Illuminati banking "elite".
Secondly, even though it seems reasonable to accept that humanity is like a caterpillar destined to become a butterfly, the fact is that, in nature, many individual caterpillars die before becoming butterflies. Earth is one of trillions of planets. Mars once had a thriving civilization, but it is now dead. The asteroid belt used to be a planet, but it is now a floating pile of rocks. The point is, nature provides each one of us opportunities, not guarantees. It's up to us to take this opportunity to free our planet of the controlling despots that are destroying it. Let's do it.

johnanthonystahl, posted on October 21, 2014

You nailed it on the head! Nothing like the reality of an actual manifested Grand vision of a collective evolution can ever be achieved under the current paradigm... Until we COLLECTIVELY understand, not only WHO is orchestrating the puppet show that constitutes our current reality, but the greater question, WHY they are doing so and WHAT there deep esoteric motives are the show goes on... The ideal & the dream of a collective HIGHER conscious EVOLUTION as opposed to REVOLUTION is not only grande but possible only if we can muster the courage to ask and then answer these questions, then orchestrate our own means to abolish their vision AND maybe THEM once & for all. I wish deeply, but sadly do not think that "changing their minds" is a feasible reality. Only when we collectively, in numbers, become privy to of and understand THEIR grand vision and gain the WILL to thwart their progress can we begin to hope for the grander of the two scenarios to manifest into our reality.

dshepard63, posted on April 18, 2014

I've been trying t find something closer to the teachings of billy meier's if you haven't heard of him , billy meier's\they fly. it's a lot like this

Leen22251, posted on September 18, 2013

Watching this made me happy to be alive...especially NOW!

FIDELC, posted on August 27, 2013

I'm down with this!

conejeto, posted on December 20, 2012

I found the idea of trees that utilize 10 times more sunlight mentioned in the documentary a little troubling with the way food is being engineered today in the USA. I hope we carry that seed with great caution moving forward.

deanandwally, posted on January 13, 2015

I loved watching this film and felt greatly encouraged by everything I heard...EXCEPT the moment you mentioned in your post. We must be cautious as me move forward. It seems to me that as soon as we have a moment of epiphany and experience all that comes with that illumination, we often do what has done before. Thinking we have all of the knowledge necessary to take hold of the wheel and do what seems right, we move too fast, rarely taking the time to let what we've learned sink in and take root. I believe that resting in that space for a while would save us a great deal of heartache.

Having said all of that, I still feel greatly encouraged and believe that we are evolving toward an amazing new way of living together, cooperatively, with compassion and love.

darcykopas, posted on November 19, 2012

Totally awesome! I am assigning it as home work to all my friends and family.

aurasutra, posted on October 4, 2012

I've watched it twice and thinking about watching it again. Its uplifting and inspiring,

purdytig, posted on September 5, 2012

Enlightening and Inspiring! Barbara Marx Hubbard and her guests present a compelling, comprehensive and coherent vision of the imminent next step in the evolution of humanity. The film provides welcome reassurance from multi-disciplinary experts and thought leaders, that as the Desiderata states, the Universe is unfolding as it should. And more, it explains why we are so privileged to be alive at this exciting time in history as witnesses and as participants in the birth of a whole new level of human and Universal consciousness.

mariangain, posted on September 5, 2012

A great antidote to the doom and gloom 2012 prophesies, and definitely worthy of your investment of time. We are what we think - so within, so without.

Being, posted on August 28, 2012

Thank you for your work Barbara. This is an excellent documentary about Co-Creation and our evolving planet. Lets spread the word. Thank you again GaiamTV

Christel, posted on August 26, 2012

This should be a must see movie for everyone, it shows Humanities future and evolution in the most positive light. My sincere thanks to Barbara Marx Hubbard and all the participants. I am truly grateful.

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